Dusty Rose Bedrooms: 16 Ideas for Small Spaces

There’s a type of pink for everyone and for every place.

If your preference is leaning towards a more neutral and purplish hue, otherwise known as a dusty rose—then you’re in for a treat!

Tons of dusty rose bedroom design ideas can transform your space and we’ve gathered the best of them here.

Wall Sconces Above the Bed

bed with drawers

This dark-toned dusty rose room is nicely illuminated with warm lights from a pair of elegant wall sconces.

It’s important to have good lighting when you’re using a dusty rose color scheme, as this shade doesn’t reflect light as much and isn’t as vibrant as other hues.

I suggest getting wall sconces, lamps, or pendant lights in a design that fits your room’s aesthetics. You can also have multiple light settings to change the ambiance according to your mood.

Gray And Pink Stage Bed With Storage

bedroom with storage bed and cubbies

Playing more into the neutrals, here is a light dusty rose and gray bedroom with several storage compartments.

Pullout storage can be located at the bed’s foot, with shelves positioned on the side and above the bed.

This maintains a tidy room which will highlight the color palette even more. The pale pink flowers also complement the space amazingly!

Floating Drawers And Shelves

tiny bedroom with shelves

In this compact and contemporary bed area, there are distinct line patterns on the wall and floating or mounted fixtures for display and storage.

The design makes the room more sleek and saves up a ton of space. Another standout feature is the bed’s dual function as a seat for the elongated desk positioned at the room’s end.

By leveraging this versatility, you can forgo bulky chairs while still enjoying ample comfort while working.

floating shelf on the corner

In this bedroom, a minimalist approach is adopted for the mounted shelves by using small, plain white ones. There’s also a subtle geometric pattern on the wall to enhance the overall aesthetic.

On one side, the floating shelf doubles as a nightstand. It even has a cute woven seat so you can also use it as a table from time to time.

The touches of dark green complement the color scheme beautifully and add just the right pops of color.

Stylish Statement Mirrors

dusty rose bedroom with round mirror

In this contemporary bedroom, the main attraction is a steel canopy bed and a circular mirror to complete the dusty rose space.

You can get creative with a canopy bed by putting sheer curtains with your choice of design and color. As a result, you get a dreamy and luxurious space.

The carpet with its blend of colors from the room’s motif nicely ties everything together and clearly delineates the bed area.

dusty rose bedroom with wooden csbinet

Here, we have a modern apartment with dashes of pink displays and another statement mirror, this time in a droplet shape to match the aesthetics of the room.

Mirrors are always an effective way to enhance a room and make it appear bigger. When you mount one with a unique design, then it’ll surely be a focal point.

If you’re going with a similar bed placement by the window, I also recommend getting curtains that match the color scheme to help regulate the amount of light coming in.

duay pillows and blanket INSTAGRAM @homeofmissplum

You can also go the extra mile and install a full wall mirror that will elongate and enlarge your room significantly.

To optimize it even more, consider getting cabinets with sliding doors and have the mirror placed on their exterior.

In addition, the bedroom features mauve accents rather than being completely immersed in dusty rose. If you’re not too adventurous with colors, then this design approach is an effective way to pull off a dusty rose bedroom.

Beds With Customized Headboards

dusty rose bedroom with wall frames

A preppy peachy pink bedroom hosts a fun bed design with an intriguing custom headboard.

You don’t have to limit your dusty rose dream to simply painting your whole room the same shade. You can get creative and start incorporating interesting structures to execute the vision!

I love how there are also artworks and decor on display to add pops of color to the room.

wall lamps and recessed wall shelves INSTAGRAM @yellowlondon.id

Here, we can see how a quaint and dainty aesthetic graces this bedroom.

A bed adorned with patterns is snuggly placed between two walls with built-in storage on its side, giving you and your partner a little cubby to put your things in.

You can also personalize your headboard with a playful pattern instead of keeping it plain or opting for a different shape, adding flair to your bedroom.

floating shelf on narrow bedroom INSTAGRAM @_old_court_house_

You don’t have to go crazy creative with the headboards. If you’re going for a more subtle aesthetic, stick to the classics with a simple design.

This room is a vintage dream with charming wooden nightstands, bohemian decor, and a classily embellished bed. 

I love how all the elements work together to complete this visually appealing space. You can also enhance its appearance by simply getting stylish linens.

Semi Alcove Bed With Open Side Shelves

dusty rose bedroom with cubbies

In this dusty rose mauve room, the bed is in a modified alcove design with its length extending from the corner.

Not only is it a space-optimized bed placement, but there are also tall built-in shelves occupying each side to provide even more storage and display space.

The pendant lights are a great way to emphasize the bed area! You can also install a shelf above the bed for more storage options.

Minimalist Built-In Storage

closet with shelves INSTAGRAM @beauinterieur

To truly highlight a gorgeous mauve shade, a room should be mess-free. So, this charming bedroom has both open and closed storage solutions that fill one side for better organization.

On one side, you can showcase your cherished belongings, while the other is designated for your more private items.

You can maximize the space inside the cabinets by adding hooks and organizers to help arrange your clothes and other things.

compact angled wardrobe INSTAGRAM @therowe

In this elegant room featuring a sloped ceiling, you’ll find custom-built storage tailored to the angle of the ceiling.

In one compartment, a small mirror is hung up, so it becomes a mini vanity area. It’s a clever placement since you can hide it away afterward. 

I also love how there is a large skylight in this room. The brightness makes the area look more spacious.

Small Built-In Fireplaces

laundry basket on recessed wall INSTAGRAM @helloflorauk

At first glance, you may not notice but this quaint apartment bedroom has a small, minimalist fireplace right where the woven hamper is.

It can get pretty chilly in the winter and sometimes, we just want to enjoy a nice warm fire in our cozy beds. 

What’s great about this feature is that even when it’s not in use, it still adds a ton of character to your bedroom. You can also use it as storage space!

cabinet and floating shelves on the corner INSTAGRAM @charminglifebyjess

In this chic space, we can see an old-fashioned fireplace that contrasts with the modern color scheme and eccentric decorations.

It’s a room with a little bit of everything with various style concepts. All elements blend seamlessly to create a visually interesting area.

I adore the arrangement of several storage areas on one side, featuring built-in shelves and delightful wooden drawers.

Dainty Toddler’s Room

narrow baby room with flowery wallpaper INSTAGRAM @minnieandmeinteriors

You’re never too young to enjoy a bit of sophistication! Let your toddler go to bed in a cozy and refined room like this.

An open-frame kid’s bed, a cozy chair, ample storage spaces, and dainty wallpaper are all you need to recreate this look for your child’s room.

Make sure there are containers for their toys so they can enjoy this playroom without without creating too much mess.

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