Space saving ideas for the small bathroom

Published On April 15, 2016 | By Morten Storgaard | bathroom

The bathroom always takes carefull planning in order to avoid clutter.

Even if you live in a normal size house, the bathroom area in particular, is always a challenge to keep nice and tidy on an every day basis.

We have found a handfull of tips to get you inspired.


Collapsible shower for more floor space

This is an inventions by the company Duravit. The sides of this shower folds up against the wall, so you can use the space for something else, when you are not in the shower.


I can’t believe nobody has done this before, it seems so simple and clever when you see it.

Use the space besides the sink area

Make sure to use the full width of the room.

It gives you more space for storage, and less space where dirt can pile up and you need to clean.


Rollers are also a good idea, they make it easy to access everything when you need to.


Use shelves for more storage

It’s important that everything has a place, and shelves can look great and make room for all the stuff you use on an everyday basis, and the extra little touch that adds a cozy atmosphere.



You can also use single shelves for a more minimalistic touch, with or without space for towels:


These you can get here for $17-25 including shipping.

Store as much as possible inside the mirror

The mirror is a great place to store all the small things you need in the bathroom like jewelries, makeup, bottles etc.

You can also find mirrors, that will let you store things on the inside of the doors, and make sure to adjust the shelves, so they have different heights.

That way you can store the smallest items on a small/low shelf, and the higher items on a higher shelf to utilize the vertical space.


The backside of storing your stuff inside the medicine cabinet, that you cannot access your stuff while you look in the mirror, but there’s a way to fix that.

You can get a cabinet, where the shelves pops out from the sides!





Organize your hair tools

Hair tools often end up around the sink and on the hangers on top of the towels. Here are some nice ways to stay organized and keep them in order.

We especially love how the electrical cords are built-in to the closet, and using the space inside cabin doors are always a good idea.

Normally something you mostly see in the kitchen area.



You can find lots of nice mirror cabinets for the bathroom here.

Keep the interior bright and minimalistic

White colors for the tiles and interior decoration makes the bathroom seem bigger and more roomy.

It makes the light reflect in the room, and it lights up the room.

Here are a couple of pictures of Scandinavian minimalist bathrooms:


Ideas for the ironing board

If you want to store the ironing board stuff in the bathroom, here’s some creative ways to go about it.

You can store the ironing board inside a closet:


See it here including lots of other great ironing boards for small spaces.

You can also hang it on the backside of the door.

It’s more visible, but it’s the most efficient way to store it, as you can hang the iron on top of the construction.


Get it here for $32 including shipping.


Portable bathtub

The Xtend bathtub is a fun idea.

Why sacrifice the option to take a nice relaxed shower in a tub, just because you live in a confined space?


When you don’t use it, you can collapse it to be totally flat. Easy to store behind a closet or under the bed.

We don’t know for sure if it works, but the idea is pretty funny!



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