Shelving for Small Spaces | 9 Clever Solutions You Can Afford

When you have a small apartment, it’s crucial to find places for storage without creating too much clutter in the interior design.

We have tried to find some creative shelving solutions, to get you inspired.

We have divided them into multifunction shelves, corner shelves and the last one is brilliant: A shelf cleverly designed to fit behind a door!

Multi-function shelves

This shelf has a hidden table and 4 chairs inside it.

It’s a really fun design by Orla Reynolds. Very stylish and clever way to store extra chairs and a table for parties, or when you have guests over.


This is what they look like when the table and chairs are hidden inside the shelf:


The next one looks like a small closet on the wall, but it folds out to become a table and reveals some storage.

It’s great if you like to work at home, and you need a little table to place a laptop and a few papers.

You can easily sit two persons and have a snack or small meal, and you one have two table legs.


You can find these here at good prices.

This one is for the toilet. It lets you utilize the space around the toilet.

If you have a very small toilet space, this might be the only way to store your extra towels etc. or you can use this unit to remove all the stuff from the area around the sink, to create a more minimalistic style.


We found these from $36 with free shipping.

Expandable shelves for cabinets

This is a good way to utilize the vertical space in e.g. kitchen cabinets. With these extra shelves, you can have easy access to everything.

You can avoid high stacks of plates, and especially for tall cabinets, these are a good idea. They come in all sizes and shapes.

They are also a good idea for the cabinets in the bathroom, where you often have many items to fit in a small space.


From $17 including free shipping.

Corner shelf ideas (storage)

Corners are normally hard to use for anything at all, but they can also be a good place for shelves.

With these creative solutions, you can make a corner super cozy.


$29 including free shipping.

If you only have a few books you can use this shelf for them, along with some items of sentimental value.

Behind the door shelf

Normally you can’t place shelves behind a door, because you won’t be able to open the door, but this next one is pretty genius. It designed to fit behind a door.

It will let you open the door all the way up, and you still get a lot of storage out of it. When the door is open, you won’t even notice the shelves, as the door double functions as a door for the shelves too.

A great idea for all small spaces e.g. the kid’s room, or other rooms where it’s hard to fit in storage.


This one cost $273 including shipping.

It actually pretty cheap, when you consider the extra amount of storage space you get.

Tiny shelves can fit anywhere (here also behind a door)

Another way to fit in shelves is to make them small enough. These tiny shelves are from our own apartment, and they hold all our books and a few other things.

They are made from Ikea shelves, which we decorated with old fashion and tattoo magazines we were about to get rid of anyway.

Tiny shelves
Tiny shelves

Do you have any additional ideas for shelving for small spaces?

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