13 Coffee Mug Storage Ideas For Tiny Kitchens

Efficient storage is key in compact kitchens. Let’s explore creative and dependable ways to transform cramped kitchen corners into organized and stylish display areas for your mugs!

These ideas will add flair and practicality to any tiny kitchen and dining space.

Minimalist Kitchen with Space-Maximizing Shelf

shelf for mugs on top of the sink near the window

This minimalist kitchen exudes clarity and spaciousness thanks to the clean lines and uncluttered surface of its shelf.

Strategically placed above the sink, the shelf provides an innovative storage space for mugs without compromising the kitchen’s simplicity.

You can also situate your shelf in front of your kitchen window like in the photo. That way, you’ll have a serene setting for your favorite mugs, framed by natural light and stunning outdoor views. You can easily create a balance between modern functionality and nature’s tranquility in your kitchen.

A potted plant or two beside the mugs will liven things up too!

Compact Kitchen with Under-the-Counter Mug Shelf

mugs storage on the corner of the kitchen island

This tiny kitchen features a clever under-the-counter shelf that utilizes every inch of the space. Seamlessly integrated underneath the counter, it offers a discreet yet accessible place to keep mugs, jars for sugar, and tea bags.

I love how its strategic placement ensures a tidy countertop, making the most of vertical and horizontal space. It also allows mugs to be neatly stored and easily retrieved for daily use.

For a dash of personality to the shelf, I suggest painting the back of the shelf with a playful color. 

Minimalist Kitchen with Sleek Mug Shelves

coffee mugs stored in a stylish see-through shelves

This minimalist kitchen radiates modern elegance due to its sleek shelves. The shelves’ simple design complements the kitchen’s simplicity while showcasing the collection of mugs.

A hallmark of this space is the ample natural light that floods the room. If you want to create a sense of spaciousness, I suggest situating the shelf beside expansive windows. 

You can also complement the shelf with well-placed artificial lighting, such as pendant lights. These will make sure your collection is highlighted during the night against the minimalist backdrop.

The interplay of lighting and design will easily elevate your kitchen and enhance visual allure.

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Coffee Corner With Shelf, Metal Rack, and Drawers

under cabinet hooks with coffee mugs minimalist

This kitchen corner is an inviting coffee haven adorned with a versatile shelf, sophisticated mug rack, and drawers that blend functionality with style.

The focal point of this nook is the well-appointed shelf that can easily hold drinkware, a collection of beans, or decorative accents. It doubles as a convenient display and storage solution.

The rack can also be used to showcase your favorite mugs and transform them into decorative elements that add personality to the space.

Mugs on wall

This is a picture I’ve taken at a local office where I work some times.

A great way to use some unused wall space for a decorative area with coffee mugs.

And, more hooks can always be added to the rack as your mug collection grows. Or, you could hang a small indoor plant to add some freshness to the space.

Kitchen Entryway with Space-Optimizing Mug Shelves

clear shelves on wall with mugs INSTAGRAM @stuffinourhouse

This kitchen entryway has cleverly designed mug shelves that redefine organization and charm. The shelves offer a practical design solution, creating a visual impact as the mugs become decorative elements in the entryway.

Shelves like these are great for tiny kitchens because they preserve valuable countertop or cabinet space. They also turn a typically transitional area into a delightful showcase of personal taste.

Shelves made out of plastic or glass are fine but I would recommend going for ones made of perspex as it is more solid (and safer than glass if you have little kids). 

If you only have plain mugs, I would hang some artwork on the wall to liven up the area.

Coffee Corner with Repurposed Mug Rack

upcycled storage rack for coffee mugs INSTAGRAM @simplehomemama

This cozy coffee corner has turned a cubbyhole unit into a mug rack with a welcoming charm. Mounted on the wall, the racks offer a visually appealing display for mugs without the need for hooks.

If you choose racks like these for your coffee corner at home, make sure each rack can fit mugs of all sizes and shapes. That way, each mug has a designated spot to showcase its color, design, or pattern. It’ll prevent unwanted accidents too!

In my experience, it’s best to have these racks mounted right above the counter where you keep your coffee or tea essentials. Having easy access to everything you need is the best way to enjoy your favorite brews at home.

