9 Great Storage Bench Solutions People Love

Explore ‘9 Great Storage Bench Solutions People Love’ for a home that’s both organized and chic! Planning and designing spaces can be tricky, but with these clever storage bench ideas, I’ve found the perfect balance of style and functionality.

Let’s make your home the epitome of smart storage!

Space-Optimized Living Room with Shoe Storage Bench

bench with shoe storage in a narrow entryway

This cozy living room has a space-optimized solution for shoe storage. A wooden bench with a leather cushion serves as a comfortable seat and a place to keep your shoes organized. The bench has open shelves on the bottom where you can store your footwear neatly!

The bench is placed against a white wall with a black-and-white photo hanging above it, creating a contrast of colors.

There are also two plants on either side of the bench, adding some greenery and freshness to the room.

Absolutely love how the bench matches the hardwood flooring and the window frame, creating a harmonious look!

Narrow Entryway with Bench and Shelves for Storage

shoe storage bench and an open cupboard

The bench with storage is a great solution for a narrow entryway, as it offers both a place to sit and a place to store your belongings! It has storage underneath the seat, which can be used to store shoes, bags, umbrellas, or other items that you need when you go out.

One of the advantages of having the bench placed just exactly near the door is that you get to easily leave your shoes or any other items before roaming around the house.

This way, you can keep your floors clean and avoid bringing dirt or germs inside. Not to mention, you can also use the bench as a place to sit and put on or take off your shoes, making it more comfortable and convenient!

I would recommend using a transparent storage box, though, because it can be stacked on top of each other, allowing you to place more shoes below the bench or on the shelves.

Small Entryway with Built-In Bench and Coat Hooks

bench with shoe storage near the door entrance

Now, here’s a small entryway with a built-in bench and coat hooks that offers a great storage solution for a tight space.

The bench is made of wood and has a cushion on top for comfort. It has three cubbies underneath for storing shoes, baskets, or any other small stuff. Above it are three hooks for hanging coats, bags, or hats. Definitely a lot of things you can keep in this corner!

One way to enhance the entryway is to add a floor lamp to provide extra lighting and create a cozy ambiance. You can choose a floor lamp that matches the color scheme and the theme of the entryway. For example, you can opt for a modern floor lamp with a metal base and a white shade, or a rustic floor lamp with a wooden base and a beige shade.

Also, you can experiment with different shapes and sizes of the lamp and the shade to find the one that suits your preference!

Custom-Made Corner Bench with Storage Compartments

flip-up storage bench with hidden side drawersINSTAGRAM @capital_millwork_inc

This modern living room features a custom-made corner bench with storage compartments. It has touch-release hidden drawers with added flip-up storage for extra space. I’m pretty sure this can hold various items such as toys, reading materials, shoes, board games, and many more!

I love how the bench wraps around the corner of the room and creates a cozy nook. I suggest you combine this bench with some cushions to make lounging more comfortable.

Also, hanging wall art above the bench can also enhance the look and feel of the room.

You can choose a wall art that matches the color scheme and style of the room. For example, you can hang a black-and-white abstract painting to complement the black wall and the white bench.

Or you can hang a colorful geometric print to add some contrast and interest to the room.

I personally think this is such an innovative storage bench solution for a small space!

Space-Saving Bench with Drawers in a Window Corner

window storage bench using drawersINSTAGRAM @schleifstudio

Up next is a very unique space-saving bench with drawers in a window corner! The bench is white and blends in with the wall and the floor. The bench has three large drawers that can hold various items and keep the room tidy.

Love that the window provides a beautiful view of the greenery outside and fills the room with natural light!

I love how the bench makes use of the corner space and creates a comfortable spot to relax or read. I would recommend adding pillows to the bench to make it more comfortable and inviting, though. Pretty sure that this is a storage bench solution people will love!

If you’re looking for ways to maximize storage in your home’s corners, check out my article on corner storage ideas.

Lift-Top Bench with Hidden Storage

ottoman storage bench for office suplliesINSTAGRAM @interiorstorageanddeclutter

This cozy bedroom features a lift-top bench with hidden storage that can serve multiple purposes. The bench has a hinged lid that reveals several compartments for storing various items. You can store towels, sheets, bags, clothes, or office supplies.

Honestly for whatever way you need to use it!

You can even stick notepads on it for your daily reminders!

I think the use of different storage box organizers maximized the space even more!

Tiny Wooden Bench with Shoe Storage

wooden bench with cupboard and side shelfINSTAGRAM @farmhouse.uae

This minimalistic entryway features a tiny wooden bench with shoe storage. I love how the shoe storage is slightly hidden behind the slatted doors, but you can still see it peeking through, making it easier for you to pick the shoes you’ll wear!

Also, there’s even a storage on the side for your newspapers and magazines!

I think adding a coffee table beside this bench would create a more cozy and inviting space for you and your guests. You can use the coffee table to display some candles, lamps, or other decorative items.

It would also provide a convenient place to put your keys, phone, or wallet when you enter or leave your home!

Small Wooden Bench with Magazine Rack

storage bench shelf for shoes and booksINSTAGRAM @lamanaph

This cozy home studio has a rustic charm with its wooden furniture and art pieces! The small wooden bench with a magazine rack is a perfect addition to the space, as it provides a comfortable seat for guests who can enjoy browsing a magazine or reading a book while they wait.

You can actually store shoes and other items here!

The bench is made of solid beech wood and has groove lines that accentuate its simple and elegant design.

I totally love how the bench creates a peaceful and warm atmosphere!

Space-Saving Nordic Bench with Shoe Storage and Table

shoe storage bench with table cabinetINSTAGRAM @irfanzaki_jati

Last on the list is a space-saving Nordic bench with shoe storage and table perfect for a small entryway or living room. The bench has two sections, one with a slatted door and the other with open shelving.

The open shelving section can store shoes or other items, while the slatted door section can also serve as a table!

I would recommend displaying some picture frames or a lamp on the table to add some personality and warmth, though.

One thing that I find interesting about this bench is how it incorporates modernity in mid-century design. Notice how it features light wood and functional forms. This bench is a good example of how to blend old and new styles in a creative and practical way!

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