12 Great Storage Ideas For Small Fridges

Just because a small fridge doesn’t take up too much space doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with how you keep it.

Whether it’s for storing a few drinks and goods in other areas of the house, or if it’s the only fridge that’ll fit in your space, let’s explore ways to¬†transform the limitations of a small fridge into an organized and efficient storage haven.

Here are 12 great storage ideas for small fridges!

Hidden Under-Counter Fridge

a small cupboard with a hidden fridge INSTAGRAM @richlite

This contemporary home contains a sleek piece of furniture that functions as a small cabinet and a place to keep your drinks cool.

The design disguises the small fridge with a statement furniture piece to blend into the aesthetic seamlessly. 

One of the doors pulls out to reveal space for keeping beverages and food items you want to keep cold.

A structure like this is great for the areas in your home where you don’t want a fridge to be explicitly on display. For instance, if you place this in your dining room, it’s a unique feature that will definitely surprise your guests!

drawer type fridge on a small kitchen INSTAGRAM @globaldecorcentre

Here’s another under-counter fridge that seamlessly blends into the kitchen cabinetry. However, this grand, dark wood kitchen cleverly incorporates a chilling function into two of its cupboard drawers under the marble countertop.

A standalone fridge will definitely take up a lot of floor space. Installing a fridge into an already existing structure maximizes the area of the room while giving you a place to keep your items cool. 

I love how these two storage ideas let you have a small fridge fit in perfectly in the room and do so without compromising the aesthetic.

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Compact Beverage Chiller with Glass Doors

small fridge with lots of mini drawers for wines INSTAGRAM @sunnydazededor

The cozy little corner of this bright home uses the area to keep a compact chiller and a potted plant to spruce up the space.

The neat thing about small fridges is that they are convenient enough to fit into the corners of most rooms. But, the best thing about this specific one is that it has two compartments for storing beverages. Its glass doors also add a touch of sophistication and allow clear views of the beverages housed within.

You can store sodas on the left and keep wine on the right for the ultimate space-optimizing hack or sort other drinks of your choice. 

Small Fridge Under the Staircase

under-stairs with small fridge and storage drawers INSTAGRAM @hillhurl

This elegant gray staircase uses one of its built-in storage spaces to keep a wine cooler out of the way.

See how discreet this design is? You wouldn’t notice it unless someone pointed it out!

It utilizes the space that the stairs would usually take up and gives it an additional purpose. It is also more secure since it is built-in instead of lying around elsewhere in the home. 

If you want to have it match your home, I recommend getting a fridge that is the same color as the walls so it will blend in more.

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Kitchen Island with Built-In Cooler

kitchen island with cabinets and a small fridge INSTAGRAM @vinotemp

This classic white kitchen with a luxurious, blacktop geometric island allots one of its corners to accommodate a spacious wine cooler.

Most of the activity in the kitchen happens on the kitchen island so, by keeping the wine cooler right in the island, you are keeping the drinks within reach to serve your guests easily.

The design is great for maintaining a clutter-free and visually appealing kitchen. You can also store wine glasses in the storage next to the cooler to fix yourself a drink faster.

Small Steel Fridge Within a Drinks Bar

smal fridge below an open cupboard can double up as mini bar INSTAGRAM @oak.iron

This charming, bar features a slick, stainless steel fridge under its more farm-style counter to effectively keep beverages cold.

The design efficiently uses the space to keep all your drinking needs close. It’s neat to see how steel balances out the wood and keeps the room modern.

I believe storing your ice nearby will complete this little nook. You can easily enjoy a well-mixed drink of your choice in this bar!

small fridgeon the corner serving as a mini bar INSTAGRAM @recreatedbycrighton

Now here is a more rustic version of a home drinks bar. This cabin-inspired corner has an equally cozy way of storing a miniature fridge.

The mini bar has one compartment that keeps a chiller snug and two shelves for housing liquor.

Since this handy piece of furniture lets you mix up a concoction all in one spot, it’ll be better to keep the counter spacious. I suggest allowing a bit more space up top to place your glasses on while you gather everything you need for your beverage.

Adding vintage decor also wouldn’t hurt! A license plate or authentic leather items would really make this place po

Compact Kitchen with Tiny Countertop Fridge

a small fridge on countertop near the window

This fresh, minimalist kitchen keeps the fruits and veggies on display with a tiny white fridge sitting on the countertop.

This idea will work wonders for those who don’t want their fridge to take up room on the floor or build their fridge into their furniture.

You can just¬†pop this fridge on top of any table or countertop in your house and it’ll keep your produce fresh! The glass door also lets you monitor the contents so you can make sure everything is still good.¬†

Spacious Mobile Cabinet with Shelves to Fit Appliances

a cupboard with microwave, books and fridge INSTAGRAM @sawdustsisters

This farmhouse-style space features a spacious cabinet with shelves that can house a small fridge and a microwave.

This storage hack does not need any renovations or major changes to your home. It also lets you keep your chilled goods hidden behind the cabinet door. 

You can heat up a snack and grab a cold drink in one swoop by keeping your fridge and microwave in one place.

Also, I love how the cabinet has wheels.  You can move the mini fridge to any area of your house with ease.

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Elevated Mini Fridge

small fridge with multilayer drawer stand INSTAGRAM @theorganizedlife830

The bright home keeps a minimalistic fridge that doubles as a spot to place your plants and your beverages. The fridge storage idea shows how you can store your cooler on display and save space by stacking it on top of a white, mobile drawer.

It’s great that this storage hack also lets you easily grab other kitchen items from the layers below.¬†

You can use different accent pieces and decor for the top of this small fridge. For example, a picture frame, a figurine, or even a fruit basket!

Cupboard with a Built-In Chiller

a pantry with a small fridge below INSTAGRAM @sw_kitchenandbath

This elegant kitchen keeps a compact chiller, kitchen appliances, liquor, and glassware all in one neat area hidden behind cupboard doors.

The all-white area stores a small fridge near all the things you need to get any kind of drink and even grab a bite to eat.

I love how there is so much efficient storage in a design like this! Plus, none of it would interrupt the tidiness of your kitchen since they’re all in a tall cupboard you can open and close anytime.

Home Office with a Side Table Cooler

a small fridge with blue lighting alongside the table INSTAGRAM @newairusa

This sophisticated workspace with contrasting accents adds a modern touch with a high-tech mini-fridge beside the elegant console table. I love how even though the style of the appliance is different from the interior, its black sides make everything work together.

While we are often told to keep distractions away from a work space, chilled drinks can definitely be an exception! After all, you need to stay quenched during long hours in front of your laptop.

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