18 Great Storage Ideas For Small Balconies

Balconies are always a lovely addition to anyone’s home. They give you a nice little place to stay, breathe in some fresh air, and enjoy breathtaking views.

Plus, this area, no matter how small, can be an efficient space with the right tips and tricks – and we’re here to help you maximize every inch of your outdoor haven!

Join me as we explore 18 great storage ideas for small balconies.

Space-saving Pegboard

a small balcony with pegboard on wall for tools

This colorful balcony designates one whole wall space to store gardening tools and some potted plants. A large mustard pegboard makes for a nifty storage area by hanging items on pegs and hooks.

The floor space of this area is quite free since the pegboard takes up vertical space. The board can also hold a ton of items and have them be easily accessible.

The great thing about this design is that you can arrange your things flexibly by moving the hooks and pegs around.

I love how the pegboard also gives the space a nice pop of color!

Compact Stacked Wooden Crates

wooden crates shelves on an enclosed balcony

The semi-indoor balcony keeps its potted plants exposed to sunlight and secured in makeshift storage from open wooden crates.

Depending on your balcony area and storage needs, you can place the crates horizontally, vertically, or even mix and match! You can also get ones of varying sizes for some visual interest. 

However, you wouldn’t want to get splinters from the wood or have them dirty up the space with dirt and debris. So, I recommend polishing them with varnish or even paint. It’ll make them easier to maintain and match your home aesthetic.

Wooden Bench With Built-in Storage

a bench on a balcony with wooden crates underneath

This cozy and open space is a comfortable place to unwind in with its charming, cushioned bench, which is also equipped with multiple storage compartments.

The rustic piece of furniture has three pullout drawers, a headboard ledge, and an area to plop big, fluffy cushions and pillows. 

You can keep books or magazines, gardening tools, and other outdoor essentials in the drawers. The headboard ledge is great for displaying decorative pieces and your favorite potted plants.

I love how this bench makes your balcony a great area for relaxation, perfect for days when you want to unwind and read a book while enjoying a nice breeze.

If you’re interested in multi-purpose benches, I have more of those in my article about great storage ideas for small porches.

Steel And Wooden Racks

vertical plant rack and chair on a small balcony

This cool balcony with gray, green, and brown tones is easy on the eyes, thanks to the wall-mounted racks that house different potted plants in a visually appealing manner.

The design is incorporated in two ways: one tall mobile rack and two smaller versions hung on the wall. The multiple layers make for maximum storage space.

You can keep plants or other items on these racks and maintain an aesthetically pleasing balcony.

Notice how the industrial design is balanced out by the abundance of plants. I’m sure that wrapping around fairy lights on the railings would make this the best place to relax at night.

Small Hanging Tool Pouches

a pocket organizer on balcony wooden rails

The refreshing wooden deck utilizes its railing for keeping plants and gardening tools in canvas tool pouches.

If your balcony has a spacious ledge lining it, then that space would be ideal for keeping small plants and hanging items on display!

Additionally, it could also be used to hold hanging organizers such as these tool pouches. That way, you don’t have to keep your gardening tools and outdoor essentials in bulky boxes that make your balcony look cramped.

The pouches keep your plants and gardening needs in one area. They also make everything easy to reach!

Hanging Plant Pots

diy flowerpots on hung using chains on a balcony

This lightly sun-kissed balcony keeps its outdoor plants properly hung in charming woven pots strung on chains to keep by the wall.

This storage hack is great for controlling the amount of water your plants receive. As there is space on the bottom of the pots, the water won’t collect and your greens won’t be overhydrated! 

This storage idea is also great for those who don’t want to place their plants on the floor or on the ledge, where they could be easily knocked over.

If you want an extra oomph to these pots, you add vines or plants that could also wrap around the chains.

Compact Balcony with Space-Efficient Trolley

tiered shelves with wheels on a small balcony

This beautiful balcony with gorgeous muted tones keeps its design simple with a cozy armchair, a patterned carpet, and a three-layered trolley for holding plants and gardening essentials.

You can often find a trolley like this in the kitchen or in an office but it’s versatile enough to be placed anywhere in your home!

It’s useful not only for keeping plants and other items but also for easily moving them around.You can even use this as a portable garden station or a mini bar for entertaining guests!

Wall-mounted Plant Holders

plant pot rack on wall near the balcony door

This balcony presents an alternative way to keep your plants on an outdoor wall. You can creatively make a grid-like rope system to connect each pot that is secured on the wall.

The storage hack can accommodate 16 small pots attached to the wall and three larger bins on the bottom end for bigger plants and objects. 

I love how this idea maximizes wall space and even lets you get creative with the design, such as the bright yellow lines looped into the pots.

I suggest customizing the design even more with strings of lights for that magical touch.

Compact Mounted Wooden Shelves

a balcony with a wall-mounted wooden shelves

This tiny modern veranda keeps minimalist wooden shelves above and away from other furniture pieces that could make the space too crowded.

The compact shelves keep and display small plants to make sure that the balcony doesn’t lose its share of natural elements. As wood is also natural, it livens up the area even more. It’s also lovely to see that the design of the wooden shelves matches the seating.

The balcony can fit in one tall lamp for ambient lighting so you can enjoy the space at night as well.

