11 Great Storage Ideas For Kid’s Bedrooms

Crafting a functional and engaging space for your child within the confined quarters of a bedroom is a common challenge for parents.

As someone who’s faced this struggle, I understand the need for innovative storage approaches.

Let’s embark together on a discovery of smart and imaginative storage solutions tailored for your kid’s bedroom!

Space-Efficient Bedroom with Elevated Play Area and Integrated Storage Solutions

Kids bed with playing area on top INSTAGRAM @interior_facitily_delhi_ncr

First up is a space-efficient kid’s bedroom with a modern and playful style. The bed is elevated to create a spacious storage area underneath, with built-in drawers and cabinets.

The wall beside the bed has shelves and cabinets that hold books, toys, and decorations. The top of the bed is a cozy play area. Just how cool is that?

I love how the bed doubles as a play and sleep space! In my experience, kids enjoy having their own space to play and relax.

Kid’s Room with Space-Saving Lego Storage and Play Table

Lego storage boxes under the table

Next room features a play and storage table in one. Underneath the table, there are storage bins for keeping the Lego pieces organized.

The table is multifunctional and fits well in the small room. This idea also makes it easy for the kids to tidy up their mess after playing, as they just need to put the Lego pieces back into the bins!

Attic Bedroom with Under-Bed Book Storage and Built-in Shelves

space-optimized bed on an angled roof

Now, here’s a small bedroom with a space-saving bed as it has under-bed book storage and built-in shelves on the side. The shelves are filled with books, toys, and decor pieces.

The room also has a large skylight and an angled roof that create a spacious feeling.

It’s great how the books are easily accessible for the child. Your kids can simply pull out a book from under the bed or from the shelf without having to reach for a high cabinet!

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Space-Saving Bunk Bed with Built-In Storage

bunk bed with storage stairs INSTAGRAM @booriaustralia

This is a cozy and modern kid’s bedroom with a space-optimized bunk bed.

A great feature of this bedroom is the shelves attached to the wall, for more books and toys. There’s also a mini shelf on the top bunk to hold cups and nighttime essentials.

I love how the staircase also doubles as extra storage space! The light wood and white elements create a bright and airy feel, while the blue and grey bedding adds some contrast.

Tiny Kid’s Rooms with Headboard Storage and Pull-out Drawers Underneath

Kids bed with built-in storage headboard INSTAGRAM @schnaufer

Here is another bed with storage space for books and other belongings. The bed has a headboard that doubles as a storage unit with multiple compartments.

There are also pull-out drawers underneath the bed for extra storage, plus a tall, narrow drawer on the side of the bed. Such a clever way to maximize vertical space!

I think this is a smart and convenient solution for keeping the room tidy and organized!

Kids bedroom with shelves and underbed baskets INSTAGRAM @loverenovations

This is another example of a bed with headboard storage. Only this time, it makes use of baskets underneath for extra storage, a practical idea that you can easily DIY.

You can use any baskets you have at home or buy some cheap ones from a thrift store.

You can store and access a lot of items without taking up too much space. They also add a nice texture and contrast to the room, creating a cozy and rustic feel!

Small Bedroom Featuring Wall-to-Wall Shelving

Kids bed with wall shelves on tiny corner INSTAGRAM @lucymarshinteriors

The main feature of this blue bedroom is the wall-to-wall shelving that provides ample storage space for books, toys, and decor.

I love how the blue shelves match the bed cover and the curtains, creating a harmonious look.

In my experience, this is a great way to make use of unusual wall space, as it maximizes the available area and adds some character to the room.

Small Closet with Shelves and Drawers in a Kid’s Bedroom

Kids closet on corner INSTAGRAM @cubbyathome

This is a small closet in a kid’s bedroom that has been cleverly organized with shelves and drawers. It provides good hidden storage, keeping clutter not in sight. When the closet doors are closed, the room looks tidy and spacious!

I adore how the drawers have black handles that contrast with the white color, and how the clothes are neatly hung on hangers.

This closet is a perfect example of how to optimize space and storage in a kid’s bedroom.

Space-Optimized Loft Bed with Underneath Storage and a Play Area

loft bed with storage and playing area underneath INSTAGRAM @lifewithrowan

The main feature of this bedroom is a space-optimized loft bed that has plenty of storage and a play area underneath.

The open shelves are great for storing toys, books, and baskets. It’s lovely how the bed is elevated to create more floor space and a cozy nook for the child!

Make sure to always supervise your child, though, when they use the ladder, to prevent unwanted accidents.

You can find more storage furniture for kids’ rooms here.

diy loft bed with storage bins underneath INSTAGRAM @brownie_chris_

Here is another customized loft bed with a play area and storage space underneath. Only this time, it makes use of storage bins instead of open shelves. 

As compared to the previous concept, this one has built-in stairs, which are safer and easier to use than a ladder. Also, the play area is smaller because the bed is lower.

I think a good way to improve the play area is to add a lamp or a string of lights.

Space-Optimized Twins’ Bedroom with Built-in Overhead Storage

twins bed with storage on top INSTAGRAM @luxuryorganized

Last is a space-optimized twins’ bedroom with built-in overhead storage. Above each bed, there are shelves that hold books, toys, and other items.

In my experience, kids love having their personal space, and these nooks provide that!

One possible drawback of this idea is that it can be a bit of a struggle to get the items from above. Depending on the height of the kids, they might need a ladder or a stool to reach them.

If you loved the ideas in this article, you can also check out my post on clever clothes storage for kids’ bedrooms.

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