15 Great Storage Ideas For Kitchen Countertops

Many say that the kitchen is the heart of the home and that it’s important to keep the heart healthy and running.

One way to do so is to maximize the kitchen countertops, where most of the magic happens. However, they can get pretty messy when you cook and bake every day!

Well, worry no more as we have 15 great storage ideas to keep your kitchen countertops clean and organized.

Compact Multipurpose Wooden Chopping Board

cutting board with a small hidden drawer

This wooden chopping board is a space-saving miracle with layers and compartments to hold different items.

The bottom layer pulls out to reveal storage for spices and the top layer has compartments to separate your chopped ingredients. And there’s still space for slicing and dicing! 

This board eliminates the need for using different plates and containers to keep your ingredients separate and you don’t have to leave your spices scattered as well.

I love how innovative and efficient this tool is. You are sure to have a neater countertop with this in your kitchen.

Two-Tier Microwave Oven Rack

kitchen countertop storage stand for microwave and tea cups

The white marbled countertop stores a little microwave and ceramic mugs on a two-tiered rack with a wooden panel and black steel accents.

The light wooden panel contrasts nicely with the black steel accents and is thick enough to make sure the ceramics are well secured up top. Also, the microwave is kept separate from other countertop items to keep all kitchen essentials organized!

This neat little addition will serve as a stylish storage choice to help downsize your kitchen space and keep things in order. microwave stand with an upper storage shelf INSTAGRAM @organized_planet

Here’s another two-tier microwave rack that will blend well in any kitchen. However, this one is more multifunctional as it’s equipped with a board to keep condiments, side hooks to hang up knives, and a little compartment to hold a small chopping board.

Similar to the one above, the rack lets you keep things above and around the microwave and not directly on top of it. This prevents your items from getting hot and your appliance from acquiring damage from any weight put on it.

I recommend adding an organizer on the board to have your condiments even more well-arranged.

Tiny Spice Rack Organizer

small wooden spice rack

The wooden spice organizer sits atop a kitchen counter of the same design and keeps up to six spices neatly tucked together in one rack.

This tiny spice organizer is great for keeping your spices together and making them easy to store. The slots perfectly accommodate the bottles stylishly and effectively.

I love how it lets you bring a bunch of spices wherever you need them to be in just one swoop! It’s perfect for people who want things to be grab-and-go and easily placed back.

Minimalist Wooden Racks

wooden kitchen shelves on countertop corner

The charming gray kitchen uses two minimalistic wooden racks to keep three layers of storage on the countertop.

There isn’t too much space on the countertop but there is a ton of vertical space which this storage idea maximizes. Instead of having your kitchen items occupy the whole countertop area, you can arrange them in layers like these.

The setup keeps your things sorted and separated from each other. You can designate a space for specific items and have them displayed in a visually appealing way!

Space-optimizing Kitchen Cupboard

countertop cupboard can double up as coffee bar INSTAGRAM @kitchendesignnetwork

This elegant kitchen cupboard opens up to a neat storage space with multiple wide shelves and a custom compartment to hold a microwave. There’s also a light strip to cast ambient lighting on a compact coffee bar.

The design keeps the kitchen looking sleek and the countertop clutter-free. With a cupboard like this, you can place your appliances in one area and provide additional storage for other kitchen essentials.

It also blends seamlessly into the kitchen, maintaining a pleasant cooking view. I recommend adding a few organizers in the compartments to maximize the space inside even more!

If you’re interested in learning more about optimizing your kitchen cabinets, check out my article on storage ideas for kitchen cabinets.

Minimalist Baker’s Rack

kitchen countertop shelf organizer for small kitchen appliances INSTAGRAM @glassware_by_summer

The fresh, organic kitchen minimizes the mess on its countertop with a minimalist baker’s rack to separate the small appliances from the pots and dishware.

The sturdy design efficiently keeps the appliances near the socket for easier use. It also makes sure you don’t have your kitchen essentials mixed together.

It’s a great idea to it keep this by the window so the storage space is well-lit. Additionally, the style is open and not bulky in the slightest. You can have more than one of these racks on your countertop to sort more cookware and appliances.

I find that the minimalist design could really benefit from a plant or two. It’ll add character without taking up a lot of space.

Clear Cupboard for Displaying Wine Collection and Glasses

countertop cupboard can double up as mini bar INSTAGRAM @humphreymunson

This all-white vision is an immaculate way of keeping drinks and glassware on your countertop. The elegant cupboard has a glass door to display its contents as well as multiple shelves to keep fragile items separate.

