11 Best Kitchen Knives Storage Ideas

Knives are indispensable tools in any kitchen, but their storage can often pose challenges. In this article, I’ve found 11 of the best ideas to keep these kitchen essentials organized and easily within reach.

Each idea offers its unique advantages, whether it’s maximizing countertop space, safeguarding sharp blades, or simply adding a touch of aesthetic appeal to the kitchen. Let’s get to it!

Knife Drawer Hidden Inside a Kitchen Island Countertop

custom made chopping board with hidden knife storage INSTAGRAM @heavenandstubbsofficial

This kitchen has a clever knife storage solution that can be seamlessly integrated into a kitchen island. Its innovative design conceals a discrete drawer within a custom countertop, revolutionizing kitchen organization while optimizing space.

In fact, this is a butcher’s block! This chopping board serves as a functional surface for food preparation but also doubles as a stealthy storage space, keeping knives conveniently within reach yet hidden from plain sight.

You can position the chopping board within easy reach of the primary food preparation area for convenience. However, make sure the concealed drawer is safely secured to prevent accidental access by children.

Space-Optimizing Kitchen with In-Cabinet Knife Storage and Fold-Away Chopping Board

kitchen knife storage with a foldaway chopping board INSTAGRAM @vedoredo

This innovative kitchen combines efficiency and functionality with its in-cabinet knife storage and fold-away chopping board. The storage solution ensures the knives remain safely stored, minimizing clutter on countertops.

I also love how the chopping board can be folded out when needed for meal preparation and neatly tucked away within the cabinet, saving valuable countertop space when not in use.

Like in the photo, it’s best to install in-cabinet lighting to illuminate the work area for better visibility while using the chopping board. You can also install hooks or holders on nearby walls for hanging utensils or kitchen towels for easy access.

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Compact Kitchen with Soft-Closing Pull-Out Organizer

vertical drawer for storing knives and spices INSTAGRAM @revashelf

This organizer offers a seamless and ergonomic approach to kitchen organization by combining soft-closing functionality with dedicated compartments for knives, jars, and cooking utensils.

I love how this unit features universal knife inserts, lower shelf storage, a stainless steel utensil bin, and an adjustable top shelf.

My favorite feature is of course the knife inserts as they’re designed to prevent abrasions and maintain the sharpness of knives. They also eliminate the hassle of rummaging through drawers to find the right knife.

I suggest lining the bottom of the organizer with non-slip mats or liners to prevent items from shifting or sliding.

Magnetic Knife Holder inside the Cabinet

kitchen knife storage on a wall mounted cabinet

This kitchen has a discreet and efficient solution for knife storage. It features a magnetic strip mounted on the cabinet’s interior that securely grips knives of various sizes, presenting a sleek and organized storage option.

I love how this kitchen utilizes inner cabinet space to declutter countertops while keeping knives easily accessible.

Make sure to choose a magnetic holder that blends with the cabinet’s interior for a cohesive look. I say go for holders in neutral colors like black or brown but if you want a splash of bright color in your cabinets, that’s absolutely fine too.

Kitchen Shelf with Hooks for Hanging Knives

kitchen knife rack mounted on kitchen frame

This shelf is designed with hooks dedicated to hanging knives, combining practicality with an elegant display. The hooks provide easy access to knives while maximizing vertical space, freeing countertops for other cooking tasks.

You can use the remaining shelf space on top to store other kitchen essentials or decorative items like potted plants and ceramic mugs. You can even use it as a spice rack!

To ensure safety for these kinds of storage solutions, mount the shelf high enough to keep knives out of reach of children or pets. It’s also important that the shelf and hooks are made from durable materials capable of securely holding the weight of the knives.

Drawer with Wooden Knife Organizer

kitchen knife organizer using drawers INSTAGRAM @athomewithnikki

This organizer is a practical and space-efficient solution to ensure safe storage for various types of knives. By efficiently organizing knives within a drawer, you free up valuable countertop space and maintain a clutter-free kitchen environment.

I love how this organizer is specifically tailored to fit within kitchen drawers, providing a dedicated compartmentalized space for knives of different sizes, lengths, and blade types.

It not only keeps knives neatly arranged but also helps preserve the blades’ sharpness by preventing them from scratching against each other, thus prolonging their longevity.

Feel free to label the slots or use color-coded stickers to identify specific knives, facilitating easy access and organization. You can also arrange knives based on frequency of use, with regularly used ones placed within easy reach.

Acrylic Stand for Kitchen Knives

clear storage stand for kitchen knives INSTAGRAM @cooknhomegh

This acrylic stand is a modern and organized solution for safely housing knives in the kitchen. Designed to securely hold knives of various sizes and shapes, it provides visibility that allows for quick identification and easy access.

I love how its transparent nature allows for a seamless integration with various kitchen styles, complementing both contemporary and traditional decors. It’s also a safer choice for a home with children.

Just make sure the stand is placed away from the edge of the countertop to prevent accidental tipping.

Knife Storage Box Attached to the Cabinet Door

kitchen knives holder mounted on a cabinet door INSTAGRAM @makeroomph

Now, here’s a clever and practical storage solution designed to efficiently organize knives while maximizing cabinet space. This knife storage box secured to the interior surface of the cabinet door, offers a convenient and space-saving method to store and access knives.

You can clearly see how the design ensures easy accessibility while keeping knives organized and readily available for use.

A piece of important advice: ensure the attachment to the cabinet door is firmly secured to prevent accidents or displacement. It’s also best to place the storage box at a height inaccessible to children for safety purposes.

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Kitchen Knife Holder with Racks for Chopping Boards and Lids

all in one kitchen tools storage INSTAGRAM @luxury_homes_collections

Here’s a space-efficient all-in-one storage solution for knives, your chopping board, and pot lids. Featuring dedicated slots for each kitchen essential, the holder offers vertical storage to maximize space efficiency and maintain a clutter-free countertop.

See how there are even spaces for chopsticks and smaller kitchen utensils? This makes it perfect for compact kitchens.

I love that this could double up as a drying rack. If your food preparation area is near your kitchen sink, this could be the perfect solution for you!

All-in-One Wall-Mounted Kitchen Organizer

multi-function wall-mounted kitchen tools storage INSTAGRAM @ray_houseware

Mounted on the wall, this organizer is complete with compartments, hooks, and racks, offering a centralized storage system for a wide array of kitchen items. It accommodates knives, utensils, cutting boards, towels, and more, effectively utilizing vertical space and keeping countertops free for meal preparation.

This is a brilliant space optimization idea if you have a tiny kitchen that lacks drawer space and counter space. 

I would mount herb planters nearby just to freshen up the space. You can also hang small and lightweight decor items on the hook if you want to add personality to your kitchen.

Sleek Magnetic Knife Holder

magnetic kitchen knife holder on wall INSTAGRAM @casaelements.bn

This holder features a magnetic strip that securely holds knives of various sizes, providing both easy accessibility and a modern, clutter-free kitchen area. While many people use a magnetic board for knife storage, this magnetic strip is sleek and can be mounted on a wall underneath top cabinets or on a cabinet side.

I love how this holder’s simple design adds a contemporary touch to the kitchen and can complement any kitchen’s overall aesthetic, whether modern, rustic, or minimalist.

To make this corner more functional, consider adding hooks or shelves adjacent to the holder for hanging kitchen towels or small utensils.

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