18 Kitchen Islands With TONS Of Storage (Space Optimized)

Kitchen islands truly transform how we spend our time in the kitchen. They give us more space for preparing, cooking, eating, and unwinding.

So, if you’re looking for more ways to optimize your kitchen island, we’ve gathered 18 tips, tricks, and designs to help you do just that!

Kitchen Island With Unique Pullout Drawer

Kitchen island with a pull-down storage INSTAGRAM @Hgdesignideas

This farmhouse-style kitchen has a beautiful marble countertop and fancy storage units to go with it. Instead of the long, conventional drawers, this one pulls out differently.

The layout facilitates easy access to your stored items, placing everything within close reach. Storing fresh produce here guarantees that nothing will be left in the distant back of your fridge, minimizing the chance of items being forgotten.

It’s a common design for shoe racks but it also works wonders for kitchen storage!

Rolling Kitchen Island with Storage Bins

Kitchen island with receptacle bins

This modern black-and-white kitchen keeps a compact alternative to the regular island. It uses a wheeled kitchen cart that features three spacious storage bins.

This design allows for a kitchen island while conserving space, offering the added benefit of easy mobility around your home.

Additionally, it boasts three sizable canvas bins that slide out, providing convenient storage space for kitchen essentials.

Kitchen Island with Desk and Storage

Kitchen island with built-in seating INSTAGRAM @Masterclasskitchens

Creating a space-efficient kitchen island involves making it multifunctional, reducing the necessity for extra fixtures. Illustrated here is a modern L-shaped island that also functions as a desk, featuring built-in storage compartments.

I love how innovative and efficient this design is. It really helps you downsize your living space by serving more than one purpose. 

There’s also a mini wine rack on the side for a quick drink while you’re working!

Small kitchen island with shelf and cabinets INSTAGRAM @Marktaylordesign

In a more straightforward rendition, this kitchen island takes on a condensed square shape while providing both desk space and a designated area for storing non-kitchen items.

It’s a great idea for people who are always on the go. You can enjoy your morning coffee while catching up on work all in one place.

You can add a divider to ensure there’s no overlap between the two functions. You can keep your food clean and your paperwork nice and dry!

Kitchen Island With Toe-Kick Drawers

Slide out drawer under the kitchen island INSTAGRAM @Jonescustombuilder

This lovely sage green kitchen cabinet has a nice surprise right at your feet. It utilizes the lowest area of the kitchen cabinets with space-efficient toe-kick drawers.

The drawer placement minimizes the requirement to bend down each time you access kitchen items, allowing for smoother movement within the kitchen space.

In my experience, this innovative design ensures a seamless and clutter-free kitchen environment, maximizing storage potential while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Wine Rack And Vertical Storage

Kitchen island with shelving connected to the ceiling INSTAGRAM @Binnsdesign

This large, bright, and white space welcomes a modified kitchen island that stylishly holds on-the-counter shelves to maximize the vertical area available.

The storage area continues into the lower section, featuring integrated compartments that form a stylish wine rack.

The shelves don’t interfere with the preparation area, so you can use them to express your creativity by placing eye-catching decor.

Kitchen Island With Multiple Storage Compartments

Tiny vertical cabinets and a drawer on kitchen island INSTAGRAM @Dhd_cary

This kitchen island is a chef’s best friend with its multiple storage compartments. You have both narrow pullout shelves and large drawers to keep everything in place.

It’s ideal for households that cook a lot as the design organizes all you need by the stove area!

Depending on your kitchen needs, you can also arrange your spices on the narrow racks to make them easily accessible when you prepare your next meal.

Maximizing storage space of kitchen island using deep drawers INSTAGRAM @Designworkstudio

This long and luxurious kitchen island uses the same concept of having multiple pull-out compartments. However, this design doesn’t have handles for a more minimalist appearance.

With the additional space, you can keep many items: plates, utensils, cooking tools, and glassware. 

I love how the design helps you minimize kitchen clutter by having a designated unit for all your kitchen needs to be properly stored and organized.

