TV Wall Decor: 21 Ideas To Decorate Around Your TV

The area around the TV often presents a design challenge, yet it holds immense potential for creative expression and style.

Whether you want to blend your TV seamlessly into your decor or make it a centerpiece, I have an array of creative approaches to adorn the space.

Let’s discover innovative ideas to revamp and embellish your TV wall. These ideas are great for diverse tastes and design preferences!

Living Room with Built-in Cabinets and Angled Book Case

TV and bookshelves on an angled roof

This living room has a custom cabinet as a designated area for the television, blending it with shelves and compartments for books, decor items, and personal collections. The thoughtful design not only optimizes space but also serves as a focal point that enhances the overall ambiance of the living room.

To achieve a balanced display, I suggest arranging books, decor, and media devices on the shelves by mixing heights, textures, and colors for visual interest.

I would also install LED strip lighting or puck lights within the cabinet and shelves to highlight the bookcase display and create a cozy ambiance. You can also accessorize around the TV by adding framed art and family photographs.

Fireplace with Barn Door-Style TV Concealers

wall TV in a sliding door

Here’s a fireplace that’s a terrific fusion of rustic charm and modern functionality. I’m in love with how the barn door-style concealers discreetly house and hide the TV when it is not in use, offering the flexibility to switch between the fireplace’s serene ambiance and modern entertainment seamlessly.

Feel free to adorn the fireplace mantel with decorative elements such as artwork, mirrors, or vases to complement the rustic-modern fusion. You can also lay down textured rugs or fur rugs in front of the fireplace to add warmth and create a cozy atmosphere.

I would also add soft, ambient lighting such as wall sconces or floor lamps to complement the fireplace’s warm ambiance.

If you’re a fan of farm-inspired homes, take a look at my article to learn more about Barn Houses.

Modern Living Room with Floating Shelves

wall TV with floating shelves on each sides

Here’s a great idea to frame out your TV – put up shelves beside it and display your favorite decor items! The floating shelves offer a minimalist yet practical storage and display solution, allowing for curated decor arrangements without overwhelming the space.

I love how the shelves serve as versatile platforms to showcase decorative items, personal mementos, and media devices, complementing the modern appeal of the living room.

Don’t be afraid of placing potted plants or succulents on the shelves to bring a touch of nature and freshness to the space. You can also layer decorative elements of varying heights to add depth and dimension to the display on the shelves.

Minimalist Living Room with a Sleek Media Cabinet

wall TV with floating shelves on top

This minimalist living room encapsulates a sleek and sophisticated design ethos, featuring strategically placed shelves within a sleek media cabinet that harmoniously blends with the room’s minimalist feel.

Crafted with clean lines, the shelves offer a versatile platform for showcasing curated decor, while the sleek cabinet discreetly houses media devices and conceals clutter. I also appreciate how the decorative items are arranged in a balanced manner on the shelves, ensuring visual harmony and symmetry.

I think it’s best to leave the space where the TV is mounted bare to maintain the room’s uncluttered appearance. You can display minimalist artwork or black-and-white photographs on the shelves to complement the room’s clean aesthetic.

Media Wall Adorned with Statement Vases

cubbies all around a living room TV

Here’s a TV wall with artistic flair and a visually stunning focal point. Built to captivate attention, the wall serves as a canvas for showcasing an eclectic array of statement vases.

This design concept is perfect for people who want to turn their living room into a mini art gallery. I love how the vases, varying in shapes, sizes, and textures, add depth, personality, and a touch of artistry to an otherwise conventional media area.

If you want to introduce greenery, you can pair the vases with fresh or artificial floral arrangements to add a natural and vibrant touch to the display. I also suggest switching out vases or floral arrangements seasonally to refresh the display, adapting it to different themes or color schemes throughout the year.

Floating Honeycomb Shelves above the Media Cabinet

TV over a cabinet and honeycomb storage on wall

I’ve always loved the visual appeal of honeycomb shelves and I like how these hover just off-centre above the media cabinet. They impart a touch of modern elegance while providing a practical display area for decorative items and personal accents.

I think placing those small vases on the shelves is a great idea. I would personally take it up a notch by adding small potted plants and tiny ornaments for visual interest.

Notice how there are empty spaces within the honeycomb shelves? That’s good for accentuating the displayed items and preventing overcrowding.

Modern Living Room with Vibrant Panels and a Statement Media Cabinet

golden TV frame and a golden colored cabinet

This modern living room radiates contemporary charm and artistic energy. It’s refreshing to see how the vibrant panels serve as eye-catching backdrops that amplify the room’s ambiance.

I am also absolutely in love with that eye-catching media cabinet. It makes the space more visually dynamic due to its striking color and it complements the wall art, sculptures, and greenery in the area perfectly.

