9 Clever Ways To Store Video Games In Living Room

The living room is the heart of entertainment and relaxation within a home, and for avid gamers, it’s crucial to strike a balance between functionality and style when it comes to storing video games.

Let’s discover innovative and clever storage solutions that tidy up the living room and showcase your gaming collection as a focal point of interest!

Stylish Living Room with Wall-Mount TV Unit

wooden wall-mounted TV unit with storage for video games INSTAGRAM @urbanwoodpvtltd

This modern living room is defined by clean lines, sophisticated furnishings, and a harmonious color palette. Its focal point is the sleek TV mounted against a gorgeous wooden wall unit, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and socializing.

The TV unit’s slim profile and integrated shelving provide storage for media devices, decorative items, and video games without cluttering the space.

I love how the unit also has frames to display art prints and family photos.

I suggest complementing the seating area with chic accent chairs, ottomans, or poufs that add personality and functionality to the room.

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Entertainment Area with Toy Storage Boxes

custom made cubbies with bins for video games INSTAGRAM @life.with.less.mess

Here’s a creative and versatile entertainment space that embraces an innovative approach to storage.

This unit includes containers for toys and board games, and practical solutions to neatly house and display a diverse collection of video games, consoles and controllers!

You can label each pull-out drawer to reflect the contents within, using playful typography or themed stickers for easy identification.

Additionally, choose a rug or carpet with gaming motifs or pixel art designs to add a playful touch and tie the space together thematically.

Feel free to also place colorful bean bags or cozy gaming chairs for comfort during extended gameplay sessions.

Living Room with Personalized Game Storage Cabinet

diy console design cabinet for storing video games INSTAGRAM @davelowedesign

Here’s a game corner adorned with a custom cabinet to store games, consoles, controllers, and gaming peripherals. This bespoke creation is designed to look like a vintage Nintendo controller and features shelves to organize and display a vast collection.

Below this cabinet, you can set up a charging station for controllers, devices, and accessories to keep everything organized and ready for use.

You can also install dividers within the cabinet for easier organization and categorization of different types of games.

You can have a dedicated corner for Switch games, PS5/PS4 games, Xbox games, and so on.

Living Room with Custom Cabinet for Storing Video Games

maximising storage space of small cabinet for video games INSTAGRAM @cptnalex

This entertainment haven has a custom-built cabinet made to look like the brick blocks in the Super Mario games.

It’s such a creative way to store video games and gaming accessories! The design is also versatile enough to suit game rooms of all types and sizes.

I suggest further decorating this corner with framed posters, artwork, or decals featuring iconic video game characters or scenes to add vibrancy and character to the room.

You can also install floating shelves or display racks to showcase your collectibles, figurines, or memorabilia related to your favorite games.

Hardware Box for Game Boy Peripherals

hardware box turned into gameboy storage INSTAGRAM @chemicaltaint

Still have your Game Boy around? Here’s a multifunctional storage and organization solution to accommodate various games and add-ons for the iconic device.

This box has a compact yet spacious structure to house peripherals such as link cables, rechargeable batteries, magnifiers, game cartridges, and additional controllers.

It’s also great that the box comes with dividers to help you organize peripherals of varying sizes, ensuring each item has its designated place within the box.

Since this box is a small and space-efficient organizer, you can easily store this in any corner of your bedroom or gaming room, or take it with you when traveling.

Compact Gaming Corner with Xbox Game Cases and Cubbies

xbox games storage stand INSTAGRAM @speeddevil321

This tiny yet mighty gaming corner has an organized setup to house Xbox game discs, controllers, and accessories. It integrates cubbies to neatly organize gaming essentials and game cases that ensure easy access to favorite titles while minimizing clutter.

I love how neat this corner looks with the minimalist cubbies that match the flooring but I think it needs some pops of color. 

I suggest adding removable wall decals or stickers depicting game-related motifs or characters to add visual interest to the space.

Framed posters, canvas prints, or artwork featuring iconic game scenes or concept art will also add more personality to the space.

Game Storage Rack with Clear Pull-Out Drawers

a collection of gameboy games stored in a vertical cubbies INSTAGRAM @cinemasickness

This storage solution serves as a practical centerpiece within a gaming space. With its sleek structure and series of transparent pull-out drawers, it can accommodate various gaming accessories, cartridges, controllers, and peripherals.

I love how the drawers offer visibility, allowing easy identification of stored items without the need to open each drawer.

The rack’s modular design also allows for customization and flexibility in arranging the drawers, ensuring optimal use of vertical space while adapting to different storage needs.

I highly suggest placing the rack against a wall or in a dedicated gaming corner to maximize floor space for gameplay and other furnishings. Consider adding labels or tags to each drawer too for easier access.

Barn Door-Style Entertainment Center with Video Game Library Storage

pull out cabinet for video games INSTAGRAM @graycustombuilds

This entertainment center blends rustic charm and modern functionality, offering a visually striking and versatile storage solution for video games and consoles.

I absolutely adore the barn door-inspired design, characterized by its sliding doors and spacious interior compartments tailored specifically to house and showcase an extensive video game library.

The weathered textures and distressed finish adds so much character to the entertainment center.

Personally, I think incorporating adjustable shelves within the drawer will be great for organizing games based on size, genre, or console type. It will further optimize the space for efficient storage.

Media Center with Labeled Game Storage Cubes

cabinet with labelled boxes for video games INSTAGRAM @thisorganizedchaosnj

This space-optimizing living room utilizes a series of storage cubes, each labeled with clear, easily readable typography to indicate its contents.

I love that this media center has uniform cubes for an uncluttered arrangement.

It may just be my personal preference but I think the woven basket at the side looks out of place. I suggest choosing larger cubes of the same material for versatility and cohesiveness.

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