8 Creative loft ideas for small spaces with high ceiling

If you have a high ceiling, you might want to check out these ideas.

The vertical space is often left unused, which is a shame, because, with the right materials and colors, a loft space can be super cozy, and not just a place for sleeping.

How about sleeping above the kitchen cabinets?

This idea is pretty fun. How would you like sleeping in your kitchen above the cabinets?


Built-in sleeping loft

This solution is pure eye candy. Who wouldn’t love to sleep up there?


This is clearly a custom design, which has been planned as part of a bigger renovation.

Even though you might not be able to copy this at home, you might be able to get inspired from the staircase.

It’s packed with storage inside each step, and can be moved if you need the floor space for a dance party!


A super cool idea, and you can use the top drawers for stuff you rarely need and keep stuff for everyday use at the bottom drawers, where you can easily get to it.

See more from this space.

Classic sleeping loft for normal ceiling height

This is a good idea for the home office, if you want to use it as a guest room occasionally.


The ladder is pretty big and could be replaced with something more subtle.

Loft bed with walk-in closet

This idea is from one of our Home Tour Videos on our Youtube channel.

It’s actually our most popular video of all time, and when you watch it you’ll see why. These guys have made lots and lots of creative solutions.


There’s plenty of space below the bed for clothes, storage etc.

A great way to utilize the vertical space, and to sneak in a walk-in closet in a confined space.


You can watch the whole video here:

Bigger projects for the major make over

These last ideas are not your average project for a Saturday.

If you have a very high ceiling you can go all-in, and make a bespoke solution like this. But be careful if you are a sleepwalker!


Note how the stairs double function as bookshelves:

loft space

Let’s finish off with a nice one-bedroom apartment.

We love studio apartments, and this is surely one of the better!


If you liked these ideas you NEED to see our 35 interior tips for studio apartments!

Sources: Pinterest and iemo.jp

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