13 Cozy Breakfast Nooks For Small Kitchens

In this blog, I’ve curated inventive solutions for tiny kitchen spaces, tackling the hurdles of creating cozy breakfast corners.

From maximizing nook efficiency to infusing charm to your small kitchen, these ideas will make snug areas a delightful morning retreat!

Small Breakfast Nook with Floral and Tropical Accents

Breakfast nook on an existing kitchen window INSTAGRAM @Attirail.in

First up is a kitchen nook with a tropical theme. The main feature is a wooden counter that extends from the wall, creating a small breakfast area.

The chairs certainly bring a pop of color to the area! The cupboard and baskets are a smart way to save space and keep the nook clutter-free.

I love how the natural elements create a warm and inviting atmosphere in this kitchen nook!

Tiny Scandinavian Breakfast Corner

Breakfast table and a pair of chairs with pillows INSTAGRAM @Mawarivaie

Up next is a Scandinavian breakfast corner in a small kitchen. In my experience, Scandinavian style is perfect for small spaces, as it creates a minimalist and airy feel.

Notice how all the elements– wooden table, woven chairs, open shelves, lights, and displays–create a harmonious and cozy look.

Imagine waking up to this breakfast corner, where the natural light from the window fills the space with a positive vibe and energizes you for the day ahead!

Small kitchen with a round breakfast bar INSTAGRAM @Cherriepei.id

This is another example of a Scandinavian breakfast corner. The nook has simple and elegant design, with a touch of warmth from the wooden interiors!

Compared to the previous one, this one is much more modern and minimalist, which gives it a chic and sophisticated look. Also, it has kitchen cabinets instead of open shelves, providing more concealed storage space.

It’s lovely to see how the refrigerator’s color harmonizes with the wooden interior’s finish. Very pleasing to the eyes!

Breakfast nook on a tiny corner INSTAGRAM @Carlanatalia__

Here is another Scandinavian-themed breakfast corner. The main elements are a round marble table, a simple wooden bench, and two floating shelves.

The marble-topped table adds an elegant touch without overwhelming the space. I suggest you combine this with soft cushions to enhance comfort.

Compared to the previous pictures, this one exudes modern simplicity and warmth! It also has more greenery, which adds some freshness and vitality to the space.

Minimalist Breakfast Nook with Compact Seating

Breakfast nook with beautiful pendant lightings INSTAGRAM @Ruma.bayu

This is a minimalist breakfast nook in a small kitchen. Notice the compact seating area by the window, which has a wooden stool at the end of the table. It’s actually a Learning Tower, perfect for toddlers who want to join the table during mealtimes!

Another way to make this space more cozy and personal is to add curtains and wall art. Curtains to create a sense of privacy and intimacy, and wall art to add some color and contrast.

Space-Optimized Kitchen with Integrated Breakfast Table

Narrow kitchen with a break nook on windos INSTAGRAM @Beautifulhomes.india

This is a space-optimized kitchen with an integrated breakfast table that extends from the countertop. The kitchen has a modern and functional design, with white cabinets, drawers, and tiles.

I love how the table matches the color and style of the rest of the kitchen, creating a cohesive look! You may opt to add some colorful cushions or placemats to add some contrast and warmth to the space.

Breakfast nook on kitchen window corner INSTAGRAM @Devolkitchens

Here is another minimalist kitchen corner with a space-optimized breakfast nook. The countertop extends from the wall and also serves as a table.

Compared to the previous picture, this one has a more classy and elegant look, with a subtle touch of color and texture.

The open shelves with jars and ceramics add some personality to the space. The muted tones and sleek lines offer a serene and airy ambiance!

Small Breakfast Nook with Floating Shelves

Cozy breakfast nook with a flower vase INSTAGRAM @67quadrat

This small breakfast nook is a cozy and retro spot to enjoy your morning meal. The round table and the wooden chairs create a mid-century vibe, while the wall-mounted shelves offer extra storage space.

It’s wonderful to see how the natural light from the window illuminates the area and makes it feel more spacious.

The cream refrigerator and the art pieces on the walls also add some personality and charm to the nook!

Breakfast Nook with Modern Amenities and Window View

Pendant light over the breakfast area INSTAGRAM @Minimal_interior_space

This cozy kitchen nook, enhanced with modern amenities, is a blend of comfort and style. The design is accentuated by the natural light from the window, as well as the hanging lamp.

I love how the sleek table pairs with the eclectic chairs, offering a perfect spot for a serene breakfast experience.

I would recommend soft pastel curtains to elevate the cozy ambiance, though!

You can also check out my article on small kitchen layouts for more inspiration.

Space-Optimized Breakfast Nook in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Breakfast nook on kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @Nordiskakok

This is a space-optimized breakfast nook in a classic farmhouse-style kitchen. There is a small round wooden table and two chairs with woven seats, placed near a window that lets in plenty of natural light.

The marble countertop certainly adds a touch of style and elegance to the kitchen! The neutral colors of the walls and cabinets also create a pleasant atmosphere.

Such a perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee and a croissant in the morning!

Intimate Nook with Built-In Seating

Breakfast nook with bench on the kitchen corner

Here is another breakfast nook with cute window seat. In my experience, this is a great way to maximize a small corner.

The open shelving on the wall adds some storage and display space. Just make sure you secure the decorative objects well and avoid placing them too close to the edge, as they are really fragile and could break easily.

This nook is a balance of simplicity and charm, making it a great place to enjoy your breakfast!

Tiny Breakfast Corner with Wall-Mounted Table and Shelves

Breakfast nook near the kitchen window

This is a tiny breakfast corner in a small kitchen with a minimalist style. The wall-mounted table and shelves save a lot of space and create a cozy nook for enjoying a morning meal. This kind of setup works well for small apartments or studios!

I love how the white and wood tones create a contrast and a sense of warmth. I personally wouldn’t recommend using too many accessories or cluttering the shelves, as it might make the space look smaller.

Space-Optimized Breakfast Corner with Artistic Touches

Tiny kitchen with corner bench and table INSTAGRAM @Livingwithloloaz

Last is a breakfast nook with a modern design and amenities. The round table and the built-in bench seat create a cozy and space-optimized breakfast corner.

See how the large light fixture and the abstract artwork add some artistic touches to the room! These elements can definitely make a small space feel more spacious and personalized.

You may want to add some fresh flowers or plants to bring some natural beauty to the kitchen.

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