24 Great Corner Storage Ideas You Can Steal

Are you looking for ways to maximize storage in your home’s corners?

Look no further! In this blog post, we’re unveiling 24 clever corner storage ideas to transform your home’s neglected nooks into functional and stylish storage havens.

Compact Corners with Space-Efficient Storage Benches

storage bench on window corner and vertical wooden shelves on an odd space

The bright double-cornered area of this home has a lovely L-shaped bench with navy blue cushions and compartments underneath for storage. A light wood-paneled free-standing shelf keeps it company by the smaller corner and displays plants and books.

The wooden shelves are angled to fit the corners perfectly and take up less space. I love how the storage bench is both a place to relax and keep your clutter hidden away.

It’s also nice to see the woven organizers tucked within the bench’s compartments. They add texture and overall charm to the space.

high bench with storage on the corner of the hallway

This lovely, elegant home also utilizes its corner with a chic storage bench. However, this bench has a slanted edge to avoid consuming too much floor space.

The storage bench also contains two layers for a more organized way to store items. Each is divided into smaller compartments and even has one with a nifty panel that opens up to more storage space. 

It’s great how the top can either accommodate seating with just a couple of cushions and pillows, or a table that you can use to display decor or keep everyday essentials within easy reach.

If you want to keep the bench’s surface bare, try placing a knitted tapestry or tablecloth on top to keep it simple and free of clutter.

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Floating Radial Corner Shelves

corner bookshelves on the back of the door

This small home showcases curved corner shelves that store books and puts them on a classy display. The wooden shelves have curved edges that extend to the adjacent wall for more storage.

The design maximizes the length of the wall and allows for six layers of open storage to maintain a neat area. Their gracefully curved shape provides a perfect platform to display cherished decorative items, photographs, or art pieces, adding personality and charm to any room.

The shelves make the room appear more sophisticated and keep your books near a comfy seat, so you can leisurely enjoy a good read.  Furthermore, their open design fosters an airy ambiance, making smaller spaces appear larger and more inviting.

vertical shelves with baskets on bedroom corner

This charming, farmhouse-style bedroom with white and blue accents keeps a narrow bed fit for one by its corner. It has a simple white panel mounted above the sleeping area and floating radial corner shelves beside the bed.

The shelves, designed to seamlessly blend into the corner, serve as a stylish platform for displaying personal treasures, decorative accents, or bedside essentials. 

The woven containers accentuate the bedroom’s decor, providing a delightful mix of modern elegance and rustic charm.

The juxtaposition of modern floating shelves with the organic texture of woven containers creates a visually appealing contrast, elevating the overall aesthetic of the bedroom.

Minimalist Odd-Cornered Pantry with Open Shelving

cupboard on kitchen corner for storing spices

This odd-cornered pantry area uses its unusual architecture to create a beautiful open storage solution that follows its shape and accommodates minimalist containers to keep kitchen items organized and in view.

The shelves maximizes the available space by capitalizing on the corner’s unique shape, effectively turning what might have been an awkward area into a purposeful storage haven. Its clean lines and unobtrusive design seamlessly integrate into the room’s ambiance, creating a cohesive and visually appealing storage solution.

In my experience, adding large labels on the canisters can make reaching for what you need easier. For even more organization, try putting dividers or organizers that can keep items of the same category together.

Triangular Storage Bench and Shelf with Hooks

small storage bench and clothes hanging rack on the corner

This traditional entryway keeps a triangular storage bench and shelf with hooks, elegantly combining storage, seating, and organizational elements within a compact triangular form.

The triangular shelf above has hooks to hang coats, jackets, and bags on, with an additional compartment to keep items or put them on display.

Meanwhile, the top surface of the storage bench provides a convenient spot to sit or put on shoes. Beneath, the built-in storage compartment offers ample space to stow away items like shoes, bags, or other belongings, keeping the area clutter-free.

I love how the design is so compact but fulfills many purposes.

Wall-Mounted Drawer and Floating Wooden Panels

wall-mounted shelves on an odd corner near the entrance door

The refreshing, sleek space of this home makes use of its two corners by having storage solutions mounted in parallel.

The design gives you two options: you can keep things openly on display or hidden away in the drawer.  It balances the overall aesthetic and prevents it from getting overwhelming. 

You can opt for more than one drawer to store your items so the floating shelves solely serve as a display space for decorative items.

Some scented candles and decorative sculptures would really make the space more visually appealing.

Minimalist Built-in Shelves

storage shelves on unused space in passageway corner

The contemporary chic home maximizes its narrow corners with concrete slab shelves that blend with the walls.

