Kids Clothes Storage: 12 Brilliant Ideas You’ll Love

Are you seeking ideas for organizing tiny onesies or managing a growing collection of outfits for older kids?

These space-efficient storage solutions will simplify the process – all while infusing fun and functionality into the storage setup.

Let’s dive in and explore ideas for clothes storage that bring joy to both parents and children alike!

Minimalist Open Wardrobe with Organizers

kids clothes storage boxes and garment rack

This kids’ bedroom has an open wardrobe system that allows easy access to clothes and accessories. The bins and drawers offer versatile storage options for various items, maintaining organization and tidiness.

Notice how the wardrobe’s neutral color palette complements any interior decor, adapting effortlessly to diverse design themes. Feel free to add playful wall decals or vibrant artwork nearby to add a touch of whimsy and creativity to the space.

If you want, you can install low-hanging hooks or pegs beside the wardrobe for easy accessibility to backpacks, hats, or frequently used items.

Hanging Door Pocket Organizer for Clothes and Accessories

pocket over door organizer for kids

This organizer, suspended from a durable, easy-to-hang rack, features multiple pockets to provide convenient storage for clothing items, accessories, shoes, and other essentials.

The best thing about it is you can hang it effortlessly on any door, saving valuable floor space while keeping items within easy reach.

In my experience, it’s best to use different rows for specific categories of items, such as accessories, scarves, underwear, or socks. I also suggest coordinating the items by color to create a visually appealing and harmonized display when the pockets are visible.

Kids’ Closet with Shelves and Drawers for Storing Clothes and Accessories

tiered drawers and clothing rack on top for kids INSTAGRAM @ania.suwinska

This lovely girl’s room has a closet complete with shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and specialized sections for organizing clothing items and accessories. The closet’s sections cater to different storage needs, providing designated spaces for folded clothes, hanging garments, shoes, and smaller accessories.

To further organize the space, I suggest adding drawer dividers or organizers to further segregate smaller items such as socks, scarves, or undergarments for a tidy appearance.

You can also organize clothing items by type or season. Hang clothes that are appropriate for seasonal wear and keep off-season items in the drawers.

Free-Standing Child’s Closet Organizer

a no fold solution kids closet with shoe shelves INSTAGRAM @systematic.sisters

Here is a fantastic clothes organizer featuring a compact yet functional design with multiple shelves and hanging rods. Its freestanding nature allows for flexible placement within any corner of the room.

I love how its kid-friendly height makes it convenient for children to see the clothes they have and pick their own outfits for the day. All shoes are displayed on the shelves for easy selection, too. (You know how kids love to be independent!).

You can place a basket on the shelf nearest to the closet space for clothes that your child has outgrown. Once the basket is full, you can place the items in a bag for donation.

Shared Children’s Wardrobe with Labeled Organizers

a wardrobe for kids clothing with labelled boxes INSTAGRAM @redefinedgr

This space-maximizing wardrobe incorporates separate sections for each child, featuring labeled organizers to ensure easy identification and access to individual belongings. The combination of shelves, drawers, hanging rods, and labeled bins promotes an organized and clutter-free storage solution.

I absolutely love how there are labels for clothes a kid needs to grow into or clothes they have outgrown. This is a good idea for long-term organization, especially if there are other siblings in the family for clothing to be passed down. It also makes it easy to separate clothes for donation.

Compact Closet with Organizers for Shoes, Clothes, and Other Essentials

kids closet with garment rack and vertical shoe storage INSTAGRAM @organizingforlife

This space-optimizing closet efficiently accommodates various kids’ essentials like shoes, clothes, toys, and diapers.

Its ingenious layout integrates multiple organizers to offer a comprehensive solution for storing a range of items within a small space. You can even fit a laundry basket in it!

Since there’s still a bit of room at the bottom, I would add foldable storage bins for storing seasonal items and accessories. You can also make use of the closet door’s interior by installing hooks or hanging organizers for additional storage.

