8 Ways To Store Kitchen Appliances (Small Spaces)

It’s no secret that kitchen appliances are essentials, and bulky ones at that. So, these tools should be well-kept and secure, not cramped up because of limited space.

Luckily, having a small kitchen is no longer an obstacle to properly storing your appliances. We have gathered here the 8 best ways to store kitchen appliances in small spaces.

Space-Efficient Appliance Cupboard

corner cabinet with six pullout drawers INSTAGRAM @bentwoodkitchens

This modern kitchen adds a touch of country with open wooden inserts and pullouts for storage. You can easily hide your appliances behind the ceiling-to-floor cabinet.

The easy access provided by the pullout compartments makes taking and returning the appliances a breeze.

Lastly, having the wooden inserts installed horizontally and vertically gives you a wider range of options for storing your kitchen items.

pantry and appliance storage with pull-out drawers INSTAGRAM @sweeten_home

If you don’t have the option for a ceiling-to-floor cupboard, here’s an example of a sleek white cupboard that sits on top of the counter.

The cupboard is divided into two spaces: one on top of the counter and one below. The bottom part contains quick and easy pullout shelves to store large appliances and above, the smaller everyday appliances and other kitchen items.

Ergonomic Corner Pullout Shelves

custom under sink kitchen cabinet INSTAGRAM @kesseboehmer_usa

This contemporary kitchen space offers an ergonomic storage solution for hard-to-reach kitchen corners. The pullout shelves bring your kitchen supplies upfront with just one pull.

The shelves are shaped to maximize the space within the corner and make reaching for kitchen appliances a seamless experience. They also have more than enough space to keep other items and supplies. 

I love how functional and aesthetically pleasing the design is. The shelf liner is a great addition to stop appliances shifting around each time you open the cupboard.

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Pullout Top Cabinet

pullout shelf cabinet above the kitchen INSTAGRAM @revashelf

This cooking area keeps appliances tucked away with a pullout overhead cabinet that makes them more accessible.

The design avoids the hassle of reaching far into a high space to retrieve an appliance. With just one pull, the item you need is within arm’s reach and you won’t have a hard time returning it as well.

It’s great how handy this is. It also uses up a higher area, which frees up a ton of counter space and storage below, keeping a neat kitchen.

Mini Hidden Appliance Compartment

corner space drawers for appliances INSTAGRAM @detailedworksinc

The modern minimalist kitchen uses a small storage hack to keep an espresso machine and a toaster easily accessible on the countertop but also out of sight when not needed.

The small compartment opens up to reveal a pullout layer where you can place everyday appliances. The neat thing is that you don’t even have to move them in and out of the storage, just use them as is and quickly return the panel to its hidden state.

 I love how this clever storage idea makes your everyday routine more convenient while keeping your countertop clear of clutter.

Compact Popout Shelf In Cabinet

under table pullout appliance storage and lifter INSTAGRAM @hafeleamerica

This charming living space hosts an innovation in cabinetry with a popout layer that serves as an extension of your counter while maintaining storage below.

The design is best if you want a designated spot for your appliance when in use. It helps you avoid a mess and stows the used area away in a snap. 

What’s even better is that you can install this below almost any counter space you have in your kitchen.

And, to maximize the innovation I suggest installing power points in the back of the cupboard if you use the appliance regularly.

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Space-Saving Kitchen Organizers

cupboard appliance storage with transparent organizers INSTAGRAM @sdneat

This sleek and minimalist storage area keeps appliances and kitchen tools sorted and organized with clear acrylic organizers arranged in the compartments.

The transparency of the containers gives you a good view of the items so you can see what you’re reaching for. They also keep you from just chucking your appliances and tools in the cabinet in a messy manner. 

You can choose from a diverse range of materials and sizes if you want to implement this organization system in your kitchen. For example, you can opt for opaque containers or ones of different colors made of plastic or even wood.

Lift-Up Kitchen Cabinet

above kitchen pull-up cabinet INSTAGRAM @regalokitchen

Here is a modern wooden kitchen cabinet that opens up in a smart way: with a cover that lifts up instead of out. It’s an easy trick you can implement to all of your overhead kitchen cabinets for a more visually appealing storage area.

The design provides more headspace and sleekly reveals a storage area on top of the counter for kitchen appliances that are nicely displayed and kept. 

I love you can keep the cabinet open while the appliances and it wouldn’t be an eyesore. It would also make returning them easier.

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