Space-Saving Round Island

Round kitchen island with lots of storage

This charming and airy kitchen features a circular kitchen island surrounded by storage, offering a softer yet highly efficient space-saving focal point.

Moreover, the rounded design ensures a more equitable distribution of space, particularly when accommodating several people around the island.

The lack of sharp edges prevents injuries and accidents, making it a perfect choice for a child-friendly home.

Kitchen Island with Open Shelves and Drawers

Maximizing storage space of a kitchen island

This charming preparation area reveals a delightful display of dry kitchen ingredients stacked on several open shelves. There is also an abundance of drawers on the other side for more versatile storage choices.

The shelf arrangement allows easy access to ingredients while showcasing them prominently, while the drawers provide a more concealed storage option.

The use of glass jars to keep ingredients is clever, combining aesthetics with functionality to ensure a well-organized and visually appealing stock.

Kitchen island for storing crockery

This is a sleeker and more modern take on a kitchen counter with open shelves. The black-and-white kitchen island also has bigger storage units but lacks drawers.

The simple structure allows you to store larger kitchen items and appliances stylishly. 

If you want to keep smaller items in here too, I suggest you get organizers and dividers to make everything neater and keep the items secured.

Kitchen island with side shelving unit

Here, the open shelves are minimal to create space for counter-side seating. I like how this setup effectively merges storage and dining areas.

These compartments are ideal for storing frequently used items, accessible to you, your family, or guests.

For further space optimization, consider utilizing the counter’s rear by installing cabinets or drawers to accommodate additional items.

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Kitchen Counters with Built-In Appliances

In this sophisticated white kitchen, space optimization is achieved by incorporating appliances, including a microwave and a compact fridge, within the kitchen island.

This clever design conserves considerable space that would have been occupied by standalone appliances. It’s a subtle and ingenious method to maintain a spacious kitchen layout.

You can even have custom designs that make your appliances completely blend in with the rest of the island if you want a seamless appearance.

Kitchen island with oven and storages INSTAGRAM @Casa_kalandra

This mini navy-blue kitchen island keeps a small microwave snug in one of its open compartments.

You don’t always have to build your appliances into your kitchen island; designating suitable spaces for them can serve the purpose just as well!

By incorporating compartments, particularly for specific kitchen tools or appliances, you save not only on expenses but also on the time-consuming customization procedures.

Kitchen island with fridge and cubbies for wine INSTAGRAM @Mydomaine

Here, the small kitchen counter has a small drink cooler on the left and a space-economic wine rack and shelf on the right.

This setup is perfect for when you have guests over, or if you and your loved ones like to enjoy a beverage every now and then. 

Another option is to position the compartments on the opposite side of the island, concealing them for a simpler look at the front if desired.

Compact Island With Exposed Shelves 

Tiny kitchen island with hooks and drawer INSTAGRAM @Luxmondi

Here’s a shabby chic and industrial-style kitchen with an island that fits right into the theme. Crafted from stainless steel and featuring a high-quality wooden countertop, this unit serves as an excellent storage solution.

Ideal for storing containers, tools, and cooking utensils, its spacious open storage compartments securely accommodate various items.

I love how the hooks also provide additional storage for the pots and pans. They even complement the look of the kitchen island!

Wooden kitchen island full of storage

To achieve a rustic and unrefined aesthetic for your kitchen island with open shelving, opt for a wooden design like this one. It includes a few closed storage compartments and retains hooks attached to the sides.

This variant’s standout feature is its mobility, equipped with wheels for easy relocation. This functionality can help minimize messes by eliminating the need for frequent manual transportation of messy items.

The drawers are also a nice touch and they can store other items more securely.

Minimalistic wooden kitchen island with storage INSTAGRAM @Lockhartnco

A larger version of the previous kitchen island can be seen here. This would work best for a bigger kitchen.

The spacious shelves also let you store more kitchen tools and appliances in an open area for quick access. 

This design doesn’t have wheels, so make sure you position it in the right spot. Using containers and organizers could also help arrange your items neatly.

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