If you want to use these elements as inspiration, make sure to introduce furniture pieces that suit the modern aesthetic, such as sleek sofas, chairs with clean lines, or metallic accents. You can also infuse pops of complementary or contrasting colors through throw pillows, rugs, or accent decor for visual interest.

vertical panels or timber slats around the TV

Here is a different way of incorporating decorative panels into your entertainment hub.

This minimalist space represents a sleek and refined design with floating wall panels that frame the television, creating a clean and uncluttered visual aesthetic. There’s also a chic floor lamp that stands as an elegant accent, providing both functional lighting and a stylish statement piece.

It’s best to choose a floor lamp with a sleek and minimalist design to complement the modern aesthetics of the space. Feel free to introduce a few carefully selected decor pieces, such as minimalist vases or sculptures, to add subtle interest without overwhelming the area.

Don’t forget to leave empty spaces between decor items and panels to maintain a minimalist feel and avoid overcrowding.

Tiny Living Room with Tall, Statement Plants

wall TVand an upcycled cahinet under

Here’s a compact TV area that fuses space optimization with natural elegance. The TV is strategically positioned between tall, statement plants that add a touch of verdant charm and a sense of verticality to the space.

I love how their tall, leafy presence beside the TV creates a captivating focal point that enhances the room’s ambiance and brings a refreshing, organic vibe into the tiny corner.

In my experience, it’s best to position taller artificial or natural plants near the TV to draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of height in the limited space.

Floating Entertainment Center with Unique Shelving

miniature boxes used as shelves around the TV

This floating entertainment center is a testament to innovative design and functionality, redefining the traditional concept of a media setup. This distinct, eye-catching piece showcases shelves of varying sizes, meticulously arranged to capture attention and elevate the room’s aesthetic.

I’m really impressed at how the staggered arrangement of shelves creates a focal point that not only holds entertainment devices, but also serves as a showcase for eclectic decorative items, books, or personal memorabilia.

The unique design offers versatility and an artistic element, making the entertainment center a statement piece on its own.

Wall-Mounted art Behind the TV and Console Table

TV on wall with a mural art on the background

Here’s an idea that’s sure to excite art enthusiasts!

This TV setup boasts a gorgeous art mural that stands as a centerpiece, transforming the room into a visually captivating area. The mural, with its bold strokes and vibrant colors, creates a striking backdrop that adds depth, character, and personality to the room.

I love how design choices like these not only accentuate the entertainment area but also serve as a conversation starter and an expression of individuality within the space.

If you want to use this design concept, I recommend that you choose a sleek and minimalist TV console or stand that does not distract from the mural, allowing it to remain the centerpiece. Additionally, make sure to select accent pieces and media devices that echo or complement the colors featured in the mural for a harmonious look.

wall frame collage around the TV

If you want a more curated or vintage look for wall-mounted art behind your TV, then this idea is for you.

This living room features a focal TV flanked by a curated gallery wall of artworks or photographs, and complemented by a timeless walnut sideboard and strategically placed floor lamps.

I’m in love with the meticulous attention to detail of this arrangement. See how the gallery wall serves as an artistic backdrop?  It’s great for showcasing a collection of framed artworks and photographs, adding depth, personality, and a touch of culture to the TV area.

The classic walnut sideboard offers both elegance and functionality, providing storage while serving as a stylish anchor for the setup. The floor lamps also contribute to the ambiance with their elegant designs.

When arranging your own gallery wall, make sure to curate it with a mix of art pieces, photographs, and prints arranged in a balanced and visually appealing layout around the TV.

wall TV with lots of picture frame all around INSTAGRAM @zielona_kanapa

Don’t you just love how a different selection of frames and sideboards completely changes a look?

This TV area uses art prints to frame the TV, infusing character and personality into the living space.

Whether it’s a collection of abstract paintings, vintage posters, or contemporary photographs, you can use these elements to add depth, color, and a touch of individuality to your TV area. You can take it up a notch by choosing frames that act as decorative accents, framing and enhancing the art within.

When creating a gallery wall arrangement like this around the TV, it’s best to incorporate a mix of framed art prints in different sizes and styles for a captivating display. Feel free to experiment with frames of various materials (wood, metal, or acrylic) and styles (vintage, modern, ornate) to add diversity and interest.

mural with frame on wall arout a smart TV

And lastly, a design concept for those who have a more contemporary sense of style. This living room looks like an artistic haven that combines quirky and modern design elements.

The focal point of this area is the vibrant doodle art adorning the wall behind the TV, featuring intricate and colorful designs that infuse the space with energy and artistic expression. I love the striking statement pendant light that adds a touch of sophistication and illumination to the space. It’s a subtle piece that enlivens the area.

You can place indoor plants or potted foliage near the TV to bring in a natural element and contrast against the colorful backdrop. It’s also good to balance the vibrancy of the art with neutral-toned furniture to prevent overwhelming the space.

