16 Bedrooms With Trees That Just Look Amazing

While the bedroom is already a place of rest and relaxation, you can take one extra step to make it a more refreshing place.

Having indoor plants is common but how about adding a real tree or two?

Check out these 16 breathtaking bedrooms with tree designs to help inspire your next layout.

Minimalist White Bedroom With Black Olive Tree

minimalist bedroom with tree and wooden benchINSTAGRAM @puresaltinteriors

First up is this refreshingly minimal space with an all-white interior and a stunning black olive tree in one corner.

Flowers, green plants, and even small trees are great accents to monochromatic and minimalistic rooms. They complement the interior without taking away from its simplicity.

To match the subtlety of the design, a stone pot was used instead of a bright rust-colored one. It also adds another element to the aesthetic.

Small Bedroom With Snake Plant Wall And Tent

bedroom with built-in wall planterINSTAGRAM @thefloraculture

Next, we have a quirky little bedroom with a wall full of life, a tent, and a majestic giant bird of paradise plant.

Instead of using nature-themed wallpaper, you can opt to go the extra mile and hang up several snake plants on your wall for a 3D effect.

To add a tropical touch, the giant bird of paradise plant sits nicely beside the cozy tent corner. It’s a great place for kids to play and rest.

Fiddle-leaf Fig Tree Designs

white bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @dorringtonr

Fiddle-leaf trees are easy to keep inside because of their relatively thin bark.

So, how do you incorporate them into a bedroom design?

Well, one way is beside the bed of a modern bedroom. Also, you could add other small plants above the bed and on the nightside to distribute more natural elements.

Having a circular mirror helps soften up the interior. Additionally, it contributes to the illusion of a larger space by reflecting light across the room.

floating shelf with plantsINSTAGRAM @intothewild_home

This is another example of the design, now with more vibrant colors on the bed. The green fiddle-leaf fig tree complements the dusty rose colors of the bedroom.

If you have a bit more space on the corner of your bed, don’t be shy and get a bigger and leafier houseplant! You can put it in a woven container too for extra charm.

To incorporate more color into this already lively design, swap out the smaller houseplants with colorful flowers instead!

bedroom with trees and black and with rectangular tilesINSTAGRAM @chrisfluence

What if you want to keep the trees by the window for more sunlight? That’s no problem, check out this contemporary bedroom that shows you how to do that.

Stone pots are a sturdy choice to keep your plants in and they enhance the visuals of your room as well.

Since these trees can get pretty tall, putting them on both sides of the window can give an amazing natural frame.

compact bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @leighkiyoko

In this version of the design, the fiddle-leaf trees are significantly taller, matching the height of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

With this design, you can guarantee that every inch of your fiddle-leaf tree (from the bark up) is getting enough sunlight.

Make sure you also have high ceilings if you’re going to keep tall plants in your bedroom. If you don’t want them to hit the ceiling, try placing them in smaller pots while they’re inside.

white bedroom with tree

This apartment bedroom has just enough space to keep a fiddle-leaf tree by the window beside the bed.

Another pot choice you can consider is the one shown here. The round design makes it more appealing and the black finish adds contrast to the space.

The bed also has a wooden platform, which the fiddle-leaf tree complements nicely. Think about placing a few small houseplants by the window ledge, too.

Dusty Rose Bedroom With Elephant Ear Plant

pink bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @opplehousedotcom

This chic and tropical dusty rose bedroom gives new meaning to sophistication.

The breathtaking design features a live plant and colorful illustrations of other plants above the bed. As a bonus, the elephant ear plant is one of the easier to care for and keep indoors!

The color scheme is so easy on the eyes.

Plus, the decor choices are adorable! They fit into the theme so well.

Black-And-White Geometric Theme

bedroom with canopy bed and plantsINSTAGRAM @bicoastal_botany

From a colorful bedroom to one with a mostly black-and-white theme, this design proves that you can use a contrasting color palette to create a bedroom full of character.

The earthy design uses geometric designs with complex patterns to liven up the bedroom. To make the space even more cool, the houseplants are thoughtfully scattered around the bedroom.

I love how alive the design is despite using minimal colors!

Rustic Bedroom With Wooden Accents

scandivanian bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @hamburgdaniahoi

What better way to decorate an apartment bedroom with a tree than with other houseplants and wooden elements? This bright and charming bedroom shows off several natural materials in this design.

The bed is supported by a light wooden frame and there’s a woven light fixture right above it. It doesn’t stop there, there’s a wooden rack mounted on the wall and a rustic carpet on the foot of the bed.

It only makes sense to fill such a natural and endearing bedroom like this with tons of vibrant green plants!

Weeping Fig Tree Designs

compact bedroom with tree

In this modern bedroom, the main attraction stands proudly on the corner of the bed. Despite its name, the weeping fig tree is a design choice that can bring a smile to your face by adding freshness to your room.

It’s great for filling out the odd spaces between the bed and the wall, especially in small spaces. 

To maximize this giant houseplant, wrap around a few fairy lights along the bark and branches for a romantic ambiance at night.

bedroom without bed frame and tree

Next, we have this posh space with magnificently large windows and another stunning weeping fig tree.

The interesting choice of bedding adds texture to the room. Plus, having big windows helps make everything feel more spacious.

Consider hanging a few lamps on the branches to have an aesthetically pleasing light source. Make sure the style of the lighting will match the theme of your bedroom.

bedroom with tree and customized headboard

This is another wonderful contemporary bedroom with a weeping fig tree. It’s a larger area so there’s more space around the pot but the plant is still positioned beside the bed.

The design uses more wooden material for its interior, which results in a cozier and more down-to-earth ambiance.

You can also decorate the tree with ornaments to add a bit more style to the place. I suggest getting decor made from natural materials as well.

Cherry Blossom Tree

bedroom tree with wooden lantern

Here is a delightful Japandi bedroom that features a beautiful cherry blossom tree in a lovely wicker container.

The light and airy design is a breath of fresh air. It’s a simple and minimalist aesthetic that will suit small bedrooms perfectly. 

The sheer curtains and paper lanterns are a great touch that contributes to the softness and breeziness of the bedroom.

Rustic Wooden Tent

bedroom with triangular wooden canopy and treeINSTAGRAM @zebodeko

This rustic and bohemian design is a great example of a budget-friendly way to create something magical.

It displays a grand wooden tent frame to go with the tree and the little logs on the floor. A canopy is also hung behind the bed for a comfier and alluring effect.

You can also wrap around some vines along the tent for extra style and to just have more greenery around.

Bohemian Bedroom Design

bedroom with plants on ropesINSTAGRAM @luxurycrush

Last but not least, one of the best interior designs to decorate your houseplants around is an all-around bohemian one!

This bedroom uses warm lively hues and endearing decorations such as a macramé piece above the bed and macramé plant hangers across the ceiling.

The design also keeps multiple plants on tabletops and window ledges. It even has a gorgeous devil’s ivy as a statement piece beside the bed.

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