18 Great Over-The-Toilet Storage Ideas

Wrestling with the confined space above the toilet? Crafting efficient storage setups while maintaining style can pose quite a puzzle.

Join me in unraveling a collection of clever storage hacks designed to make the most of this overlooked space in your bathroom!

Space-Optimized Bathroom with Over-The-Toilet Shelves

Custom made box shelves

First up is a space-optimized bathroom with a rustic style. The main feature is the wooden shelving unit above the toilet, which provides extra storage bathroom essentials and decorative pieces.

I love how the shelves are filled with plants, baskets, and toiletries, creating a cozy look. This is definitely a great way to make use of the vertical space in a small bathroom!

Organizers can be a good option for storing and organizing the stuff on the shelves, to help prevent the items from falling off. Baskets or boxes can work, as they can hide the clutter and create a more uniform look!

Tiny Bathroom with Built-In Shelves Around the Window

Over the toilet window with built-in cubbies

Next is a tiny bathroom with another clever over-the-toilet storage solution. The bathroom window is surrounded by built-in shelves that make use of the vertical space.

The shelves hold towels, toilet paper, and other essentials. Lots of stuff, right?

The potted plant on the windowsill adds a touch of greenery and freshness to the room. Plants can also help purify the air and reduce stress!

The natural light from the window also makes the bathroom look more spacious and airy.

Small Bathroom with Open Shelves and a Cabinet

Over the toilet shelves with built-in cabinet

This is another small bathroom with open shelves above the toilet and a cabinet at the side, which provide extra storage space and display some towels and toiletries.

I love how the white and yellow paint adds some brightness and contrast to the room. Everything just creates a harmonious look!

However, I would personally store the towels in the cabinet, instead of the shelves, to keep them dry and clean. Also, adding some labels to the cabinet door would be a good idea to categorize your stuff and make it easier to find what you need!

Modern Bathroom with Over-The-Toilet Shelves and Mirror

Over the toilet mirror with shelves INSTAGRAM @Tidplus_design

Next, we have a modern bathroom with over-the-toilet shelves and custom mirror. The mirror is custom-made to fit the space beside the shelves.

It’s wonderful to see how the mirror reflects light and makes the bathroom look brighter and bigger!

If you want more storage space, you can add a tiny organizer with wheels beside the toilet. The wheels would make it easy to move your bathroom essentials around. You can choose one that matches the color and style of your bathroom.

Overall, this is setup definitely a great way to optimize the space above the toilet and add some style to the bathroom!

Compact Bathroom with Over-The-Toilet Storage and Lit Shelves

Tiered floating shelves over the toilet INSTAGRAM @Lk4id

Next is another modern compact bathroom with a minimalist style. The main feature is the well-lit shelves above the toilet that create a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

The shelves are filled with toiletries and decorative items that add some personality and charm to the space. You can clearly see how the warm lighting makes the bathroom look more spacious and inviting!

You may also want to decorate the space near the shower with a mirror that reflects light and creates an illusion of depth.

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Small Bathroom with Hidden Wooden Cabinet

Hidden cabinet over the toilet INSTAGRAM @Studio.revolution

Now, here’s a small bathroom with cleverly hidden storage. The storage unit is made of wooden planks, creating a rustic look. It has a small orange handle that reveals a cabinet or cupboard when pulled.

I absolutely adore how it hides the clutter from plain sight! This makes the bathroom look more spacious and tidy.

Another thing that I find interesting here is the tiny storage unit beside the toilet. No wasted space! It’s also useful for keeping the essentials within reach, without taking up too much floor space.

Compact Bathroom with Built-In Cubbies and Recessed Walls Above the Toilet

Over the toilet niche and cubbies

This is a compact bathroom with built-in cubbies above the toilet, which offer extra storage space for towels, plants, and toiletries.

The wooden cubbies match the gray tiles to create a natural look. In my experience, cubbies are a great way to organize small items and keep them within reach.

The recessed wall is also a great touch. By embedding these storage compartments into the wall, it eliminates the need for protruding shelving or cabinets, providing a sleek and unobtrusive look that adds to the room’s overall appeal.

I suggest adding a mirror in the sink area. It can make the bathroom more functional and convenient for grooming and hygiene purposes!

Wall-Mounted Shelves for a Space-Optimized Bathroom

Narrow toilet with floating shelves INSTAGRAM @Moderntinyliving

In this wood-paneled bathroom, wall-mounted shelves optimize space above the toilet. The top shelf holds neatly folded towels while the lower one displays skincare products.

This setup shows that combining practical storage with a few aesthetic pieces creates a balanced look. I also love how the natural wood grain adds warmth and texture. You can add some greenery for a fresh touch.

Also, the blue color is a bit too cool and contrasty for the wood paneling. I think a more neutral or earthy tone would work better. For example, you could try beige, cream, gray, or even white!

