Indoor Firewood Storage: 24 Ideas You Need To See

There’s nothing like a steady fire in the fireplace to keep us warm on winter days and nights. It’s an experience everyone deserves to have.

But keeping an active fireplace means needing a lot of firewood. Without the proper storage, you could easily take up so much space and leave your home a mess.

Let’s explore smart and stylish storage hacks for your firewood to be well-kept!

Stacked and Stored Under a Wooden Counter

firewood stored under a custom made wooden kitchen island

This romantic kitchen setup keeps firewood in the kitchen by storing the logs under the large wooden counter.

Keeping the firewood logs tucked and stacked under a counter of the same material makes the two blend together and showcase cohesion. It’s great for a more understated look.

As the wood is near the kitchen where all the cooking happens, ensure you are careful and keep it away from open fire. You could also opt for electrical cooking methods instead.

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under the table firewood storage INSTAGRAM @a_carpenters_son

You can apply the same concept to a coffee table and other furniture in the living room. This also keeps it from soaking in any scents from the kitchen and being near fire when not needed. 

I love how smart this idea is and how it repurposes furniture to be storage units as well.

If you want a more classy approach to this storage hack, I recommend installing glass doors to keep them enclosed. You’ll get a clear visual of the wood and amp up the aesthetic with the glass addition.

Carved-Out Shelves by a Corner Wall

house shaped shelves on the corner for storing firewood

This cozy home makes one of its corners an accent storage wall instead of leaving it bare and unused. The unique design has four layers and a triangular top to make it more interesting.

If you don’t want to add any more protruding structures to your home, try carving out some spaces to repurpose like this structure! 

The design cleverly uses the insides of the corner space to display candles and firewood. The wooden material also makes it pop out of the wall and serve as a more eye-catching storage unit.

Wood and Glass Display Case

indoor firewood storage shelving with lighting

The sleek, all-wood interior home stores branches, twigs, and logs in a modern and classy way with a wooden cabinet with glass doors.

This storage feature is best for keeping your fireplace fuels neat and all in one area. The different compartments also let you sort your firewood according to your preference. 

I love how it displays the wood elegantly. The design complements the home and keeps it clean by storing the firewood in enclosed spaces.

Another great thing about this is that you can use the top part of the cabinet for decorative pieces like a vase of flowers or some scented candles.

Space-saving Galvanized Metal Planters

diy steel plate container for storing firewood

This warm fireplace aesthetically keeps chunks of firewood in a galvanized metal planter right before the fire for easier burning.

You might already have one of these in your home, stocked for your gardening needs. The neat thing is that you can repurpose your galvanized metal planter in the wintertime to keep your firewood by the fireplace. 

You also have the option of choosing from different shapes and sizes.

If the metallic look is too plain for you, you could easily paint or add any design to it!

Compact Wooden Shelf

wooden firewood rack near the fireplace

This vintage furnace is paired with a sturdy wooden shelf that stores wood logs nice and tight in its compartments.

It’s a reliable way of keeping the firewood supply near the fire. The open layers and easy compartments even make reaching for and restocking the logs a breeze! The shelf’s design also complements the furnace, with both giving off a classic feel.

You can place this storage unit anywhere in your home and have it blend seamlessly with your interior with its timeless look.

Wooden Shelves Above the Fireplace

firewood storage shelves around the fireplace

This modern fireplace built into the wall of this luxurious home has a fancy and innovative way of keeping wooden logs.

The sophisticated design makes the firewood a part of the aesthetic by keeping them on the wooden shelves surrounding the fireplace. 

The arrangement makes the wood almost emulate a patterned wall. As a result, you’re left with a clever interior design and storage hack that mixes in with the rest of the pieces seamlessly.

A design like this would look best if you keep your stock of firewood full. Otherwise, make sure that the wall behind the wood looks good too. So, even when there are gaps because the logs are in use, the area would still be visually appealing.

Tiny Firewood Box With Wheels

firewood storage using a steel cart

This contemporary home has a cute and convenient way of keeping small wooden logs.