Tiny Attic Bedroom with Space-Optimizing Wardrobe

kids wardrobe in an angled roof INSTAGRAM @mitlillerum

This cozy room nestled within the attic or under the staircase features a smartly integrated wardrobe specifically tailored for the unusual space. The wardrobe is custom-built with compact dimensions and efficient storage solutions, making the most of the room’s layout.

It incorporates various storage compartments, shelves, and hanging rods, cleverly utilizing every inch of available space.

For tiny rooms like these, I recommend incorporating mirrored surfaces or mirrored panels within the wardrobe to create an illusion of space and enhance natural light reflection. You can also use floating shelves or vertical organizers around the room to maximize storage without cluttering floor space.

Space-Saving Open Wardrobe above the Toy Area

upper clowet for kids clothes and toy storage under INSTAGRAM @kristyncole

This compact bedroom has a unique storage solution for clothing items, shoes, and accessories. Its elevated position above the toy area ensures efficient use of vertical space, enabling the room to remain organized while maximizing floor space for play.

Featuring an open design, it offers no-fold storage for clothing and accessories while allowing easy access to items.

Like in the photo, you can add decorative baskets or bins within the wardrobe to segregate and organize smaller items like socks, underwear, and shoes. I think installing hooks or pegs below the cupboards would also be great for hanging hats and bags.

Space-Maximizing Closet with Shelves, Pull-Out Bins, and Racks Mounted on the Door

utilising back door space of a kids wardrobe INSTAGRAM @honey_dew_gifts

This closet is perfect for rooms that want to optimize every inch of the space while keeping things neat and organized. Equipped with shelves, a hanging rod, pull-out bins, and shoe racks attached to the back of the door, this closet maximizes storage capacity without encroaching on the room’s floor space.

For this type of closet, it’s best to organize clothing items by type or color, grouping similar items together for easy access and a visually pleasing display.

You can also add a small battery-operated LED light within the closet, making it easier to locate items in low-light conditions.

Kids’ Wardrobe with Shelves and Foldable Storage Boxes

kids closet with lots of storage boxes INSTAGRAM @aallinonestore

Here’s a wardrobe that integrates shelves and hanging rods with foldable cubes, providing an organized storage system for clothes and accessories.

The shelves offer ample space for neatly folded clothing items, while the foldable storage boxes provide flexible and customizable storage options for jackets, blankets, bedding, and miscellaneous items. You can even keep toys in some of the cubes.

Make sure to attach labels or tags to the cubes to easily identify and categorize items. Another idea would be to install over-the-door hooks to hang backpacks, hats, or robes, maximizing storage and keeping daily items within reach.

Compact Vintage Closet You Can DIY

diy kids closet vintage look INSTAGRAM @camillaaakjaer

This charming vintage closet has a nostalgic appeal as its design merges rustic aesthetics with practicality. Crafted with wooden and upcycled materials, you can easily build this closet from scratch and add as many shelves and hooks as you want.

If you’re going the DIY route, I suggest choosing soft, muted tones or classic vintage colors like ivory, pastel blues, or soft greens to paint or distress the closet for an authentic vintage look.

I love the mirror in the photo, it adds so much personality to the closet. You can also attach a statement mirror, vintage-style knobs, handles, or ornate hinges to add character.

Small Kids’ Room with a Montessori Wardrobe

small closet with pegs on each sides for kids clothings INSTAGRAM @sprout_kids

This room has a Montessori wardrobe, which is a low, accessible type of storage solution designed for children to easily choose and reach their clothes. Unlike traditional wardrobes which are built for adult heights, this one features low-hanging rods, open shelves, and easily reachable compartments.

Its design facilitates children’s ability to select and put away their clothing and belongings independently, aligning with the Montessori philosophy of promoting autonomy and order.

It would be good to place baskets or decorative boxes on the open shelves of the wardrobe to organize toys, books, or smaller items, not just clothes. You can also incorporate a comfortable rug, bean bags, or floor cushions near the wardrobe to make the space more inviting.

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