Small Dining Tables For 2

In Furniture by Morten Storgaard

There are lots of creative solutions to utilize this space, and the dining table is a crucial part.

We have tried to put together some creative solutions and styles, to inspire you for optimizing your dining area.

Narrow width dining table for 2

This table is a very well designed table for the small kitchen/dining room, where a table with a narrow width is needed.

It’s high gloss white with metal legs, and it can serve as a console against the wall, or be folded out to be a small dining table for 2- 4 persons.

It’s 47,5” (121 cm) long, so it can sit up to 4 persons if you must.

small folding dining table

Small dining table (narrow width)

Find it here for $359 with free shipping.

2-8 person dining set for small spaces

This next one is one of our all-time small space dining set!

It takes folding and space-saving into the next level. You can use it daily for two persons, and pull it out to seat 8 people – And it looks awesome too!

Big / Small dining table for 2-8 people

Big / Small dining set for small spaces (2-8 people)

Just today I did a little more research on this table and found it over at Amazon at a much better price.

You can also find it here for $1,900 (Shipping included).

Not cheap, but you get a full-size dining table for 8 people, that you can easily fit into a small apartment.

You can store the extending plates under your bed, behind a closet or wherever you have a little-unused space. Just waiting for the next occasion for you to transform your space entirely.

That means that you can use your small space for a lot of new purposes like birthdays, dinner parties etc.

This next one is from Ikea:


Very nice design. The 4 chairs fit perfectly on the rounded corners of the table. Neat.

Pub tables / High tables for 2

Pub tables are actually just high tables like we know them from pubs and cafés. They are good because you can place the chairs below them when you need the space for other purposes.

Pub tables give you a nice feeling of a cafe or lounge.

There are a lot of stylish solutions, and this one is from a Danish design company called Holmris.


It’s not for sale outside Denmark but we included it because we are big fans of Scandinavian design. Scandinavia has a long history of designing furniture.

The next table has a side leaf for an extension.

By flipping up that extra part of the table you get a little extra space when you need that.

This one cost $188 (shipping and stools included).

This next pub/bar table is more stylish and sophisticated, and will also fit in most apartments and small spaces. It’s made in black polished steel and comes with two chairs.


Get it here for $210 (with shipping).

The last one can fit 4 people, but if you want to use it as a dining table you will have to use the kitchen counter for the food. The chairs fit nicely below the table, so they don’t take up space when not needed.

It has a nice finish and clean lines. It’s made of steel and the 4 stools are included.


This set cost $368 (with shipping).

Well, we hope you got inspired. What does your dining area look like?