Storage Ideas For Kitchen Cabinets: 10 Great Hacks

Tired of disorganized drawers and messy cabinets? This post offers 10 clever storage idea to help you maximize every inch of space available in your kitchen.

Prepare to reorganize your kitchen and make the most of what you already have with these great hacks!

Pantry Cupboards for Accessible Cooking

cabinet full of shelves with a spinnable center shelf INSTAGRAM @starmarkcabinetry

This inventive cabinet maximizes pantry storage in a small kitchen. It’s almost a cupboard within a cupboard!

The inside rotating rack organizes a variety of jars and tins neatly for easy identification and access. Installing shelves on the inside of the cabinet doors creates even more accessible storage space.

When cooking, this is an excellent way to keep all of your items organized and easy to reach.

Hidden Fridge Draws Doubles Your Cooling Capacity

drawer type fridge nearby the stove INSTAGRAM @trueresidential

This stainless steel cabinet conceals an excellent cooling hack in the form of two small refrigerator drawers stacked vertically.

At first glance, it may seem to be an oven drawer. However, pulling out the lower drawer reveals a mini fridge, and opening the upper drawer reveals a second chilled component.

A concept such as this would be perfect for a kitchen island or galley kitchen lacking space for a full-size fridge.

Personally, as someone who struggles with fridge capacity from time to time, this approach for doubling your refrigerator capacity without compromising cabinet space is ideal.

To top it all off, the stainless finish complements modern kitchens.

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Vertical Pull-Out Cabinet for Tight Spaces

hidden vertical cabinet with open shelves from both sides INSTAGRAM @life_kitchens

This thin floor-to-ceiling cabinet is a clever way to make the most of the tighter vacant space in your kitchen.

It can be neatly integrated into tight corners or next to appliances to take advantage of vertical storage. Simply pull out the cabinet to have access to the organized shelves.

This multi-purpose design is ideal for storing pantry items, but it may also be used to store other kitchen necessities like cleaning supplies.

In contrast to fixed wall cabinets, pull-out shelving makes items easier to view and reach, making this storage option great for compact kitchens.

Spacious Double Door Pantry Cabinet with Countertop

a pantry and workspace hidden behind a cabinet INSTAGRAM @blakesldn

This kitchen has an expansive cupboard with extra-deep shelves that is ideal for appliances, and other hefty pantry items like cereal boxes. It even has a built-in countertop!

The cabinet doors open to show four fixed shelves, each of which is deeper than typical dimensions to accommodate larger objects.

Slim racks mounted inside the cabinet doors provide specialized storage for spices and condiments.

The deeper, larger shelves prevent the need to jam hefty pots, mixing bowls, and other bulky yet necessary pantry goods into ordinary cupboards.

For me, the part about this concept is that you can use the countertop for baking or mixing, and if guests arrive early, you can simply hide the mess away!

Optimized Drawers Organize Essentials Under the Stove

a simple cabinet with more drawers inside INSTAGRAM @allurekitchencabinetry

This kitchen has customized drawers beneath the stove to keep cooking supplies within easy reach.

The several expansive drawers have divisions designed to maximize space: one for cutlery, another for spices and jars, and others to accommodate things like pots and pans.

What I love about these handy drawers is that they keep your basic cooking tools on hand rather than buried in hard-to-reach cupboards.

I think this is a really smart design – from the outside, it appears to be four simple drawers and cupboards, but once open, there are multiple storage spaces of different sizes! This is ideal for people who prefer a minimalist aesthetic.

Space-Saving Drying Rack Hidden in Cabinet

plates and wine glasses inside a bi-folding cabinet INSTAGRAM @regalokitchen

This innovative cabinet positioned over the sink pulls up to show a built-in drying rack for washed dishes. Simply raise the cabinet front to expose the dish rack when needed and conceal it when not in use.

You can also store more kitchenware in the upper compartment.

Being a neat freak, I appreciate how this hidden rack eliminates the unsightly appearance of a pile of drying dishes next to the sink.

Overall, this dual-purpose cabinet maximizes often-overlooked space over the sink by including a convenient drying station which allows water to drip off right back into the sink.

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Storage Compartments in Deep Corner Drawers

drawers in kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @nobbykitchens

This smart corner unit makes the most of an often-overlooked space in the kitchen. The triangular drawer blends into the corner and has pull-out storage on smooth rails.

This eliminates the need for a dark, tight corner cabinet and I love how this design turns unused space into useful storage.

When compared to fixed internal cabinets, the accessible pull-out shelves are significantly simpler to see what you need and reach. No more digging around the backs of bulky corner cabinets!

Choose a finish that complements the existing cabinets and hardware for a design that is consistent with the rest of your kitchen.

Customizable Shelving Units

kitchen metal shelf for plates and cups

These wire storage shelves are ideal for optimizing open cabinet space. The sturdy shelves can be placed in large open cabinets to offer customizable storage options for dishes, cookware, pantry goods, and other items.

Each shelf unit provides organized storage that is tailored to your specific requirements. Stack and arrange the shelves to meet your specific space and storage needs.

Personally, I love the flexibility of this concept. They may be rearranged as required to suit your kitchen needs.

Also, the sleek metal finish lends an industrial feel and works well in a kitchen with stainless steel equipment.

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Specialized Cabinet with Custom Compartments

kitchen cabinet with narrow dividers for pans

This cabinet has specialized sections for neatly storing pans, chopping boards, and utensils at your fingertips.

When you open it, you’ll see three divided spaces:

  • A larger section with vertical slots for upright pan storage
  • Two smaller sections that ideal for holding cutting boards, baking sheets, or utensils.

Looking at this design, I really like the separate storage for pans. Instead of stacking pans awkwardly on a shelf, the vertical dividers allow them to slip into position for easy access.

Since everything has a customized spot made exclusively for kitchen gear, this personalized cabinet eliminates the need for many mismatched organizing items.

Vertical Pull-Out Drawers

custom spaced shelves nearby the fridge INSTAGRAM @shelfgenie

These storage drawers are ideal for confined spaces. It consists of a row of slim vertical drawers that come out to allow access to stored items.

Spices, condiments, baking ingredients, and other kitchen supplies can be easily organized.

The vertical shape is great for tucking between appliances or using odd corner parts of your kitchen. What I like best about it is that it generates usable storage space where a standard cabinet would not fit or would be too crowded.

Compared to traditional cabinets, the pull-out drawers make contents more accessible, making this storage solution ideal for smaller kitchens and other areas with limited space.

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