8 Clever Storage Beds For Kids (Small Spaces)

Our young ones spend a large amount of time in their bedrooms – playing, studying, and getting some quality sleep in.

With that, we should prioritize the comfort and functionality of their personal space as much as we can.

One way to do that is by maintaining an orderly and spacious bedroom with space-saving storage beds. Fortunately, we have 8 clever storage bed ideas you can choose from!

Kid-sized Loft Bed With Table And Storage

loft bed with storage and pullout study table underneath INSTAGRAM @hybridfurniture

The modern bedroom keeps a neat and orderly space by having everything your child might need in one structure: a loft bed with a retractable wooden table, drawers, and shelves!

Your kid can have everything he needs within reach while they’re relaxing in bed or focusing on their assignments. The multiple compartments also encourage them to store their things properly. 

I love how it offers multiple types of storage and makes the bedroom a functional area without taking up too much space!

loft bed with built in study area and closet INSTAGRAM @komorebi.mv

This bed is another example of a loft with storage. However, instead of a pull-out table, this one is built in with drawers on the side under the bed space.

Keeping the bed out of view could be a better choice for kids who are easily distracted and quickly tempted to get back under the covers. 

Since the table is directly under the bed area and doesn’t extend outwards, it makes this design more compact which would work better for even smaller spaces.

Elevated Bed With Stair Storage

kids storage bed with built in seating and study area INSTAGRAM @thevanderveenhouse

This adorable bedroom maximizes its space by having three layers in its design. The stairs cleverly create these layers and double as storage units.

You can choose to make the second layer a table because of its flat, spacious surface or use it as storage as well. Another great feature is that there is a small area for just sitting on the side, in case your child doesn’t want to lie down.

I recommend using bins or containers for storing any toys or your child’s items if you’re going to put them in the floor space under the bed. It’ll help keep things organized and remain visually appealing.

loft bed with storage bins and reading nook INSTAGRAM @casakidsbk

Now, this bed is a great example of a combination of the first two kids’ bed storage ideas. It is also a loft-style bed with a study area, and features numerous storage compartments, and stair storage!

The design offers more shelves closer to the table to help keep your child’s school needs on display and easily accessible. Not only that, your little one can also get ready here as the space above the stairs can hold a mirror.

Finally, the abundance of storage compartments in the stairs, study area, and even in front of the window will keep this room clutter-free!

Space-Up Bed With Built-In Drawers And Shelves

pull-up bed with lots of storage underneath INSTAGRAM @prefabnsmallhomes

The already spacious bed utilizes even more space by popping up and out to reveal a cleverly hidden storage area.

The space underneath is lined with drawers and shelves on both sides, which can make it an efficient alternative to a closet or for keeping valuables safe and secure.

The entrance in the middle also makes it easier for you and your kids to access the far end of the bed.

If you want to put any awards, pictures, or items out for display, the shelves on the outer left side of the bed are perfect for just that!

Space-Optimizing Bed With Storage Below the Bed Frame

kids bed on narrow window space with storage INSTAGRAM @childrensbedcentres

This lovely sleeping area is also a simple and effective storage space with built-in drawers and storage units below the bed frame.

The design is a quick and easy way to incorporate more storage into your child’s bedroom without taking additional space and without compromising on its whimsical aesthetic!

As this bed doesn’t have any stairs or a ladder,  just make sure your child can still safely climb up and down–whether it be on a stool like in the picture or on any other alternative you can find in your home.

Cozy Nook Bed With Drawers

kids bed with storage on an. angled roof INSTAGRAM @michelleogundehin

This elegant little corner places the bed in a cozy nook that your child can read or sleep in. The built-in nook has compact shelves on one side and three storage units on its bottom.

The design frees up a ton of space in the room and keeps the resting and storage place in one comfortable corner. 

You can keep story books on the shelves and toys in the drawers, ensuring a productive and recreational bedroom for your kid.

I suggest installing a curtain for your child to have more privacy when they want to rest. The curtain will also shield their eyes from sunlight during early morning or afternoon naps!

Wooden Bunk Bed With Shelves And Drawers

bunk bed with drawers and shelving on the corner INSTAGRAM @_emsiddiqui

This relaxing and minimalist bunk bed contains enough storage compartments for two to three growing kids.

The Japandi-inspired design is easy on the eyes and extremely effective for serving as the main storage system of the kids’ bedroom.

At the foot of the bed, there are five shelves to keep and display books, toys, decor, etc., Below that, there are three spacious storage units that can store clothes and other items.

I love that there is even a carved-out headboard space on the bottom bunk where you can place or display even more items!

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