The shelves look like extensions of the wall and keep the design minimal and spacious. The thick width makes them as sturdy as they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

I love that the shelves don’t keep the items crowded. They’re spacious enough to hold a ton of items. The shelves also aid in maintaining the contemporary, chic style by displaying decor that fits right into the theme.

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Curved Wooden Kitchen Shelves

kitchen cupboard on corner near the window

This cozy kitchen extends its storage via built-in curved corner shelves. The rounded edges create a soft touch to the design and make the structure appear less harsh and seamless.

The storage hack allows you to place kitchen items and supplies right beside your microwave and oven. The design is also open and spacious, making everything easy to reach.

Because the design is roomy and can accommodate several items, you can get away with adding a few decorative pieces to add more visual interest to your kitchen.

Corner Bookshelf

socket-outlets in between corner bookshelves on nearby window

The farmhouse-style room contains a charming wooden shelf that fits snugly into the corner and showcases a wide range of books.

The design keeps your items out of the way and on display. It utilizes the height of the room and complements the window area instead of leaving it bare. 

This would look great with a few fairy lights wrapped around it or maybe even a lamp. It’s the perfect spot to incorporate ambient lighting.

I love how the tiered shelves, varying in size and height, offer versatility in displaying items, from tall books to small ornaments, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the room.

L-Shaped Table and Shelves

office space with upper shelving on corner

The plain corner is transformed into a hip working space with simple overhead and table storage.

The corner pieces store countless office items, keeping them in plain sight and easy to grab. 

I love how there is even an open drawer that matches the style of the rest of the storage. It’s great for keeping things that you use the most often so you won’t have to get up from your seat to reach them. They also prevent clutter on the table so you have a clean surface for working.

A couple of plants and paintings would also cheer this place up and add more color to it.

V-shaped Wardrobe

an L-shaped wardrobe on bedroom corner

This compact home’s corner has a simple V-shaped wooden wardrobe to keep clothes and other personal belongings by the window.

The wardrobe has several compartments where you can segregate and store your items in. You can keep delicates in the drawers and hang up coats and blouses on the hanger rack. 

I love how they also used similar-themed containers to keep smaller things and avoid making a mess. I suggest adding containers on the top ledge to create even more space for storage.

Corner Library and Reading Nook

corner bench with bookshelves on the top INSTAGRAM @interiorsstorageanddeclutter

This pristine area makes reading a luxurious pastime with a spacious and comfortable seating area below a built-in corner library.

Instead of having the shelves extend outwards, the design makes use of the space within the walls for maximum efficiency and storage. 

It’s wonderful to see how it’s an all-in-one space that reinvents the corner of the home. Soft lighting fixtures, warm hues, and thoughtful decor elements contribute to a welcoming ambiance, fostering an atmosphere ideal for immersive reading experiences or quiet contemplation.

The only thing missing is a cozy blanket, a warm beverage, and some good music to create the ultimate experience here.

Mini Corner Storage Cabinet For Toiletries

corner bathroom cahinet with two side doors and a bi-fold door on the center INSTAGRAM @hammacherschlemmer

This immaculate bathroom has a V-shaped cabinet to keep its toiletries organized and prevent clutter.

The cabinet is cleverly designed to fit into a corner and create storage extending on both sides. It even has a creative folding door in the middle, along with compartments that open on the sides.

Its discreet placement within corners ensures minimal intrusion into the room’s layout while maximizing storage potential, effectively decluttering the space and enhancing organization.

It’s perfect if you want to keep your toiletries in an aesthetic fashion but also maintain the simplicity of your bathroom. You could also place incense or scented candles to make the area smell heavenly.

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Wooden Franklin Shelves

wall-mounted shelves on an outside corner INSTAGRAM @interestingcreativedesigns

This white-walled corner hosts a state-of-the-art design with Franklin shelves (or 90-degree corner shelves) that take up little space but can store numerous items.

The innovative design is perfect for displaying and storing your things. It extends your corners ever so slightly and stylishly adds function to your home. 

I love how interesting the concept is. I find that spaces like this are best for keeping scented candles, picture frames, and small figurines. It’s also great for showcasing any souvenirs or awards.

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Narrow Pull-Out Kitchen Drawers

two small vertical corner cabinets under the stove INSTAGRAM @white_wood_kitchens

This kitchen has a modern storage solution in the form of narrow compartments that pull out diagonally instead of straight ahead.

The design makes the most of the irregularly shaped corners and has accompanying compartments surrounding the countertop. 

It even has two layers to keep supplies and items sorted. The exterior is discreet and blends with the kitchen exceptionally well.

