22 Small Kitchen Layouts That Look Amazing

We all want an effective, efficient, and visually appealing kitchen. With all that goes on in there, it must be functional, and as a bonus, an aesthetically pleasing space.

That might be challenging for small places but the right layout and design can do wonders.

Here are 22 layouts that can elevate the appearance of your kitchen, making it even more amazing!

Tiny Home with a Space-Optimized Kitchen Below the Loft

Tiny blue kitchen under the stairs

The space under the stairs is often utilized for storage. However, another clever alternative to maximize it is turning it into a fully functional kitchen

This fresh and innovative layout and design keep all your kitchen needs in one area under a loft-style interior. It saves up even more space by having built-in storage for the kitchen appliances.

You can quickly whip up a meal and then kick back in the loft area above to enjoy it.

Modern Single Wall Layout

Tiny one wall kitchen

This sophisticated and polished space uses a space-saving single-wall layout. At the end of the counter, there’s a compact makeshift table area, and in the middle of the kitchen, there’s a standalone dining space.

This design brings together your cooking, washing, and preparation needs in a unified location, creating a tidy and streamlined kitchen.

I love the contrast of the dark wood and how they are also used as shelves for additional storage.

Compact Kitchen with Mini Dining Island

Small kitchen with tiny dining area with storage

In this subdued mini kitchen, we can find another compact single-wall layout and structures that are best for really small spaces.

The island doubles as a dining and storage area, while the chairs can be tucked snuggly under the table to save floor space.

I think this design is perfect for solo living. Everything is fit to serve one person and accommodate a couple of guests from time to time.

Kitchen with Built-in Fridge Storage

Small white kitchen space

In this vibrant and tropical coastal kitchen, the interior is cleverly utilized with a specially crafted corner compartment designed to house the refrigerator.

It’s a smart and creative way to maximize the area occupied by the counter. It’ll also work well with mini fridges!

The design isn’t limited to only storing fridges. You can personalize your kitchen to have built-in compartments for your other kitchen appliances too.

Small kitchenette with lighting

Here, we have a smaller version of a kitchen with a built-in space for your fridge.

This design is ideal for smaller apartments and kitchens with a single-wall layout. 

For smaller spaces, I recommend maximizing the vertical space. Consider designs that let you stack your appliances while still having them in their own separate compartments.

A cheaper alternative would be to get organizers and dividers to sort and store your kitchen items in the storage cabinets you already have.

L-Shaped Kitchen with Built-In Appliances

Small kitchen space near the entrance door

This modern and industrial kitchen space has all your major kitchen appliances installed on the counter.

The layout ensures that everything is just a turn away from the preparation zone. For even greater efficiency, think about adding toe-kick drawers for extra storage.

Introducing a colored brick wall is an excellent way to add character to the kitchen’s interior. Just be sure to choose the appropriate material and design so it looks good and is easy to maintain.

Wooden kitchen in a tiny house

In this small yet delightful kitchen, there’s a natural vibe created by the efficient light wood L-shaped design.

The open counter storage is a smart way to store and showcase your dining essentials and kitchen utensils.

From my own experience, switching the positions of the sink and stove could enhance the overall flow of the kitchen. Right after you wash the dishes, you can store them directly on the wooden shelves above instead of walking over to dry them.

Kitchen layout with lots of floating shelves

If you have larger appliances, you may need an upgraded version of the L-shaped design. Here, we find a more modern L-shaped kitchen with built-in equipment.

I love how the gray wood finish blends in with the appliances for a seamless and cohesive look. 

Glass containers with wooden air-tight lids will work great for storing your ingredients and supplies in a kitchen like this. Since they’ll be out on the shelves, their style would complement the theme of this area.

Narrow kitchen with green cabinets INSTAGRAM @Topologyinteriors

This modern sage-green kitchen brings an earthy vibe to the home. It also uses an L-shaped layout to make this working kitchen an efficient space.

If you need even more storage, you can choose to extend the overhead cupboards until they reach the ceiling height. It’ll make things a bit harder to reach but it’ll let you keep more items.

This color combo is sure to make your kitchen look neat and sophisticated!

White Brick and Wood Interiors

Tiny kitchen with wooden furnitures INSTAGRAM @Apartmentlist

This tiny barn-inspired kitchen can turn any small urban apartment into one with a farmhouse feel. The wooden counter and accents pop out nicely against the white brick wall and the rest of the interiors.

The counter here is shorter than usual to make for a wider entrance to the kitchen. Also, it frees up more space for you to move about while preparing and cooking.

This design is great for people who want some rustic charm in their homes!

Tiny U-shaped kitchen INSTAGRAM @Livinginspiring

This kitchen also has a wood and brick combo. Only this time, the brick only occupies the backsplash area instead of the upper half of the wall.

If you have a larger and more open space, then this variation would suit your kitchen better. The U-shaped layout gives you more room to prepare and cook. 

As there’s more counter space, you can get organizers to arrange more items on top for easier access.

