Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage: 11 Clever Ideas

The kitchen is often a busy place but it shouldn’t be a cluttered one. It’s best to keep yours tidy by properly organizing and keeping your kitchen tools and items.

A small adjustment you can make in your kitchen to enhance its functionality is to maximize storage capacity.

Explore these 11 clever storage design concepts to enhance the efficiency of your kitchen cabinets.

Mounted Indoor Cabinet Shelves

door shelves for cleaning supplies INSTAGRAM @johnlewisofhungerford

In this tall kitchen cabinet designed for storing cleaning tools, a mounted wooden shelf maximizes space by consolidating all cleaning agents in one convenient spot.

Cabinets like this contain a ton of space but without the right organization techniques, it would all go to waste.

Designs similar to this one benefit from organizers that create designated units for better arrangement.

chopping board storage behind doorINSTAGRAM @revashelf

On a smaller scale, this cupboard beneath the counter serves a specialized purpose: it neatly stores a wooden chopping board.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your chopping boards away from the counter, this is it! This hack keeps it out of sight and properly stored.

It’s also a versatile fixture where you can keep other items under your counter.

under ceiling cabinets with door shelves INSTAGRAM @thomasvilleofficial

For this medicine cabinet, there is a three-tiered shelf mounted on the inner side of the door to further arrange its contents.

Having multiple layers lets you sort your items more efficiently. You can have as many or as few as needed, depending on your design and the available space.

The wooden panels harmonize with the cabinet’s interior material, creating a more unified appearance.

Over-The-Door Pantry Rack

adjustable door shelves INSTAGRAM @closetmaid

Speaking of tiers and layers, this over-the-door pantry rack utilizes the height of this door and has several storage units.

The grid-like design of the shelves is great for storing fresh produce since it won’t suffocate your groceries. 

It can also prevent unwanted accumulation of moisture which can lead to mold growth. Additionally, you can arrange your items on separate shelves so each one can have their own space.

Acrylic Shelves And Glass Containers

space-efficient spice cabinet INSTAGRAM @thehomediary_

To achieve an aesthetically pleasing and minimalist storage, consider getting acrylic shelves and these glass-and-wood-themed containers.

Sorting ingredients is one of the most challenging tasks when it comes to kitchen cabinet optimization. To keep things simple but visually appealing and efficient, go for this design.

Even though the setup looks expensive, this is actually an easy and affordable hack!

Want more ways to store your spices? Check out my article on creative spice rack storage ideas.

Wooden Shelf Storage

pantry with door shelves INSTAGRAM @honey_dew_gifts

This spacious pantry doesn’t waste an inch with its use of storage. Aside from the compartments and shelves inside, there is a tall wooden shelf with several tiers mounted on the door to sort the pantry items.

The shelf features varying distances between each tier, allowing you to store bottles and boxes of various sizes.

I love how they utilized the whole door area with a sturdy wooden shelf.

Kitchen Measuring Tools Rack

teaspoons and cups on hung INSTAGRAM @organizedandsimplified4uFor all the bakers and cooks who value precision – this is the storage hack for you! Store your measuring tools on this nifty rack like so.

The design lets you sort your measuring tools accordingly and also provides a label for each. Another neat thing about this storage idea is its accompanying guided illustration, providing a helpful reference for making measurements.

You can repurpose a key rack and D-I-Y the guide to achieve this design.

Cupboard Door Storage With Plastic Bag Dispenser

wooden storage behind cabinet door INSTAGRAM @revashelf

This little cupboard door has a handy wooden storage device attached to it. Unlike the others, this one has a small compartment for keeping sponges and another one where you can store plastic bags and dispense them.

It’s great for keeping garbage bags in and even tissues or rags. This way, you just have to grab and go!

I suggest you customize this design according to your needs and cabinet space, ensuring optimal utilization of the area that best suits your kitchen routine.

Kitchen Towel Holder

paper roll holder on cabinet door INSTAGRAM

Sometimes, our paper towels can take up unnecessary space and disrupt the aesthetic of our kitchen countertops.

To avoid that, you just have to get one of these kitchen towel holders and hang them on the cabinet of your choice. 

And just like that, you have a place to keep your kitchen towels accessible and out of the way! It’ll be even better to keep them by the cooking and dining area where things can get messy.

cabinet door with towel holderINSTAGRAM @thecaravanningmummy

In the same vein, you can get a similar holder but for keeping your kitchen rags and towels.

This design is in a horizontal orientation, making it better for drying off any used cloth. While it effectively holds kitchen rags, you can also use it for paper towels if you’d like.

I suggest you keep this by the sink so you can easily dry off after washing the dishes. You can also use it to keep an apron nearby.

Magnetic Spice Jars

spice jars on fridge INSTAGRAM @sarahgeebee

Lastly, we have an adorable and effective storage idea for your spices and seasoning.  These magnetic spice jars let you compactly and cutely store your ingredients on any metallic surface.

The tiny storage units have clear lids to give you a quick but good view of the contents. This way, you don’t have to put any labels.

You can arrange them on your fridge or any other part of your kitchen that a magnet can attach to.

If you enjoyed the ideas in this article, I suggest checking out my post on under-the-ceiling kitchen cabinets for more ways to optimize your kitchen storage!

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