5 Space-Saving Furniture Ideas for Home Offices

Downsizing often requires creative interior solutions, and multi-function furniture is a great way to make the most of your space.

Whether that’s the case, or you just want to be able to work from home from time to time, it’s a good idea to be able to have a small workstation at home – whenever you need it.

We have looked at some creative options for creating that workspace in a small apartment.

Optimally you don’t need a permanent spot to work from home, but space you can fold-out or transform into a temporary work environment – whenever you need it.

Here is a good mix of DIY-style solutions and designed furniture that can be used for that.


Get it here for $899 including shipping.

Double desk – fold out to reveal your stuff + extra space

This desk is a cool DIY-project that shouldn’t be too hard to pull off.

I love how you can slide out an extra tabletop, with lots of space for paperwork, pencils, and other creative stuff.

If you (like me) like to have drawings and sketches in front of you while working, this piece of furniture is a good idea for the small home office space.


You can see the original idea here at the designer’s website.

Easy DIY Fold-down table for the small home office

This one is another smart folding table, that will take up almost no space when you don’t use it.

It has built-in storage to contain some work related stuff, so you don’t need to pack your stuff away between working hours.


It’s a very simple construction, but if you don’t have the skills or time to build it, it’s available here for $174 including shipping.

Full-size work table desk (hidden as a sofa table)

This table is pretty genius.

It can be used for several purposes like a sofa table, dining table, hobby table etc. but in this case, we want to use it as a hidden office table.

You can have all your paperwork spread out at this huge table at the same time, and when you are done, you just push it down, and in a few seconds, it’s hidden as a sofa table.

I think it’s it’s very nice to be able to have a lot of space for creative work, drawings and ideas.


You can find here at $1.695 besides some other cool tables.

Move the office out in the garden

This last idea is pretty crazy, and probably not something you just go ahead and build or buy, but we just loved the idea (the photo actually).

How about working inside a small cube in your garden, in a 100% noise-free environment?


These cubes are produced and sold in U.K. by Officepod.

Personally, I’d love to be able to work from my garden in one of their cubes.


Other Ideas:

cabinet with hidden desk INSTAGRAM @smartfurnituregta


wardrobe with built-in office setup INSTAGRAM @concreta_arq


hidden desk by the window INSTAGRAM @truelove_designs


cabinet with pull-down desk INSTAGRAM @lozi_designs


cabinet with desk and side storage INSTAGRAM @tatlerhomes


Wall desk on ropes INSTAGRAM @wedowood


under bed office setup INSTAGRAM @malta_house_of_character


under stairs office setupINSTAGRAM @pennies_for_a_fortune


movable bedside desk INSTAGRAM @thespacecube


movable desk with cup holder INSTAGRAM @aikea_homesbyada


desk on balcony railings INSTAGRAM @pacificatinyhomes


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