Bedroom Offices: 10 Beautiful Ideas For Small Spaces

Mixing your place of rest and work is often discouraged – but with the right designs, there can always be exceptions.

If you are living in a small space, then sometimes combining the two might be the more practical thing to do.

To help you fuse your bedroom and workspace effectively and stylishly, we’ve curated 10 stunning concepts for compact bedroom offices.

Loft-Style Bed and Office

loft bed with office setup underneath INSTAGRAM @furnituresourcephils

First up, we have a modern loft-style bedroom that is ideal for young kids and teenagers. There’s a nice comfy bed up top and a cozy study area below.

The workspace features an ample desk suitable for studying, accompanied by a sofa tucked into the corner for occasional breaks.

It’s a great way to maximize your child’s bedroom and fit all their school and relaxation needs when there’s limited space.

office setup on loft bed corner INSTAGRAM @vegasremodelsllc

For a sleeker and modern approach, here’s a darker interior loft design with subtle changes in layout and color scheme.

Instead of situating the office directly beneath the bed, it’s positioned off to the side, allowing the space underneath to be efficiently utilized for storage purposes.

I love the basketball-shaped light fixture, it really shows the personality of the room owner. Don’t forget to have some fun with the decorations to make your bedroom reflect your interests!

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Wall-Mounted Wooden Desk and Pull-out Day Bed

tiny bedroom with floating desk INSTAGRAM @ideiasparadormitorios

In this contemporary home, the bedroom consists of a compact day bed with a pullout feature to fit more people and a wall-mounted wooden desk to serve as the office.

It’s perfect for accommodating two people in a space typically designed for just one person.

Try to look out for wall-mounted tables that have a folding mechanism so you can have even more space once you’re done with work!

tiny bedroom on window corner with office setup INSTAGRAM @vivre.studio3d

In this version, the daybed is also accompanied by a large wooden wall-mounted table.

The long wooden table maximizes the length of the small room and the built-in shelves provide ample storage for all your office items.

In my experience, I find that having the wooden table not overlap the daybed lets you move more freely when you lie down to rest.

Wooden Mobile Desk with Shelves

movable bedside office storage desk INSTAGRAM @autumn__collections

Sometimes, we’re faced with bedrooms that lack sufficient space to dedicate an entire area for an office setup. In that case, you can use a mobile desk.

You can even move the desk in and out of your room. The height of the desk is also adjustable, so you can tweak it to fit your liking.

Even though this is just a small addition to your bedroom, the shelves and spacious tabletop give you a lot to work with.

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Compact Corner Office

TV and office setup on small bedroom INSTAGRAM @vedoredo

This beautiful beige bedroom divides the office and unwinding area by using both sides of a sharp corner.

Depending on which side you’re facing, you can focus on the task at hand—whether that be relaxing or working.

It’s a quick and easy bedroom office idea that won’t cost you much if you already have a similar corner in your room.

Bedroom with Partition for Office Area

bedroom office with cabinets INSTAGRAM @neonystudio

In this contemporary bedroom, an elegant office space is delineated by a tall glass partition. On the opposite side, the bed awaits, easily accessible when it’s time to rest.

The design is a great way to divide the room without taking up too much space.

Also, since it is reminiscent of most office layouts, you’re sure to get into a productive mode easily in your makeshift cubicle. 

bed with built-in office setup INSTAGRAM @femmepire

In this modern bedroom, the bed is slightly elevated, with the partition serving as a separator between the sleeping and office spaces..

Given the design’s emphasis on vertical lines, you can opt for a midcentury aesthetic by incorporating wooden partitions that exude a similar vibe. It’ll help make your bedroom appear warmer and cozier.

I recommend getting storage units that fit under the desk. That way, you can keep more of your office needs sorted without taking up more space.

bedroom office behind the curtain INSTAGRAM @cotton_and_zinc

This dainty and delicate bedroom contains a tiny office that can be easily concealed by curtains.

If you want a layout that keeps your office discreet but you don’t want to make many renovations or add in bulky pieces—this is the hack for you!

As long as you can install curtain rods somewhere in your bedroom and have the curtains of your choice, then you’re good to go.

studio apartment with bedroom office INSTAGRAM @fotorumahidaman

In this small apartment, there are no interior walls. So, To delineate the bed and office area, an enclosure featuring glass doors was added.

The design allows one whole area for rest and productivity and makes sure you have more space throughout your home.

I love how it’s such a chic way to compartmentalize your home! Try adding a vibrant and fuzzy rug in the middle for a pop of color and character.

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