Small No-Drill Over-the-Toilet Storage

Over the toilet no drill solution shelfINSTAGRAM @Diamond_trendyhomes

The main feature of this bathroom is a no-drill over-the-toilet storage shelf that holds various items. The shelf is black and matches the tiles on the wall, creating a sleek and elegant look.

In my experience, no-drill shelves are very convenient and easy to install, and they don’t damage the wall or leave any marks!

However, be careful not to put any heavy glass products on the shelf, as they might fall and break if the shelf is not stable enough.

Space-Optimized Toilet with Multi-Level Shelves

Floating metal shelves over the toilet

Up next is a very practical solution as it is easy to DIY. You can find similar racks at any hardware store and install them yourself.

The shelves can hold towels, baskets, and other bathroom essentials. I love how the baskets add some texture and contrast to the smooth and sleek material of the shelves!

I suggest you add some plants or candles to this setup for a touch of freshness and warmth to the space.

You may also want to label the baskets to sort your items by category, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, or personal care!

Space-Efficient Over-the-Toilet Rack

Over the toilet shelves for sanitary products

This is a space-efficient over-the-toilet rack in a modern and minimalist bathroom. The rack is black and has three tiers, where you can store your bathroom essentials, toilet paper, and some plants.

The main benefit of this rack is that it makes it easy to access the toiletries you need, without having to reach for cabinets or drawers. You can just grab what you need from the rack and put it back when you’re done. This saves you time and hassle, especially when you’re in a hurry!

Wall mounted shelves near the toilet window

This is another space-efficient over-the-toilet rack in a modern and sleek bathroom. The difference from the first one is that this rack is positioned higher on the wall, leaving more space above the toilet. It also has a more standard configuration that will fit in any traditional or contemporary bathroom.

The rack is black and has three shelves, where you can store your toiletries, toilet paper, and some plants. I love how the rack matches the grey marble wall, creating a sophisticated look!

Small Bathroom with Recessed Wall Shelves

Over the toilet shelves on wall recess INSTAGRAM @Pebblegreyuk

The main feature of this bathroom is the built-in wall shelves above the toilet, which offer plenty of storage space without taking up any floor area.

I love how the shelves are recessed into the wall, creating a sleek and seamless look!

The shelves are also decorated with some plants, baskets, and balls, which add some texture and contrast to the white wall. In my experience, this is a great way to make a small bathroom feel more cozy and inviting.

Freestanding Over-the-Toilet Organizer

Wooden cabinet over the toilet

This is a cozy and modern bathroom with a freestanding over-the-toilet organizer that adds extra storage space without drilling any holes in the wall.

The organizer has a wooden frame with slatted doors and open shelves that match the small cabinet on the floor. Not the typical organizer with just a plain design! It holds towels, toiletries, and decorative items like a green plant and glass jars.

I love how the organizer blends in with the neutral tones of the bathroom and creates a clean and airy look! In my experience, this type of organizer is easy to assemble and move around if needed.

Minimalistic tiered shelves over the toilet Here is another Here’s another minimalist bathroom with a freestanding over-the-toilet organizer. Compared to the previous one, this organizer has a sleek wooden frame with open shelves that hold towels, containers, and other bathroom essentials. A potted plant is placed beside the toilet on the floor adding greenery to the space.

I love how the organizer contrasts with the white tiled walls and grey paint, creating a stylish and modern look.

Additionally, compared to the previous concept, this rack has a more simple and elegant design, while the first one has a more rustic and cozy feel. Both are great options depending on your personal preference and bathroom style.

Three tier wooden shelves over the toilet INSTAGRAM @Cees_outlet

In this bathroom, I love how the freestanding over-the-toilet organizer matches the monochromatic theme and adds some elegance to the space.

Compared to the previous images, this setup looks more sophisticated and neat. Props to the usage of separate organizers for some of the toiletries – it makes them look less cluttered!

However, I also noticed that the organizer is placed very close to the toilet, which might make it hard to move comfortably. When positioning it in your bathroom, make sure you have ample space to move freely while using the toilet.

Small Bathroom with Over-the-Toilet Cabinet and Shelves

Over the toilet cabinet near the bathtub INSTAGRAM @Bohofrisco

This is a small bathroom with a tropical vibe and a lot of storage options. The white cabinet and shelves provide plenty of space for towels, plants, and other essentials. The plants also create a natural and refreshing atmosphere.

The cabinet and shelves contrast with the bright colors of the vanity and the floor, which add some personality and fun to the room.

However, if you prefer a more spacious and relaxing feel, you might want to opt for a neutral or pastel color scheme instead!

A cupboard with glass doors over the toilet

Last on our list is another bathroom with an over-the-toilet cabinet and shelves. The cabinet has two doors that open to reveal organized shelves with towels, containers, and plants.

The shelves add some personality and greenery to the space. I love how the cabinet and shelves match the color of the wall, creating a harmonious look!

However, I think this concept can pose some plumbing inconvenience, as the cabinet is placed not even inches above the tank. It would be better to have some space in between so you can easily remove the tank’s lid when you encounter plumbing issues.

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