12 Spice Rack Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

Let’s explore 12 spice rack storage ideas tailored specifically for compact kitchen spaces!

Each solution embodies a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, designed to keep spices accessible, organized, and add a touch of charm to these small kitchens.

Tiny Kitchen with Rotating Spice Rack

diy rotating spice rack INSTAGRAM @langos_cnc_woodcraft

This small kitchen has a rotating spice rack that’s perfect for limited countertop or cabinet spaces. Its compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for tiny kitchens.

Crafted with functionality in mind, this spice rack features multiple shelves that rotate, allowing for convenient spice storage. I love how it’s designed to look like a mini windmill! It adds a touch of playfulness and personality to the compact space.

You can position the spice rack within arm’s reach on the countertop while cooking and then place it as a centerpiece on the kitchen island. That way, it can double as decor! I also suggest keeping all your spices in uniform jars so they look cohesive on the rack.

Minimalist Kitchen with Hidden Cupboard for Spices

upper cupboard spice storage near the stove INSTAGRAM @walkerwoodworking

This minimalist kitchen fully embodies sleek functionality and discreet organization, perfect for those seeking a clean and sophisticated culinary space. One of its best features is its concealed storage cupboard for spices.

The cupboard is seamlessly integrated into the kitchen layout behind a panel that blends with the kitchen’s overall design. Inside, the cupboard has organized shelves to accommodate a variety of spice containers, ensuring they are neatly stowed away yet easily accessible when needed.

When you have a kitchen like this, I recommend keeping decor elements minimal to enhance the kitchen’s clean and uncluttered appearance. It’s also good to integrate hidden storage solutions for other kitchen essentials and appliances.

Small Kitchen with a Spice Rack on the Windowsill

spice rack mounted on kitchen window

This kitchen has a unique solution for storing spices within a limited area. Positioned on the windowsill, this spice rack utilizes vertical space efficiently, providing easy access to a variety of spices.

This setup also takes advantage of natural light, allowing spices to be easily organized while adding an element of visual interest to the kitchen. Like in the photo, you can use the windowsill space for small potted herbs or plants to complement the spice display.

I prefer keeping the window unobstructed to allow ample natural light into the kitchen but you can use sheer or light-colored curtains to filter sunlight while adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Compact Kitchen with a Magnetic Spice Rack

spice rack on refrigerator door minimalistic

This kitchen cleverly uses the often-underutilized space on the refrigerator door to store spices within a magnetic rack. This innovative storage solution not only keeps spices readily accessible but also helps maintain the kitchen’s sleek and minimalist design.

I love how the refrigerator’s surface is clean and free of clutter to highlight the spice rack as decor. However, you can also add functional decor pieces like magnetic boards or memo holders nearby to add utility to the space.

The containers not having labels is probably a design choice but I would personally label each spice container clearly for quick identification and a well-organized display. Notice also how the refrigerator is positioned right next to the cooking area – it’s a smart layout that makes meal preparation a breeze.

Spice Rack Organizer Mounted on the Cabinet Door

stainless spice rack on a cabinet door INSTAGRAM @gardinerhaskins

This compact kitchen utilizes the interior surface of cabinet doors, optimizing space while keeping spices easily within reach. It’s a smart yet simple solution for storing spices.

I love how this rack is designed with practicality in mind due to its compact and no-fuss structure. Its tiers provide ample space to neatly arrange and display an assortment of spices, herbs, and condiments.

For racks like these, it’s best to use uniform spice jars or containers to create a cohesive and streamlined appearance.

Space-Optimizing Kitchen with Narrow Pull-Out Drawer

spice storage using vertical pull-out drawer INSTAGRAM @royal_kitchens_and-baths_nj_ny

This traditional kitchen has a clever approach to maximizing space while maintaining easy access to spices. The pull-out storage solution utilizes narrow spaces between drawers, providing a dedicated area for organizing an assortment of spices and condiments.

The best feature of the drawer is its slender profile, making it easy to conceal within a larger cabinet or beside the stove. It ensures spices and condiments remain conveniently accessible yet neatly tucked away when not in use.

