Small Balcony Ideas: 9 Decorating Ideas You Can Steal

A balcony can be a wonderful green refuge in the middle of the city center.

Even tiny balconies can be decorated, to accommodate seating space for one or two, a small herb area and a space for drying clothes.

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Create a great sitting spot

If your balcony is very small, and your wits to be able to seat a few people, you can place a table and chairs with normal height.

Alternatively, you can create a more chilled and relaxed corner:


A standard cafe table with two chairs always looks great on a balcony.

A set like this is easy to fold-together when you want to use the space for drying clothes, or you need to store them away during the winter.

You can re-style them if you want.

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The simple and elegant look above is easy to accomplish if you apply a bit of paint.

If you prefer a wilder look, you can choose strong colors, and combine it with colorful flowers.


If you haven’t got space for a table, or¬†you want to sit on a soft piece of furniture, you can easily design it yourself.

You just place a huge pillow on the floor, made from a piece of foam in the right size.

Choose the type of fabric you like, and make sure it is a good and durable quality.


Now you have a cozy sitting area, which you can combine with a handful of pillows and a blanket. The perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book!

Before you start this project, make sure you have space for it inside the apartment, so you can take it inside when it rains, and during the winter.

Inside the apartment, it can serve as extra seating.

Night time on the balcony

A balcony is a great place for warm summer nights, and to spice it up a bit, you can use a set of Christmas lights.


Depending on the model you choose, it will help create a great atmosphere, and even light up the area enough for reading or playing games.

You can find a good selection of cheap outdoor Christmas lights here in many colors.


Prolong the season with an awning

An awning is a great way to make better use of the outdoor space.

When it rains you normally go indoor, but if you can get shelter, it can be some of the coziest moments to stay outside.


This model is found at the Scandinavian awning retailer, and they also mount heating and light on the awning, to make it perfect for colder nights.

This way you can use the balcony or terrace longer and later.

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Multi-function furniture for more space

Decorate your balcony as a multi-purpose room with several uses.


This table double function as drying rack and the other piece pops out chairs.

This way you can avoid having a clothesline.

A furniture like this can also function as a working table, a tiny dining table or a space for flowers and decorations.


You can mount a small table on the railing, and you might even be able to combine it with hanging boxes for flowers.

Herb garden on the balcony

If you like gardening and growing your own herbs, the balcony is the perfect space.

Turn it into your tiny garden!

There are many great solutions for small greenhouses, that fit well on the balcony. Here you can grow plants and herbs that need a little extra heat, to speed up the growth.

You can place them on a small table with wheels, to make it easy to move it when you have guests over.


If you have an empty wall, you can utilize the space with a hanging net for containers with herbs and tools.

If you lack wall space, you can hang it from the wall.


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