A fun-sized metal box with wheels lets you keep just enough wood to have the fire going and allows you to move the supply around your home with ease. With a cart like this, you can quickly store the firewood away from the living area and bring it back when needed.

If you want a wheeled rack to bring with you outside as you collect firewood, I say consider getting a wagon instead. It can be functional both inside and outside.

It can effortlessly pull off the same effect that this wheeled metal box has as well!

Wall-Mounted Floating Wooden Shelves

shelve boxes on wall for storing firewood

This shabby chic home keeps natural elements close together by having wooden shelves that display firewood, plants, and a few books.

I love how the design adds so much life to the room. The arrangement of the shelves also gives a much-needed twist to the interior. 

You don’t have to install this design if you already have wooden shelves or storage compartments on your wall. Simply clear out any available space and restock it with compact wooden logs!

storing indoor firewood on a floating shelf INSTAGRAM @this503girl

When funky shapes and arrangement of shelves are not your personal preference, worry not. Simply installing rectangular wooden panels across your walls and corners will still do the job well.

The design utilizes more horizontal space and is perfect for keeping items on display. The dimensions of the wooden shelves are also customizable. 

So, you can choose panels of different sizes and finishes to best fit into your home and store firewood along with other items.

If you won’t be filling these layers with logs, then make sure to place sentimental pieces and decorative pieces that are aesthetically pleasing to maintain the visuals of your home.

Under a Storage Bench

This photo is from a hotel I stayed at in Aalborg, Denmark.

It’s a great way to implement firewood to create a cozy atmosphere in a living area.

The wooden logs are mostly for display as the fireplace is gas-driven and not actually using real wood. Nevertheless, it’s a very nice touch with the wooden logs under the bench seating.

Here’s another take on a wooden bench with firewood:

custom made storage bench for firewood

This Zen living space maximizes the area under the large and unique bench by having it store large logs underneath.

Chairs, benches, and other seating structures already take up a ton of space in our homes. So, you might as well maximize the area they occupy and have it double as storage whenever possible! 

The design does not only secure your firewood in one place but also adds more purpose to your furniture.

I think the longer branches are a wonderful touch. Placing small plants also adds visual interest to the setup.

storing firewood under a storage bench INSTAGRAM @easycraft.panels

Here’s a smaller, compact version of the design that is more common in most homes. The bench has storage divided into two compartments and one is designated for storing small logs.

This is a much better take on the design for smaller homes with limited spaces. It’s also ideal if your fireplace is not as big as the conventional ones. 

If you want this to be a bit more tidy, consider storing the logs in bins first. Then, place the containers in the storage area so they won’t appear too messy. It’ll also maintain the aesthetic of the area.

firewood logs neatly stored under window seat

If your benches or seating are more regular-shaped and not a standalone piece, you can still store firewood neatly under them like in this picture. 

As it’s by the window and there’s a lovely view of the trees outside, the logs, wooden bench, and trees display continuity.

The seating area here is spacious enough for more than just sitting. You can snuggle up with a blanket, a good book, and a warm drink here! The large fluffy pillows are sure to make it an extra comfortable and cozy experience.

firewood logs stored under and alongside the window seat

On the other hand, if your seats have limited space underneath them, you can still store them below like in this design. You can also opt to store your firewood vertically in a compartment beside the area.

I love how this setup really utilizes all the available space by the bench and does it so creatively! The wood wall is also a nice accent addition to the room. 

Once the cold days and nights are over, you can turn the space into additional seating to accommodate more people.

Custom Space-Optimized Log Shelf

A custom made indoor firewood storage shelves

This luxurious home accommodates fresh-cut firewood in a grand storage structure. The unique-shaped shelf also keeps a plant and two timeless candles on its top portion to accentuate the design.

The notable storage piece offers nine compartments to store and display wooden logs. Hence, giving you the option of sorting or rearranging its contents to your liking. 

It’s such an elegant way to allot a large amount of space to only store firewood. Of course, depending on your supply, the outcome of this storage unit may vary.

