Boots Storage Ideas: 12 Ideas For Big Footwear

Welcome to 12 Ideas for Big Footwear, a collection of unique solutions designed exclusively for individuals looking for practical and beautiful methods to organize their large shoe collection.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for sensible and imaginative ways to handle your larger-than-life footwear.

Space-Optimized Bed Frames
platform bed with boots and clothes storage

This space-saving platform bed makes use of the space under the bed for additional storage.

The bed frame features cubby holes and subsections particularly designed for slipping footwear into, a clever method to keep regularly worn boots within easy reach while freeing up room in the rest of the closet.

I love how the slide-out boot storage is built right into the bed frame.

It keeps the shoes clean and dirt-free without taking up floor space with a large shoe rack. Using the vacant space under the bed is one of the greatest bedroom storage ideas, in my opinion.

Store Your Boots In A Bottom Cupboard

under-sink storage for rubber boots minimalistic

Bottom cupboards in this functional kitchen or pantry are used to neatly store large boots and shoes.

The bottom shelf of the cabinet is slated, allowing dirt and debris to fall through to the bottom for simple cleaning. It’s a wonderful method to keep muddy or dusty outdoor footwear in one place rather than trailing it all over your home.

Overall, I am fond of the concept of allocating a dedicated cupboard near the back door to store boots, especially if you have children who come and go regularly.

Stash Your Boots Behind the Door

footwear storage cupboard behind the doorINSTAGRAM @janesaddictionorganization

This closet makes the most of an often-overlooked location by integrating storage behind the door.

The shelves are neatly incorporated into the current closet storage system, offering significant additional space that would otherwise go unused.

This behind-the-door shoe storage solution is not only functional but also an innovative way to maximize the space in your closet.

It provides a great, out-of-sight storage option for people dealing with a cluttered closet, guaranteeing a clear and organized living area.

Stash Boots in a Pull-Out Drawer

boots storage cabinets in a narrow entrywayINSTAGRAM @hollykeelinginteriors

boots storage drawers with under-sink storage in between INSTAGRAM @artichoke_ltd

Boots are stored in a wide pull-out drawer under the sink in this kitchen. The drawer shifts out to make it easier to reach bulkier shoes and outdoor gear that gets a lot of usage.

This is a perfect out-of-the-way location for bigger homes to organize dirty footwear away from major living spaces. The drawer can hold various sizes of shoes and makes it easy to grab them.

Ultimately, this is a useful storage solution for homes that have a designated laundry or mudroom area.

All you have to do is install pull-out drawers in the empty area under sinks or appliances and you’re ready to go!

Hang Your Heeled Boots Vertically

vertical boots rack in a closetINSTAGRAM @home.orga

By hanging boots vertically from the clothing rod, this closet maximizes vertical space. Heeled boots can be placed neatly in a row using clips for safeguarding and saving floor space.

I appreciate this concept for elevating delicate heels off the floor and keeping them from being bashed around the closet floor.

This useful organizational method keeps shoes conveniently accessible and out of the way, keeping them visible, reducing scuffing, and making room on the floor for flats or low shoes.

Under-Bench Storage

boots bench storage and a wooden rack on top for hanging coatsINSTAGRAM @charlesyorke_

This open closet and coat rack has a storage bench with built-in nooks and shelves.

The often-overlooked area beneath is ideal for storing shoes, boots, and other belongings at the entrance of your home (or anywhere really). It’s a clever approach to maximize storage in a compact space.

As someone who has a tendency to accumulate clutter, I find this under-bench storage concept really handy for concealing goods precisely where you need them. The contents are concealed yet nevertheless freely accessible.

DIY Shoe Ladder

customised ladder boots storage rackINSTAGRAM @atcharlotteshouse

This creative and effective boot organizer makes use of a little wooden ladder with pegs to hang shoes upside down on every level. It’s a unique storage option that’s ideal for families that live an active, outdoor lifestyle.

This is a great idea for kids’ rooms or mudrooms that require additional storage since it gives a quirky, rustic touch while still being quite functional for sports shoes, rain boots, or muddy footwear.

But, the best aspect? You can turn customizing the ladder and pegs into a fun family activity with your children.

Store Boots in Retractable Drawers

boots storage using plastic drawersINSTAGRAM @neatmethod

These transparent stacked drawers glide in and out of the wardrobe to neatly store various types of footwear – a great way to protect heeled boots particularly.

Slide-out shoe drawers optimize closet space while keeping pairs organized and visible.

For even more convenience, simply name each drawer for a specific type of shoe or individual.

As someone who wears a lot of heels and is spoiled for choices, I am sure you’ll like the option to avoid scuffs and damage and clearly see your options.

DIY Outdoor Boot Storage

pallet storage boxes for big footwear INSTAGRAM @life_at_bridgham

This useful outdoor storage solution creates an attractive display, perfect for just outside the entryway of your home. Stacked wooden boxes are a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for organizing outdoor footwear.

The do-it-yourself technique not only improves the overall appeal but also assures you and your family can have some fun doing it too.

Personally, I like the rustic element. It provides warmth to the area, making it a natural extension of the home.

I also appreciate how simple this design is, since it provides a simple solution for keeping outside footwear accessible and well-organized while keeping your home clean.

Innovative Boot Cone Storage Solution

boots organizer that can storing two boots at the same timeINSTAGRAM @makeroomph

Boots stand tall with a cone-over-cone design in this ingenious storage solution, offering a visually appealing and space-saving display.

Vertical arrangement is very useful for people with limited closet space. Placing one boot upside down within the cone of another optimizes vertical space while still maintaining the contour of the boots.

This solution is functional and provides a decorative touch to the storage arrangement. Personally, I think this approach is a brilliant way to maximize vertical space while guaranteeing simple access and boot quality.

Under-Stair Boot Storage Revelation

hidden pull-up storage stair for footwearINSTAGRAM @hooperswoodwork

This never-before-seen under-stair boot storage invention will astound you.

In an unexpected twist, the bottom two steps cleverly fold up, revealing a concealed space dedicated to boot organization. This one-of-a-kind design defies conventional storage, transforming a typically neglected location into a useful solution.

For my part, I’m drawn to the design’s uniqueness, which makes it a standout option for individuals looking for an unusual yet very functional approach to boot organization.

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