13 Ways To Store Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper stands as a staple necessity in every home.

Yet, the challenge often lies in finding the most practical and stylish ways to store these essential rolls within our bathrooms.

Here are 13 creative ways to keep this essential item within reach while also add a touch of flair to your bathroom decor!

Space-Saving Wooden Over-the-Toilet Rack

overthe toilet ladder-type shelf with toilet paper roll holder INSTAGRAM @chantellelourens

This minimalist, all-white bathroom only has one pop of color in the room: a light wooden ladder-like rack situated over the toilet.

The storage stands over the toilet and hack leans against the wall with a few shelves to store and display your items. 

One layer of the rack is a rod where you can easily slide multiple toilet rolls into. This helps make sure you don’t easily run out or have to get up from the toilet to replace your supply when one roll is finished.

Under Sink Cabinet with Roll Out Shelves

toilet paper roll storage in under-bathroom-sink drawer. INSTAGRAM @chicagoneat_betsy

This bathroom’s vanity area has a contemporary U-shaped rollout shelf under the floating sink, which also serves as the perfect place to store toilet paper rolls.

The design is a modern innovation that allows you to store toilet rolls aesthetically and even has dividers within the shelf to keep your toiletries sorted! 

From spare rolls of toilet paper and cleaning supplies to personal care products and grooming tools, the roll-out shelves offer a versatile platform to neatly stow away various items while keeping them within arm’s reach.

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Slim and Sleek Drawer Beside the Toilet

small pullout toilet paper cabinet with a drawer inside INSTAGRAM @home_cityoutlet

This modern and luxurious bathroom makes every toilet trip an enjoyable one with a tiny side drawer with multiple compartments.

The drawer pulls out to show a tall toilet paper holder, three layers of storage for toiletries and products, and a top compartment that flips to reveal another space or a layer to place your things on. 

I love how it is small, efficient, and portable. You can move it around your bathroom and store many items in it neatly.

I suggest placing incense or potpourri on the top layer to freshen up the space and keep it smelling good.

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Tower Toilet Paper Holder

diy wooden toilet paper roll tower INSTAGRAM @thespacecube

This elegant bathroom has a functional and visually appealing wall accent. The wood structure has carved-out holes where toilet paper rolls can fit into perfectly.

The design is also conveniently placed beside the toilet paper roll holder and stands as a decorative piece as well, giving life and character to the space. 

It’s wonderful how innovative and creative this storage idea is. It also allows you to place any incense, scented candles, plants, or any other decor on top of it to make it stand out even more.

Standing Toilet Paper Dispenser And Storage

small vertical toilet paper stocker INSTAGRAM @yamazaki.home.europe

This fresh and open toilet area keeps a compact stand that holds toilet paper rolls vertically, with a slot to have one ready-to-grab whenever.

The storage has a nice wooden facade to keep the toilet paper hidden, as well as a smooth surface top to place a couple of small items, be it a bowl of potpourri or a scented candle. 

The stand is a space-saving feature that you can position and fit anywhere you want in your bathroom because of its small size. There’s sure to be no problem putting this beside your toilet for easy access.

Wooden Double Toilet Paper Roll Holder

wooden toilet paper holder with a phone and cup on top surface INSTAGRAM @finewinecaddy

This simple and handy wooden toilet roll holder offers a space to place your phone and other items on top. What I like most about it that it can hang up to two toilet rolls!

It’s a great way to keep toilet rolls without creating a whole new area just to store them. The straightforward design takes up little to no space with its size and keeps a spacious bathroom by being placed on the wall

I love how compact and space-efficient it is! It’s perfect for small bathrooms and if you only need to keep a couple of toilet paper rolls nearby.

Decorative Toilet Paper Shelf

wall-mounted toilet paper shelf INSTAGRAM @storeen.ie

This clean and understated bathroom wall makes a statement with a cloud-shaped rack that perfectly holds toilet paper rolls to complete the cloud-like look.

The curves of the design hug the shape of the toilet paper rolls nicely and also let you stack them on each other to form a cloud-like illusion.

It keeps a ton of rolls by the toilet and does so in a playful and ethereal way!

It’s great for adding character to your bathroom and making it look more whimsical. Try this storage hack if you’re looking to make your bathroom more fun!

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Roll Shelf

tic tac toe paper roll shelf INSTAGRAM @andthen_therewerethree

The rustic wall has a fun design feature that gives the room character and makes storing toilet paper an interactive experience. The wooden shelves and X pieces playfully recreate the beloved game of tic-tac-toe.

The design is a fun and clever way of storing toilet paper rolls. The shelves are also versatile, so you can be even more creative with how you choose to keep and display items on them. 

You can opt to remove the “X”s to make room for more toilet paper or even put different decorative pieces instead.

Metal Sheep Rack Holder

adorable sheep-face toilet paper roll shelf INSTAGRAM @sunup_collections

The pristine and polished bathing area has a quirky way of storing toilet paper rolls by the counter and bathtub. A wall-mounted metal rack with a curious sheep face amusingly keeps stacked rolls.

The storage concept is one you can customize and play around with. You can choose from different animals, characters, and ideas to fit into your bathroom. 

I love how it adds an eccentric touch to the bathroom and serves as a statement piece!

Rustic Toilet Paper Shelf

wall-mounted cupboard for storing toilet paper rolls INSTAGRAM @tells_terrain

The charming bathroom has an endearing rustic shelf mounted above the toilet to keep toilet paper rolls within easy reach.

The wooden shelves were made to look like lockers or key holders with plated numbers on each compartment. It makes the design have more character than regular shelves.

Each compartment fits toilet paper rolls nicely and keeps them within easy reach. You can also use the other compartments for displaying or storing other bathroom essentials.

I like the idea of placing a potted plant above the toilet! It adds so much vibrance to the area.

Wooden Over-the-Toilet Storage

toilet paper roll inside a bamboo cupboard INSTAGRAM @kmarthackqueen

This tight and Zen-like bathroom continues its natural theme in the toilet area with a light wooden over-the-toilet storage cabinet.

The wooden stand uses space above the toilet instead of beside it, which is useful for narrow and small bathrooms.

The mini cabinet has doors that give you a slight view of its contents, letting guests know where you keep the toilet paper in case they run out.

The layers inside the cabinet also let you store more items efficiently and keep them organized.

Small Bathroom Cabinet With Toilet Roll Holder

mini cupboard with toilet paper roll holder on the top INSTAGRAM @furnituresourcephils

This minimalist bathroom keeps the toilet paper roll in use and its supply within arm’s reach with this neat storage solution.

The all-white, compact cabinet has two compartments for keeping toilet paper and any other small bathroom items. It even features a toilet roll holder above the shelves, so you won’t need to build or mount one onto your wall. 

The cabinet is portable and convenient, and will make your trips to the toilet an easier experience.

Side note: Don’t you just love the marble design of that trash bin? I want one in my bathroom!

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