15 Genius Under-The-Sink Storage Ideas You Can Steal

Are you tired of the clutter in the awkward space under your sink? Look no further!

From kitchens to bathrooms, discover a range of clever and practical storage concepts that maximize every inch beneath the sink. Each idea is designed to not only enhance functionality but also elevate the overall appeal of your kitchen or bathroom.

Modern Kitchen with U-Shaped Drawer

storing hand soaps, sponge, brushes etc. around the kitchen sink. INSTAGRAM @woodwizardskitchens

This contemporary kitchen features a U-shaped drawer integrated into the lower section of the sink. While I personally prefer kitchens with bright interiors, the black-on-black design is so satisfying to see with the wooden flooring.

I love how the drawer is divided into sections for a tidy arrangement. The innovative design allows for the efficient organization of cleaning supplies, dishwashing essentials, and various kitchen items, transforming the often cluttered area into a well-organized storage hub.

For sleek, modern kitchens like these, I suggest using integrated or hidden handles for the drawer front. This design choice will contribute to a clean and seamless look.

Minimalist Bathroom Cabinet with a Sleek Stand and a Door Rack

hair tools in under-sink cabinet. INSTAGRAM @idlivesimply

Here’s a bathroom cabinet designed with simplicity and practicality in mind, featuring a sleek stand that fits seamlessly within the cabinet’s dimensions.

The stand can neatly store various toiletries and beauty products, while the door rack at the side offers additional space for items that require easy access like hair tools. The rack also helps you avoid tangled cords!

These racks are a perfect no-build storage solution for those in rented homes, or if you’re on a tight budget.

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Compact Kitchen with Well-Lit Cabinet Under the Sink

tiny kitchen under-sink storage.

I love this simple yet visually appealing kitchen that features warm lighting installed within the cabinet. With proper lighting, you significantly improve the visibility of the items and ensure a tidy area. The soft lighting also improves the ambiance of the kitchen at night!

You can use LED strip lights with sensors or small battery-operated lights for the cabinet. I also suggest installing hooks or racks on the cabinet door to hang smaller items or towels for additional storage.

Side note: I really like the simple, no-fuss design of this kitchen cabinet and the aesthetics of the left shelf. Sometimes, less is truly more when it comes to interior design.

Space-Optimizing Kitchen with Under-the-Sink Shoe Storage

under kitchen sink shoe storage space optimization.

This compact kitchen has a unique setup that integrates storage specifically designed for shoes beneath the sink area. It’s a creative way to organize shoes within a frequently underused space!

One thing I love about this idea is that its brilliant for apartments with entrances directly into the kitchen. The overall aesthetic design appears modern yet minimalistic with clean lines and simple decor pieces scattered throughout the room.

Don’t forget to place shoe mats under the storage area to keep the surrounding space clean and tidy. You can choose decorative rugs or mats for a cozy touch.

Minimalist Kitchen with Bookshelf Under the Sink

books for cooking in under-sink vertical shelves.

Now here’s a minimalist kitchen that features a unique design element – a bookshelf under the sink! It’s certainly one of the most clever twists I’ve seen to maximize this area of the kitchen.

This isn’t just a space for books too. You can use magazine holders or vertical dividers to organize baking sheets, cutting boards, or trays vertically, optimizing space.

You can also add decorative elements such as small plants, jars filled with colorful spices, or decorative kitchen utensils on the countertop to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

Cabinet Under the Sink with Paper Towel Holder

kitchen paper roll under the sink

This organized and well-maintained kitchen gives off an air of cleanliness with simple yet stylish decor choices.

Aside from its crisp, white walls accented by shades of gray, the paper towel holder is a great space-saving addition. It ensures easy tear-off and replacement of paper towels whenever needed.

As there’s still vertical space left below the holder, I suggest using stackable containers for storing bulkier items like dish detergent pods or trash bags. You can also use adjustable shelves to keep cleaning supplies, kitchen essentials, or small appliances.

Tiny Kitchen with a Pull-Out Detergent Rack

under-sink storage cleaning tools INSTAGRAM @kesseboehmer_usa

Here’s a small kitchen that features a pull-out rack to store cleaning supplies or kitchen essentials within limited cabinet spaces.

It accommodates various cleaning essentials, from detergent bottles and sprays to scrub brushes and sponges, ensuring a clutter-free countertop and organized space.

The best feature of this rack is that it can be easily taken out if you need to bring your supplies to clean another room. Its sleek, monochromatic design also fits well in any kitchen style.

If possible, choose slim, space-efficient containers or bottles for liquid detergents or sprays to maximize space within the rack.

Modern Bathroom with Slim Double-Tier Drawers

minimalist under kitchen sink storage using drawers INSTAGRAM @blum_group

Here’s a sophisticated bathroom with drawers characterized by their slim, double-tier design. The drawers boast a sleek and clean construction, making them an ideal choice for modern bathrooms that are all about style and space efficiency.