The design is quite delicate because it mainly uses glass material. Be careful not to scratch it or place items that are too heavy as they could damage the layers.

Otherwise, the aesthetic really complements the glassware and bottles. You can also go for different materials to match the inside of your home better!

Modern Over-the-Sink Dish Rack

dish drying rack on top of the kitchen sink INSTAGRAM @oxo__homes

The stainless steel kitchen sink boasts a feature that maximizes the countertop space and makes dishwashing an easier task. The large but space-economic dish rack holds several dishware and kitchen tools while only taking up the space on the edges of the sink!

What’s great about this is that it does not require installation. You just have to assemble the structure and place it right above the sink or on your countertop.

I love how efficient this is! It lets you easily store your dishes to dry and placing it by the window lets your freshly-washed items get a bit of sunlight to dry quicker.

It also frees up a ton of counter space as it has compartments to store even sponges and bottles of dishwashing liquid. This will be a wonderful addition to any compact kitchen with limited countertop space.

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Space-saving Kitchen Tool Organizers

multi-layer storwge rack for pans and pots INSTAGRAM @feel.home.520

The marvelous kitchen countertop has two nifty black organizers with five slots each to keep pots, lids, and kitchen tools sorted. One is placed by the window and the other is upright on the corner.

The best thing about these organizers is that you can use them horizontally or vertically depending on your kitchen needs! The “M” shaped slots also let your lids be propped up nicely by holding it by the knob.

The design can also double as a drying rack with its open and exposed design. Your kitchen tools will be kept nice and dry!

Compact Countertop Compartment

countertop cupboard for storing coffe maker and other kitchen items INSTAGRAM @beardedbuilders

This beautiful kitchen has a spotless countertop that is always kept sparkly clean. That’s because the cabinet and cupboard surrounding the countertop neatly store items away and prevent clutter.

The built-in cupboard is placed efficiently on the side of the wall to house miscellaneous kitchen items including pots, pans, and other pieces of cookware. The shorter layer can be used to keep appliances like a mixer. You can also use the space to create a mini coffee bar!

You can add a couple of plants by the window where they can get enough sunlight. Once they bloom, the kitchen will look stunning!

Small Kitchen Rack With Knife Holders

multi-function double-layer rack on kitchen countertop INSTAGRAM @999rupeees

This cute kitchen corner has a little rack with circular cutouts on the side. It neatly arranges condiments, spices, bottles of seasoning, and a couple of knives.

The rack blends into the interior and remains discreet while keeping your ingredients near each other.

I love how the cutouts add personality to the structure so that it’s not too plain.  You might even be able to have them double as storage. Try adding hooks or hanging other items on them.

In my experience, adding a pop of color somewhere in this corner (such as a collection of mugs) would really vamp things up!

Hanging Fruits Baskets

hanging fruit basket minimalistic

This refreshing, sun-kissed kitchen maintains minimal clutter by storing fruit in two ways: on a wooden plate and in a hanging fruit basket.

The storage idea keeps your fruits within reach and your kitchen countertop tidy. It’s great for making sure the fruits aren’t scattered around the kitchen. 

It also lets you store your produce and keep them fresh instead of clamped up in a congested space.

Another great thing about this setup is that it doesn’t just function as a way to keep fruits – it also doubles as decor. You can clearly see how the fruit basket livens up the kitchen!

kitchen net baskets for fruits

This wooden kitchen cupboard also makes use of the space beneath it to hang up two mini knitted hammock-style baskets holding fresh produce. This creative idea is an adorable way of keeping your fruits and veggies on display.

The small hammocks are easy to put up and you can place them almost anywhere in the kitchen! They also make sure your goods are getting enough fresh air.

If you don’t want your fruits all out and about, or you’re afraid that one might go through one of the holes, then I recommend placing a cloth to line the inside before putting them in.

Slanted Wooden Spice Rack Organizer

spice rack organizer on kitchen countertop INSTAGRAM @sne_supplies_

This kitchen storage piece is a lovely variation of the classic wooden rack. Instead of just having layers of panels, it also has slanted slots, hooks, and an attachment to the side for holding paper towers.

The layers effectively store the spices and even a potted plant while the slants keep the seasoning and liquids easy to reach and spill-free. The rack also lets you hang some cooking utensils, making sure all the tools you need during hectic cooking sessions are just within an arm’s reach.

I love how it has a timeless look but is also creative and space-efficient!

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