Accent Wall with Matching Media Console

diy geometric wall paint around the wall TV

Are you not fond of wall murals but still want to have an eye-catching backdrop for your TV? This accent wall, carefully designed to complement the room’s color scheme, is perfect for you. Paired with a media console that echoes the wall’s design, this arrangement imbues the space with a sense of unity and visual appeal.

Your accent wall can feature various materials, such as paint, wallpaper, or textured finishes. Meanwhile, your media console can be a statement piece or blend seamlessly with the wall to create a cohesive design.

Feel free to display decorative items or art on floating shelves adjacent to the accent wall to enhance the visual interest. You can also personalize the wall with family photos or memorabilia to infuse warmth into the space.

TV Wall Unit with Decorative Sculptures and Ceramics

wall TV with a wall-mounted glossy tile shelves

Serving as a focal point, this sleek TV wall unit is complemented by carefully chosen decorative sculptures and ceramics, offering an exquisite blend of textures, forms, and visual intrigue.

I love how the simplicity of the wall panel serves as a canvas for displaying artful decor. It infuses the area with understated elegance.

In my experience, it’s best to mix textures like matte ceramics with glossy sculptures or metallic accents to add depth and interest. You can also coordinate the colors of the sculptures and ceramics with the overall color scheme of the room for a clean and polished look.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelf with Built-in Space for the TV

maximisingbwall space with bookshelves all around the TV INSTAGRAM @i.tam.i.tu

This room combines entertainment with literary sophistication through its space-conscious design. The grand bookshelf unit, spanning from floor to ceiling, offers an impressive display area for books, decor, and a designated space to house the TV.

I adore how the multifunctional bookshelf unit not only provides ample storage but also acts as an artistic backdrop for the TV. It’s a striking and practical centerpiece in the room. I also love how there’s a reading chair and side table, perfect for spending leisurely afternoons with your nose buried in a book.

Aside from books, you can also showcase collectibles or themed decor items on dedicated shelves to personalize the space.

Industrial TV Unit with Minimalist Drawers

tension shelves connected on a floating cabinet alongside the wall TV INSTAGRAM @studiosthaptya_by_siddhi

This living space has a TV unit that stands as a captivating statement piece, blending industrial aesthetics with a minimalist design to create a striking focal point within the room.

Designed to draw attention, the TV unit’s shelves exude character with their eye-catching lines. It not only serves to frame the TV but also offers a platform for decorative pieces that enhance the overall aesthetics of the entertainment area.

For shelves like these, it’s best place decor items of varying heights, such as tall vases or candleholders, to create visual interest. You can also introduce decor elements with geometric shapes to complement the unit’s clean lines and minimalist drawers.

Media Wall Shelving and LED Strips

wall TV and cubbies 2ith golden lighting INSTAGRAM

Now, here’s a living room with a media wall cabinet that looks like a contemporary marvel. The sleek cabinet boasts decorative panels and box shelves that enhance its visual appeal while embedded LED strips offer a touch of modernity and ambiance.

There’s also a marbled backdrop behind the TV that’s a great canvas and adds visual interest to the entire setup.

I really love how the lighting sets the mood while accentuating the items on display. It’s a great way to showcase collectibles, memorabilia, and conversation starter pieces for when you have guests over.

When choosing LED strips, I recommend buying ones with dimmable options to complement the mood or style of your space.

wall recess around TV and a fireplace under INSTAGRAM @evonicfires

Here is the same concept of a media wall with shelving and strip lights, but these are built in.

This sophisticated media unit not only houses the TV but also features a built-in fireplace, adding warmth and ambiance to the room. Moreover, strategically designed recesses provide curated spaces for showcasing decorative elements and cherished items.

I love how this media wall unit transforms the space into a cozy and stylish sanctuary. The fireplace serves as a captivating centerpiece, radiating comfort and sophistication. The recesses within the unit offer versatile spaces for displaying art, collectibles, or decorative pieces, adding depth and personalization to the setup.

timbed slats and cubbies on each sides of the TV giving a symmetrical view INSTAGRAM @hivokstudio

Here’s another media wall with wooden panels, except this adds some visual interest with the marble panel in the center.

I’m personally impressed at how this media cabinet serves as a stylish storage solution while doubling as a design statement. The decorative wall panels, with the marbled design add depth and visual interest as a backdrop to the TV.

Meanwhile, the warm lighting embedded in the shelves creates a subtle yet impactful ambiance, enhancing the overall appeal of the setup.

I suggest choosing metallic decor items or sculptures to enhance the modern aesthetic of the cabinet. Additionally, like in the photo, it’s best to leave some of the shelves empty to highlight statement decor pieces.

If you want more lighting ideas for other parts of the home, I suggest checking out my article on bathroom lighting solutions.

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