Space-Optimized U-Shaped Kitchen

Wooden design small kitchen

A wonderful white and powder blue kitchen uses a common U-shaped layout and for good reason. The design encloses the kitchen space but maintains an open area for you to move freely in.

It has all the counter space you need in a kitchen: an area for cooking, preparing, washing, and serving your dishes in. 

It also helps that you see a breathtaking view when you’re by the sink.

Tiny kitchen with a butcher block countertop INSTAGRAM @Reny_interiors

For a more homey design, you can choose this lovely lived-in warm wood and brick U-shaped kitchen.

Here, the stove is placed strategically behind the counter so you can quickly serve your meals right after cooking and easily reach back for seconds! 

The structure is also more optimized for storage with open shelves on the end of the counter and several cupboards and cabinets inside the main kitchen area.

Kitchen with a Built-in Swing

Tiny kitchen on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @Tinydesignliving

Who says the kitchen can’t be a fun-filled place? Let your kitchen design be limitless, and try out various modifications ‚Äď like placing a swing right in the middle!

Cooking often requires patience, and having a swing can completely transform the waiting experience.

Taking a break on a swing in the kitchen can provide you with a moment of respite during meal preparation.

Traditional Single-Wall Layout

Tiny kitchen with an upper and lower cabinets INSTAGRAM @Mycozydecors

Make your kitchen a charming and cozy space with this classic single-wall layout: a gray counter and a light wooden table with shelves.

With single-wall layouts, it’s important to maximize the counter space. For example, in this one, you can use the lower storage as a compartment to keep a mini fridge or kitchen appliance of your choice.

The wooden handles of the cabinets tie in the whole look nicely and make for a more cohesive aesthetic, even in a smaller space.

Please also check out my article on kitchen cabinet door storage for more creative ideas!

Minimalist Kitchen Counter and Storage

Small white kitchen with marble tiles INSTAGRAM @Mjharrisgroup

This white kitchen can still accommodate a colorful cooking experience. In fact, the spacious U-shaped kitchen design, minimalist theme, and abundance of storage can effectively prevent a messy cooking area.

Just make sure to be careful especially when working with ingredients that can easily stain the white countertops. 

Don’t be afraid to pop in a few colors with vibrant decorations if you want a livelier vibe!

Tiny kitchen cabinet with lots of storage INSTAGRAM @Lxhomedecor

If you want a minimalist kitchen but have an even smaller space, then this compact single-wall layout might suit you more.

The counter and shelves have light wood accents for a bit of contrast and the storage units sort every item perfectly. 

I love how even the kitchen items and tools fit into the theme! It’s also a warmer take on the minimalist theme to make your kitchen feel more homey.

Kitchens with a Wall-Mounted Wooden Table

Narrow kitchen with a wall table INSTAGRAM @Gaffinteriorsofficial

This lovely black and white apartment kitchen utilizes a wooden wall-mounted table to serve as the dining space.

The table’s placement provides ample legroom while you’re working in the kitchen, and it allows you to store the stools underneath once you’re finished eating.

While there are numerous designs for this setup, I recommend opting for one with a folding mechanism for optimal space-saving. This way, you can easily tuck it away after use, freeing up more room in the kitchen.

Narrow kitchen with wooden countertop INSTAGRAM @Mycozydecors

In this ustic mini kitchen, we can find another wall-mounted wooden table fit for two. It’s a wonderful design that minimizes the trip from the stove to the table.

The idea works best when your kitchen layout occupies one whole side. As long as you have a vacant wall opposite the counter and ample space, you can opt for a wall-mounted table. 

If not used for dining, you can use it for other purposes. For instance, you could turn it into a coffee corner, using the top to store all your coffee essentials.

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Mid-Century Kitchen and Dining Area

Kitchen with wood slat wall and cabinets INSTAGRAM @Ruma_kai

This lavish kitchen and dining area beautifully lit by the skylight displays an elegant midcentury theme with detailed wooden storage pieces, dining furniture, and accent walls.

The wooden storage units not only keep your kitchen essentials organized but also act as attractive fronts, setting the midcentury theme.

I appreciate the modern touch brought in by the marble countertops, which not only enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic but also contribute to making it a more practical space.

G-Shaped Kitchen

Small gray and white kitchen INSTAGRAM @Studio23.am

In this chic and small kitchen and dining space, we can see how a G-shaped layout is utilized to provide both a preparation and service area.

If you look closely at the end of the upper right cupboard, you can see a cool feature: a compact wine rack to store your best bottles. 

This layout is best for enjoying dinner and a drink with a dear friend!

Tiny kitchen with a wooden countertop INSTAGRAM @Livinginspiring

In this version of the G-shaped layout, we find a kitchen livened up with bright yellow flowers. They’re the perfect pop of color for the gray interiors.

If your home has a warmer and cozier vibe, this design will suit it well. It offers a more open and welcoming atmosphere with glass door cupboards and lighter wood accents.

I recommend placing your flowers and decor strategically to maintain an efficient and organized space for preparing and enjoying your meals.

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