Sofas with storage – 2 options

Published On October 14, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard

When living in a small space, you have to take advantage of every inch. Most times it is difficult to devote space to larger pieces of furniture, like beds, dining tables and sofas. You may have to make due with a smaller version, or sacrifice the space.

If your priority is a large sofa, consider looking at sofas with storage build in. Loose box storage is often hard to fit under a sofa, they tend to have short legs.

For some reason sofas rarely come with an options for storage, but I found 2, at a company called Glastop, who specialize in boat furniture.

2 great sofas with storage

Glastop has standard models, probably the cheapest, but you can special order most of their furniture to your needs. You can have sofas with storage, build to your exact measurements if you need it a bit more narrow, low or high to fit your space. You can also choose style of stitch lines and fabric. You can even bring your own fabric if you want to.

Sofa with build in drawers

Sofas with storage from glastop

Great sofa with 3 in 1 option

This first one, called Mariner Marine Sectional, comes with op to three functions. It is of course a sofa, and turns into a sleeper sofa, if you want that function. Under the seats it has build in drawers, that go the full length of the sofa, giving you a lot of storage in a space that would normally be wasted.

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Sofa with flip up seats

This storage sofa is called Classic Custom Marine. It is, as the name gives away, a classic comfortable sofa. The great thing about it is the amount of stuff you can store in it.

To access the storage area, you flip up the seats. A lot of times lifting up an upholstered seat, involves moving a lot of loos cushions. Not on this sofa! The hole seat is on a hinge that makes it come out a little before being lifted up. As a result, you have easy access to your stored items.

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