16 Clever Sofas With Storage That Looks Great

When living in a small space, you have to take advantage of every inch. Most times it is difficult to devote space to larger pieces of furniture, like beds, dining tables, and sofas.

If your priority is a large sofa, consider looking at sofas with storage build in.

Loose box storage is often hard to fit under a sofa, they tend to have short legs.

For some reason, sofas rarely come with options for storage, but we have found some good options to check out.

Sofas With Built-in Storage

Sofa with storage built-in

This first idea features a sofa with storage drawers underneath. Note also how the sofa table has room for lots of books.

Here’s another sofa with room for book and a little side table for your laptop or work projects.

It will look great in the minimalist home:

Sofa with book storage

Notice how the arm rest is just right for a book, laptop, or latte.

Just great!

Let’s start with some standard sofas with the option to lift up the seat(s) and place storage boxes inside them.

Sofa With Drawer and Small Storage Compartment

This one has a Scandinavian touch to the design.

We love the wooden minimalistic lines and the beautiful finish.

Notice also that even the sofa table has drawers so you can use the space inside the unit for books, keys, etc.

The next model is made from lighter wood.

Here you’ll find a slightly broader area for your laptop or work books.

We placed a laptop on the small table to show you how much space there is.

There’s also a small drawer so you can get rid of the work stuff during the day.

Let’s continue.

Sofas with standing desk combo

sofa with stand-up desk

This sofa has built-in shelving units with a space for working while standing up.

Great way to add storage and function.

I love how simple the design is.

Here’s another design of the same idea:

Seating and work area

This is a home-made solution made from Ikea shelves and a good pillow with a backrest.

Notice how simple the design is and how little it costs in materials.

Let’s look at one more great design that’s similar:

Simple sofa chair with standing desk

This model is a bit more elegant.

It has lots of shelving space and you’ll have a perfectly fine seating area as well as a place to stand up and work.

You can probably fit all your study books in this unit.

Sofas With Storage Below The Seats

These first two designs are pretty straight forward. They are typical sofas on the outside but they have storage below the seats.

Just a great way to have what you need in the living room without having to place cabinets.

Sofa with storage below the seats

This sofa is found over at Wayfair at only $259 so it’s a very affordable solution.

You can find them here!

I don’t think anyone will notice the storage so it’s also a good place to store valuables and stuff you don’t want to be found in case of theft.

The system is built so you have easy access to the stuff. And as soon as you remove any pillows or blankets you can lift up the seats to access the stuff.

Fold-Up Sofa With Swinging Table

This one is a fun one that will create a good working space that can also be used for seating during the day.

Loveseat With Space For Storage Boxes

This is another similar design. This is just a much smaller sofa we can categorize as a loveseat style couch.

This design is a pretty good design because you can easily fit several storage boxes inside it. Even though it’s a small sofa for two people. Just great for newly married couples in a small apartment or for a student dorm room.

There’s a handle that makes it easier to lift the seats.

This model is small and will fit in most smaller homes and tiny houses. You can fit it in everywhere and the extra space for storage is especially nice to have when you live in a confined space.

A Classic Design Couch

This model is found over at Amazon. They also have quite a lot of interesting sofas with storage inside the seat.

This sofa is probably the one in this list that looks least like a storage sofa unit. It looks very much like a standard sofa so it’s just neat to be able to hide some stuff away inside it.

Classic Couch with storage inside

We found it here at Amazon.

Amazon actually has several great designs. Let’s take a look at some other models with space for storing pillows, crafts, winter clothes, and other good stuff.

Sofa With Shelving Built In

This sofa is pretty crazy.

It has to be mounted into the wall, ideally, in order to fix the shelving unit.

But once that’s done you’ll have a beautiful deisgn piece with a fun a quirky twist.

Retro Sofa With Storage

This retro sofa is also really cool.

You can get it in several strong colors and it has that vintage look that many people like. It’s a great statement piece of furniture to spice up a living room or a teenage room.