I suggest lining the bottom of the drawer with a non-slip liner or adhesive shelf liner to prevent containers from sliding.

Compact Kitchen with a Spice Holder Mounted on the Kitchen Island

diy wooden spice rack on the corner of a tiny working table INSTAGRAM @jigglemawigglesthriftyhome

This tiny kitchen integrates a spice holder onto the kitchen island, providing convenient access to essential spices without occupying additional counter or cabinet space. The spice holder can even be a designated space for other kitchen essentials like a rolling pin.

I love how the spice holder complements the rustic style of this kitchen and all the other decor pieces. Do you also see those string lights in the doorway? Such a lovely touch!

If you decide to build a holder like this from scratch, ensure it’s symmetrically mounted on the kitchen island for balance and visual appeal.

Narrow Farmhouse Kitchen with a Mounted Spice Rack

wall-mounted spice rack near the kitchen door INSTAGRAM @farmhouseismystyle

Here’s a storage option ideal for those seeking a cozy and organized culinary space within a narrow kitchen. This nook seamlessly integrates a mounted spice rack, adding functionality while complementing the rustic aesthetic.

I love how the spice rack fits in with the other farmhouse-inspired decor such as woven baskets and nearby greenery. One thing I would do is install warm-toned or dimmable lighting right above the doorway to create a cozy ambiance at night.

Also, don’t you just love the color scheme of this nook? The green door, drawers, and shelves are so lovely and easy on the eyes. Feel free to add a small indoor herb garden in vintage planters or pots on the counter for a fresh touch.

Read here for more clever storage solutions for tiny house kitchens.

Tall, Thin Spice Rack Using Gripper Clips

vertical wall-mounted spice jar holder between door frame and shelves INSTAGRAM @talentedkitchen

Here’s a compact kitchen that uses a savvy and space-efficient solution to storing spices. The rack sticks to the wall using gripper clips that offer a sleek and functional way to organize spices.

As the spice rack doesn’t occupy much space, it’s ideal for smaller kitchens or narrow wall spaces. Its tall and slender design can be mounted on a narrow kitchen wall or cabinet side.

Tiny Kitchen with Under-Shelf Spice Rack Holder

pull down diy spice rack INSTAGRAM @ayomi_homeessentials

This compact kitchen optimizes limited space with an under-shelf rack to hold an array of spices. You can easily integrate these beneath cabinets or shelves and make use of unused vertical space.

You can also create this type of holder from scratch. Just make sure to measure the underside of your cabinet or shelf where you plan to mount the rack and place your spice jars or containers on the board to determine the spacing and mark their positions.

How about installing LED strip lights beneath the shelf to illuminate the spice rack and aid visibility? I would also apply contrasting or patterned wallpaper behind the spice rack to add visual interest.

Space-Maximizing Kitchen with Individual Pull-Out Spice Racks

diy-pull-out spice rack INSTAGRAM @itsorganized

Here’s a smartly-designed kitchen that features custom pull-out spice racks, integrated into cabinet drawers and shelves. Each rack is built to accommodate a single row of spice containers or jars, allowing easy access and viewing of spices without cluttering countertops or cabinet shelves.

I love how the clear design will fit into any traditional and contemporary kitchen. I also like the idea of installing motion sensor or LED lighting inside the cabinet to illuminate the spice racks when opened.

These racks will also be great storage options for kitchen cabinets with glass fronts or open shelving to showcase the spice jars, adding a decorative element.

Minimalist Kitchen with Clear Spice Holders and Modern Labels

clear plastic spice rack on wall INSTAGRAM @thepantrystore.ng

Now, here’s a kitchen that boasts an elegant and organized spice rack! I love how these clear jars with wooden lids offer a clean view of the spices. It’s a great way to visually simplify storage in small spaces.

Each container is also thoughtfully labeled with modern, minimalist-style labels, ensuring easy identification of spices while contributing to the kitchen’s cohesive and sleek appearance. This storage solution will inspire anyone to use uniform and modern-style spice containers!

I recommend using a simple and clean backdrop, such as a neutral-colored wall or backsplash, to accentuate the spice display.

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