Feel free to incorporate dividers within the drawers to segment compartments and maintain a tidy arrangement of items.

You can also add contrasting colors or textures to the countertop or walls. A potted plant or a decorative scented candle will go a long way in creating visual interest.

Side note: I love how the mirrors are strategically placed to create an illusion of space and add brightness to the setting. The floor-to-ceiling windows also allow light to flood in and uplift the dark colors of the walls and flooring.

Space-Optimizing Kitchen with Tilt-Down Drawers

sponge and brush inside a cabinet under the sink . INSTAGRAM @interiordesign.id

This small kitchen makes use of even the tiniest of nooks with a tilt-down drawer beneath the sink. The drawer is a handy way to store sponges and other cleaning supplies that would otherwise take up valuable counter space.

I love how its convenient location ensures quick access to frequently used items without cluttering countertops or cabinets.

Consider using liners inside the drawer to protect and enhance the appearance of the cabinet interior. I would also group items inside the drawer with dividers to maintain an organized and tidy space.

Compact Bathroom with L-Shape Under-Sink Pull-Out Organizer

sliding wooden storage under kitchen sink. INSTAGRAM @frontproducts

This traditional bathroom has a not-so-traditional solution to optimize its storage potential.

It integrates an L-shaped pull-out organizer cleverly positioned under the sink, transforming the often underutilized space into a practical and organized storage solution.

The organizer allows for discreet yet accessible storage of various bathroom essentials, such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, and towels. You can also use it to store beauty products that you don’t use daily, like nail polish, so they don’t take up space on your dresser or vanity.

Before choosing a pull-out organizer, measure the dimensions of your under-sink cabinet accurately to ensure the organizer fits within the available space. It’s also best to choose one with a simple design that complements your bathroom décor.

Space-Optimizing Cabinet with Tension Rod and Baskets for Organizing

under-sink storage with hanging cleaning spraying bottle. INSTAGRAM @localstylewansea

Tension rods are a great way to maximize the functionality of any under-the-sink cabinet. These rods can securely hold spray bottles and even small baskets and shelves with hooks, providing adaptable storage options that can be customized to accommodate different-sized items.

I love how this cabinet has baskets to maximize the space and organize other cleaning essentials. You can also mount hooks or racks on the cabinet door to hang smaller cleaning tools or brushes for added storage.

In my experience, it’s best to have just one tension rod but feel free to customize the placement and number of tension rods to suit your specific storage needs.

Under-the-Sink Cupboard with Labeled Organizers

cleaning items and trash bags under-sink storage INSTAGRAM @decormylife1

This gorgeous kitchen presents an efficient and streamlined storage solution within the under-the-sink cabinet.

It combines multiple organizers to provide versatile compartments for neatly storing cleaning supplies, dishwashing agents, trash bags, or miscellaneous items commonly found in a kitchen.

I love how each organizer has labels to easily identify and access specific items. However, even though the items are organized, they can still be an eyesore if they’re left out in the open.

Make sure that these organizers are discreetly concealed behind cabinet doors that match the simple yet elegant interiors of your kitchen.

under the sink storage cleaning supplies. INSTAGRAM @allthingspretty.ng

Here’s another functional and organized storage solution designed to optimize the space beneath this double kitchen sink. The cupboard features labeled organizers that provide designated spaces for different cleaning supplies.

I think bins like this are really smart for storing cleaning items as you can easily pick them up and move from room to room as you clean. This eliminates the need for multiple detergents in different rooms or awkwardly carrying bottles and cloths around the house.

I love that there’s a dedicated hook for a dust pan too. You can definitely attach more hooks or hangers to the cabinet door to hang small towels or scrubbing brushes.

shampoo, soap, dental tools and medicine under the sink storage INSTAGRAM @serenityathomedetroit

This under-the-bathroom-sink cabinet stores clear all-purpose bins that are easily stackable, they maximize vertical space without the need for shelving.

It’s best to choose clear bins with a consistent design for a neat and uniform appearance inside the cabinet. I also think it’s great that each bin is labeled so it’s easier to store and organize skincare items and bathroom essentials.

Additionally, I strongly suggest placing scented sachets or potpourri discreetly within the cabinet to keep things fresh.

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Traditional Bathroom Vanity with Custom Pull-Out Drawers

bathroom under sink storage using drawers. INSTAGRAM @inadrawer

This simple yet lovely bathroom vanity features custom pull-out drawers that offer ample storage and convenient accessibility.

The classic design of the drawers prioritizes ease of use and durability, providing an organized solution for storing various toiletries, cosmetics, and bathroom essentials.

I love how the pull-out drawers are tailored to fit the specific dimensions of the cabinet space under the sink while allowing some space to store rolled towels.

I suggest further customizing the drawer layout with adjustable dividers or compartments to accommodate different-sized items.

You can also build additional shelving or use stackable containers to optimize vertical space within the cabinet.

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