Space-Saving Shelves Above Storage Benches

an enclosed balcony with storage bench and storage on wall

This refreshing apartment balcony creates a Zen-like atmosphere with its choice of blinds, plants, and cushioned bench. The bench is a hidden storage area perfect for stashing away cushions, gardening tools, or any other items, effectively decluttering the balcony while maintaining a seamless aesthetic.

The geometric shelves add a modern touch to the balcony’s ambiance. Their minimalist yet eye-catching design transforms the wall into a functional art piece.

It also lets you keep plants and books on display. For items that you want to keep out of sight, you can place them in the spacious drawers below the seats.

enclosed balcony with tiny seating with drawers and a wall mounted storage INSTAGRAM @designcafe.dc

Here’s another balcony with the same setup as the previous one. However, this one is maximalist in its colors but minimalist in its design and storage. It keeps a modest wooden shelf up on the wall and a vibrant storage bench with two compartments.

By keeping a small wooden shelf with drawers on the wall, you can keep things still in view but not in the way. 

The seat compartments allow you to store bigger items that don’t need to be shown off or don’t add to the eclectic interiors of the space.

I’m sure putting up even more artwork would make this place truly pop!

Wooden Stand For Grill And Drinks

A wooden rack on balcony serving as a stand for the grill INSTAGRAM @balconylivingcph

This small balcony is a great place to hold a mini gathering, especially with this wooden stand that accommodates a grill and serves as a place to hold drinks.

The wooden stand contains multiple layers to keep items separated and also acts as a table for the grill. It even has a spot where you can place a potted plant and other decor pieces. 

While it’s perfect for hosting a function at home, you can also use this storage hack to hold things that aren’t cookout-related, such as tools, books, or even more plants!

If you are going to keep a grill outdoors, I recommend investing in a cover that will complement your balcony but also keep your things nice and dry.

Compact And Zipped Containers

storage box for strollers, scooters and helmets on the balcony INSTAGRAM @daprayer

This luxurious balcony space makes use of two large and long compartments with zippers to keep toys, strollers, and sports gear.

Most balconies are longer than they are wider, so this is perfect for maximizing the floor space for storage while maintaining a spacious area. 

The best thing about this is that if there’s ever a mess, you now have a place to chuck your clutter in to keep the balcony spotless.

The zippers also let you keep things hidden and secured while they are kept outdoors.

Ladder-Like Wooden Grid for Wall Storage

diy wall storage rack and bench box on a small balcony INSTAGRAM @urbanjungleblog

This boho-inspired balcony fills its little space with colorful decor and plants, improvised cushioned seating, and a ladder-like wall grid.

For a more rustic take on wall grid storage, you can choose to improvise with wood and create a design like this to keep things hung up stylishly. 

The design can accommodate plants, hanging shelves, hooks, and even decorative pieces!

I love how you can customize this idea to fit your space perfectly–from material to pattern and even size!

Please also check out my article on decorating ideas for small balconies.

L-Shaped Outdoor Storage Bench

L-shaped storage bench on a small balcony INSTAGRAM @akpanelling

The open balcony lets in a lot of sun and makes the most use of its four corners by having an L-shaped wooden seating with cushions and pillows to let anyone sit back and relax in this place.

Any other type of seating, for example, a couch, beanbags, or bulky pieces of furniture would just inefficiently take up the limited space of this area.

By putting in L-shaped seating, you are working with the space and design of the area in creating a place where more people can sit. 

It’s perfect for getting your daily dose of vitamin D or even just touching up on your tan. Enjoying a few cold drinks would make chilling in this spot even better!

Built-in Wall Compartments

balcony seating with storage and cube shelves INSTAGRAM @designcafe.dc

The chic and colorful balcony makes use of vertical space by carving out compartments in the walls to double as storage.

The design barely affects the layout and interior of the area which makes it space-efficient. Not to mention, it adds to the overall aesthetic of the balcony while not being too bulky.

Even the left wall has square holes carved out to let you hang a couple of plants.

I really love the creativity of this balcony’s design and how it showcases your items while keeping them in designated spots to avoid clutter!

Improvised Laundry Area With Hanging Rods

laundry area in an enlosed balcony INSTAGRAM @atapdotco

This indoor balcony area maximizes its space by being a multifunctional area. It houses a compact washing machine, a sink area, and a cozy little corner where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee while doing your laundry.

This storage hack minimizes the need to take up more space inside of your home by keeping your laundry essentials in a compact area.

What’s great is that you can also multitask while you’re here. Do your laundry, wash a couple of dishes, and take in the view while you wait for your laundry to finish.

The floor-to-ceiling windows also let enough sunlight in so you can dry off your clothes efficiently afterward!

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Space-Efficient Wooden Bike Stand

bike stand on a small balcony INSTAGRAM @blogsomedesign

The tiny balcony efficiently utilizes its vertical space to store a large bicycle on a wooden stand.

It’s all about being smart and creative with the space you have to make sure it is used to the best of its potential.

Storing your bicycle horizontally would take up most if not the whole area of this balcony. Good thing the wooden stand props it up nicely on the corner to keep it and conserve floor space. 

You don’t have to keep the wooden stand bare. I suggest varnishing or painting it to match your bicycle. You can even personalize it with decals and stickers!

What if you don’t have a balcony? Read here for indoor bike storage ideas you’ll love.

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