I suggest using decorative pieces to fill out any gaps in case the piece isn’t brimming with firewood. A few books, magazines, and even more potted plants could do the trick!

two tiered shelves on the corner for storing firewood

Now, here is a simpler and more understated design for homes that like to keep it low-key.

The raw structure of the shelf make it unfussy and subtle. If you want your wood storage to blend in with your home more, a basic design like this will keep the refined look better. 

I just love how simple and easy this design is! The different textures and types of wood are also in harmony, which makes this room quite easy on the eyes.

tiered steel rack for storing firewood

Here, the same concept comes in a neat, sleek, and compact package. Instead of wooden material, the rack is made of metal which makes it perfect for industrial-style homes.

It’s on the smaller side, so it’s perfect for small homes and tight spaces!

There are also multiple variations of this design. You can get one with more or fewer layers. It also doesn’t have to be just made of metal. I’m sure you can get one in a different color or design it yourself.

Tucked Between a Wall and the Staircase

firewood storage in a narrow spade in between staircase and a door INSTAGRAM @yourdailydeco

This charming home improvises its otherwise unused space to efficiently keep a tower of firewood. It also looks like a cool highlight of your home!

This is definitely a crafty idea and the best part is that you don’t have to spend or add anything. You just need a space beside your staircase that you can use for storing firewood like this and ensure the logs are stacked neatly.

You can also consider utilizing a sturdy rack or built-in shelves to keep the wood neatly stacked and prevent clutter. I also suggest using a rotation system for the firewood to ensure older wood at the top gets used first.

Space-Optimized Wine Cellar Under The Stairs

firewood storage and wine storage area under the stairs INSTAGRAM @tradectory

This extravagant staircase makes the most of its available space with a mini wine cellar and a small compartment for storing wood below.

The design is a creative and luxurious way of maximizing storage space. The small room on the left can store wine, logs and chunks of wood, and even other house items inside. 

The smaller storage unit on the outside is a great way to keep firewood easily accessible.

Additionally, multiple compartments of different sizes allow you to arrange your things better and keep them secured.

If you’re looking for creative ways to store wine, I have an article about clever wine storage ideas for small spaces.

Built-in Fireplace Cabinets

firewood storage cabinet nearby the fireplace INSTAGRAM @basilandtate

This comforting home makes storing firewood and placing it into the fire the easiest task ever. With a built-in cabinet that sits right next to the fireplace, the wooden logs are displayed in an organized manner.

The firewood adds life to the gray cabinet, which makes it more than just fireplace stock; it becomes a decorative piece! 

I love the placement of this design. It keeps the firewood near and can be used for storing and displaying other things as well.

Small Fireplace Stove with Storage

fireplace with firewood storage underneat INSTAGRAM @rustyfundi

Despite the fresh tropical vibes, this outdoor area is ready to keep its residents warm when the sun goes down. A small, dainty fireplace stove with storage is propped and ready to go for use!

This adorable feature can be placed indoors or outdoors. It also conveniently keeps all your fireplace needs in one handy structure. 

It’s great for maintaining a space-economic area. Remember to choose a design that matches the theme of your home and that it’s in the correct size.

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Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Firewood Rack

firewood on a wall mounter oval shaped metal INSTAGRAM @pedersenlennard

This industrial living space makes its firewood storage double as a cool wall accent. The wired wall rack does not come in the usual squares but adds softness with its curves.

The design maximizes the vertical space for storage and does it so creatively. As it is so open and is only composed of metal frames, it appears minimalistic and doesn’t add bulk to your interior. 

The structure also displays the wooden logs in a modern and innovative way, which is sure to be a conversion starter for you and your guests!

Firewood Rack Console

custom made metal frame for storing firewood INSTAGRAM @rustic.outdoor

This fun entertainment area hosts an interesting console that keeps chopped firewood instead of games and movies.

The piece has diagonal divisions which makes the stored firewood an enticing view and less boring than plainly keeping it in the regularly divided storage units.

The great thing about this is that you can still place a few items on its top layer for your TV needs or just to accentuate the design.

Its sleek and rugged design can also seamlessly blend with different décor styles while adding a rustic charm or modern touch to the space.

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