Space-Maximizing Kitchen With Wall-Mounted Mug Rack

coffee mug board with hooks INSTAGRAM @everything.about.organization

This kitchen optimizes every inch of space with an industrial mug pegboard. The rack efficiently utilizes vertical wall space, freeing up precious countertop surfaces.

Notice how the rack not only organizes mugs but also serves as an eye-catching display? That’s due to board’s design and construction. I love how there’s ample space between the hooks so each mug adds to the visual appeal of the corner.

Black is a good color for the rack, especially for minimalist kitchens. If you want a more rustic vibe, I suggest choosing racks in shades of brown or ones made out of wooden materials.

Coffee Bar with Mini Cart and Mug Tree

wooden coffee mug stree INSTAGRAM @jojos_home_decor

This simple coffee bar features a mini cart and a mug tree that embodies the essence of cozy cafe aesthetics.

The mini cart, while tiny, is sturdy enough to hold jars with honey sticks, cream, and sugar. I just love the cute designs of the jars!

The mug tree completes the simple yet chic nook. It allows mugs to hang gracefully from each branch, adding a decorative touch while ensuring access to drinkware.

You can always choose a taller tree mug with more branches if you have many mugs at home. But sometimes, the best idea for mug storage is just to have fewer mugs!

Rustic and Sturdy Wall Shelf with Hooks

diy mug storage on wall with hooks and shelf INSTAGRAM @amandashouseofmagic

This kitchen proudly displays the owner’s cherished mug collection with a rustic wall shelf. It’s a good use of wall storage because the shelf doesn’t stick out too far, combining storage functionality with a decorative display.

It’s great how each hook acts as a miniature display stand, presenting the mugs’ unique designs and vibrant colors. It also keeps them within easy reach for daily use.

You can use a shelf like this to transform your wall into a mini gallery if you collect mugs, too. The personalized exhibit will add character and warmth to your kitchen or dining area.

Tea Nook with Cupboard and Mug Stand

pink mugs and pink shelves in a cupboard INSTAGRAM @everything.about.organization

This pretty-in-pink tea nook’s cupboard offers concealed storage to house an assortment of cups, mugs, and teapots. Its shelves and organizers ensure a tidy space despite the variety of drinkware.

The dainty mug stand is a great way to showcase cherished tea mugs or cups. You can choose pieces that add a decorative flair to the space, allowing your favorite cups or mugs to shine as visual centerpieces.

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Wall-Mounted Metal Rack with Hooks

wall-mounted mug rack INSTAGRAM @rinneyreads

This kitchen has a sleek metal rack with a minimalist elegance that will seamlessly blend with diverse decor styles.

Its hooks amplify its utility, providing a practical storage solution not just for mugs, but for other kitchen utensils. You can even hang decorative pieces like artful keychains or a small and light potted plant.

I also love how there’s enough space between each mug, so even if your mugs are of different sizes and shapes, they won’t look cluttered.

The rack will easily turn your beloved drinkware collection into an eye-catching feature within your kitchen or dining area.

Space-Maximizing Drawer with Dividers

coffee mugs storage drawers INSTAGRAM @home.orga

This two-tier drawer with dividers is ingeniously designed to organize a cherished mug collection. The partitions prevent mugs from clinking together and safeguard mugs of unique shapes and sizes from potential damage.

I also love how the drawer has two tiers hidden in one. The levels make it a space-efficient storage solution that ensures easy access and tidiness.

To ensure your drawer remains uncluttered, I would suggest stacking your mugs and cups exactly like in the photo. If you have mugs or cups in different colors, make sure each color is arranged together.

Tiny Kitchen with an Artful Mug Shelf

stainless coffee mug shelf INSTAGRAM @holistichabitatclt

This tiny kitchen defies limitations with its mug shelf as a captivating focal point.

Artfully crafted, the shelf isn’t merely a storage unit but it’s a stunning display that elevates the kitchen’s ambiance. You can easily find a shelf with a unique frame as the one in the photo so it serves as a captivating centerpiece in your kitchen or dining area.

Aside from mugs, a potted plant or two will look good on this shelf. You can even add a tiny sculpture for visual interest.

I suggest hanging some wall art a few meters away from the shelf. Hanging them too close would overwhelm the aesthetics of the space.

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