You can also use the handles to hang kitchen towels or rags to keep them nearby while you’re cooking.

Hammock Storage and Open Cabinet

storing plush toys on the corner using cupboard and net on hang INSTAGRAM @mentallysquished

This fun and funky room keeps its stuffed friends comfortable in hanging hammock storage, as well as in other compartments.

Beneath the hammock, the open cabinet component features shelves or compartments, providing additional storage capacity for various belongings.

This section offers a more conventional storage solution, ideal for stowing away items that require a more secure and enclosed space, ensuring a balanced blend of both playful and practical storage options.

The hammock is easy to install and can be put in any corner of your home. I suggest lining its insides with a cloth if you plan on keeping smaller items that could easily fall through the holes.

Hidden Kitchen Island Storage

hidden storage cupboard on the corner near the sink INSTAGRAM @designspacelondon

This kitchen maintains its sleek and minimalist appearance by strategically incorporating storage into the island. The design opens up to reveal narrow layers that keep kitchen items and closes back seamlessly to preserve the island’s visual appeal.

The design is almost undetectable and is a nifty way of maximizing the island’s storage space. It also makes returning frequently items to where they belong easier and more accessible. 

I love how it is so efficient and aesthetically pleasing. It’s harmonious with the theme of the kitchen and can be used on all corners of the island!

Pull-Out Kitchen Corner Drawers

drawers on kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @limakitchens

This fresh and modern kitchen boasts another unfussy storage hack. By smoothly sliding out on a rail system, the V-shaped drawers offer a comprehensive view of their contents, ensuring that stored items are easily visible and accessible with a simple pull.

The design is kept at a minimum with no handles and a bare facade to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen. It also lets you store a wide range of kitchen items and supplies.

You can opt to install handles on the top compartments to have a place to hang kitchen towels and rags on while they dry.

Mid-Century Shelves and Sideboards

wall-mounted shelves with snake pattern on the corner INSTAGRAM @viewpoint_crafts

This mid-century corner has a matching set of wooden storage solutions for both the wall and floor spaces. The upper portion hosts a maze-like floating shelf and the bottom has a compact sideboard of the same mid-century style.

The all-wood structures complement each other and really establish the style of the room. They also provide ample storage for this area.

You can utilize the same concept with different styles. For example, light wood might work better for minimalistic homes or metals for industrial abodes. Do what you must to make the design suit your aesthetic!

Angular Kids’ Corner Cabinet

three layered toy storage on corner INSTAGRAM @riverridgehome

The delightful playroom displays an angular cabinet with multiple slots to either hold containers or remain open for storing and displaying kids’ toys.

This specialized furniture piece is a delightful addition to a child’s room, presenting a unique shape that captures the imagination. Its angular structure not only adds an element of fun and visual interest but also serves a practical purpose by providing a versatile storage solution.

The cabinet encourages the maintenance of a neat playroom, an often messy place in the home. It also makes storing a bunch of toys a breeze with dedicated containers.

The open spaces allow your kids to easily find their things and its interesting shape is sure to intrigue the little ones!

Kitchen Shelves with Lazy Susan Storage

a pantry on the kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @impact_design_resources

This visually stimulating kitchen has wooden shelves and multiple storage compartments such as drawers and a rack for hangers.

A standout feature of this design is the large, revolving storage that resembles a lazy Susan, in the corner.

The design maximizes the small room and provides more than enough storage for kitchen tools and supplies.

The round, revolving shelves also let you place items and have them easily accessible. One spin and the item you need is right in front of you!

Entryway with a Minimalist Clothes Rack

coat stand on the corner near the door INSTAGRAM @feel.home.520

The minimalist, easy-to-assemble, white clothes rack greatly complements the trendy interior of this entryway.

The design takes up the corner snugly and has your clothes neatly hung and kept. There is also a bottom layer for keeping other miscellaneous items.

If you like the design but think it won’t quite blend well into your home, one thing you can do is to have it painted to match your home’s motif.

The minimalist piece would go well paired with a couple of house plants. They would liven up the space immensely!

Corner Pantry Cupboard

a pantry on the corner with a small vertical shelves for wine INSTAGRAM @ourtaylormadehomeandaway

This sleek, cutting-edge kitchen smartly stores wine, glassware, and kitchen supplies in a tall corner cupboard storage.

The cupboard has several slots for storing wine horizontally and multiple layers of shelves for keeping larger items. 

A design as spacious as this would benefit from having organizers and dividers that would let you store even more things inside the cupboard. Installing a few hooks on the inside of the doors would help maximize the space as well.

I love how it efficiently uses the corner of the kitchen and keeps a ton of stuff in it!

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