It’s made of leather (or similar) and there’s space for a ton of books, toys or whatever you need to get out of the way.

Retro sofa with storage

Please also read our article with clever ideas for video game storage in the living room.

Classic Sofas With Storage Drawers

Glastop has standard models, probably the cheapest, but you can special order most of their furniture to your needs.

You can have sofas with storage, build to your exact measurements if you need it a bit more narrow, low or high to fit your space.

You can also choose a style of stitch lines and fabric.

You can even bring your own fabric if you want to.

Sofas with storage from glastop
Great sofa with 3 in 1 option

This first one, called Mariner Marine Sectional, comes with up to three functions. It is, of course, a sofa, and turns into a sleeper sofa, if you want that function.

Under the seats it has built-in drawers, that go the full length of the sofa, giving you a lot of storage in a space that would normally be wasted.

Sofa with flip-up seats


This storage sofa is called Classic Custom Marine. It is, as the name gives away, a classic comfortable sofa. The great thing about it is the amount of stuff you can store in it.

To access the storage area, you flip up the seats. A lot of times lifting up an upholstered seat involves moving a lot of loose cushions.

Not on this sofa!

The whole seat is on a hinge that makes it come out a little before being lifted up. As a result, you have easy access to your stored items.

Footstools And Ottomans With Storage

This fine piece of furniture is also a great way to store stuff in a tiny space.

You can place everywhere as it is quite narrow and not too long either. It’s a great piece of furniture to take into the living room when you need seating for 2-3 extra people during a party.

Footstool with storage (ottoman-style)

You can find this cool footstool here with free shipping.

The footstool has hinges that can hold the weight of the seat up while you get to the stuff inside. Very nice and handy.

It’s also a great way to hide stuff out of sight. We all need to have some books, pillows, or maybe an extra duvet for guests somewhere. Right?

This is an ottoman we round at Ikea. We have filled it up with old DVDs and other stuff we haven’t gotten rid of (yet).

The cool part about this very cheap and simple design is that we can turn the lid in order to use it as an extra table space around the sofa area.

Other Ways To Hide Storage In The Living Room

You can hide storage inside a seating area like this.

It’s a very simple idea and if you have the space to build a stage like this you can insert drawers for storage. We actually built one many year ago and it was quite easy.

You can also hide a trundle bed inside this construction.

Storage hidden under raised floor

You can see more ideas like this in our post about furniture for tiny houses.

This next idea is a cool design with built-in drawers around a staircase is from the Zoku Apartment in Amsterdam.

We filmed these tiny prototype apartments a couple of years ago and we were really impressed with how well they have managed to hide storage between the stairs.

You can store lots of clothes, photo albums and other great stuff inside these drawers.

Zoku house with storage inside the wall

Here’s a picture with the staircase pulled out from between the storage units in the wall.

We have a sofa behind the camera. In fact, I think I am standing on the sofa while I shoot the picture.

The sofa is placed up against the wall so you can figure how small the apartment is. It’s a very small layout and you have the sleeping area behind the blinds (up the stairs).

Staircase pulled out from wall

You can see the stairs being pulled out in this video we shot at the space:

(We just passed 1.6 million views on this video so it’s pretty popular. You’ll see why!)

If you are in a one-bedroom apartment or a tiny studio apartment you might consider this option.

It lets you sleep on top of the shelving unit with a ton of storage.

It’s a great DIY project you can build over the weekend and it ads a lot of functionality. It’s especially great if you have a high ceiling. It’s always important to utilize the vertical space in tiny spaces.

This is a great way of doing that.

It’s not a sofa or a couch but you can definitely sit on top of it with your friends and use it in the same way as a sofa unit.

I hope you liked the ideas. I sure enjoyed writing it and putting together the ideas for you guys.

Sofas are often a piece of furniture people forget about when they are planning for storage in the living room.

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