23 Clever Folding Tables You Can Afford (Pictures & Prices)

We LOVE folding tables.

We have written about folding furniture for almost a decade and here are the very best options we have found!

Let’s get started!

Let’s start with tables that fold up on the wall. They are pretty basic tables based on a simple and amazing idea.

Tables That Fold Up On The Wall

Tables that fold up on the wall is just brilliant.

Let’s start with a couple of tables you can hide anywhere with a blank piece of wall.

1) Small Dining Tables That Folds Up On Shelves

These tables are very easy to install and they are extremely affordable. They only cost around $100-200 and they will fold away nicely when you need the space for other purposes.

These types of tables are available here for $174 including shipping.

A great idea is to apply chalkboard paint on the front part of the table.

By doing so you can use the table as a chalkboard both when it’s in an upright position and when it is folded down.

2) Similar Solution With Storage On The Front

This is a similar design that hides away nicely in the kitchen.

It’s a little deeper in the shelving unit and will hold plates and glasses as well as mugs. A great idea if you only need seating for two people. Couples can certainly save a lot of space with this piece!

Homemade fold-up table for dining

3) Table With Mirror That Folds Up On The Wall

You can also go a little crazier and hide the table inside a large mirror. It’s a GREAT way to incorporate a table into an existing piece of furniture (more on that later!).

We all need a mirror in the house somewhere and by hiding a table inside it you have truly made a space-saving choice!

Wall table with mirror (multifunctional furniture)

It’s not for sale, though, and it’s something you will have to build yourself. But it should be doable as it only requires a few pieces of wood and a couple of hinges.

Cheap Plastic Folding Tables

4) Small Plastic Folding Table

These tables are primarily used for camping, garden parties, and when you need to seat a LOT of people.

These are all found here and they typically start around $50.

[su_box title=”Tip”]You can also find a good selection of these folding tables at Home Depot. Here are the best (and cheapest) models from Home Depot (links to homedepot.com).[/su_box]

They come in all shapes and sizes.

5) The Classic Plastic Folding Table

This one is bigger and will stack well if you want to store several for when you need to seat a lot of people. They are also pretty popular in churches, clubhouses, etc.

So, how do you fold a folding table?
You start by tipping the table on the side so the table rests on the side of the tabletop. Then you can fold each leg up under the tabletop. The legs lock together and you can now move the table easily.

These plastic tables also come in disguise as a suitcase!

6) Table Hidden Inside A Suitcase

This little transformer will pop out of a suitcase and seat 4 people in no time:

You can check the prices here.

It’s actually a pretty amazing design that can be yours at only $130! That’s dirt cheap for a camping table that does all that.

It will fit anywhere in your camper or you can use it in your garden with you have the grandkids over. They will love the folding mechanism of this little fella!

7) DIY Table Below Window

It doesn’t get much more simple than this!

This table is made with piano hinges that are mounted below the window frame and mounted directly unto the table.

When the table is folded down it doesn’t take up any space and you can quickly fold it up to start working or create a cozy little bar area!

floating table attached to the wall

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8) Cheap Solution You Do Yourself

Here’s another take on the same idea. We came across this table inside a tiny house we filmed in Florida.

You can see more about this tiny house (and the table) inside the first video tour in our blog post here about tiny house interior ideas.

Small wall-mounted table in a tiny house (up-position)

Here’s a picture of the table in folded-down position.

As you can see, it doesn’t take up more space than the window frame itself. So you don’t really take anything away from the square footage by adding a table like this below a window!

Same folding table being in the "down position"

9) Bespoke Solution In Living Room

This next one is a pretty genius idea.

It’s a table that completely hides away inside the wall between two large windows.

Notice how they have utilized all the wall ALL The way up to the ceiling. It’s a great idea as you will get as much seating from it as possible by doing it this way!

Full-size pull-down table mounted on the wall

Dining Tables That Folds Into Console Tables

These systems are very popular.

We have seen a ton of variations on this basic idea and here are some of the most affordable options you have if you intend to buy one of these.

10) The Extendable Console –> Dinner Tables (King Of The Category)

Let’s start with the winner of the category. It’s not cheap because it does have some very advanced retractable parts.

Believe me, I’ve built one myself with my wife! (as we will show below).

It’s an incredible extending table transformer.

We actually filmed this model:

The model in the video is the best and most sturdy model of the console dining table we have to date.

You can get it here online.

The model is called the Junior Giant console to dinner table by Expand Furniture.

Heres’s another version of a similar model.

[su_box title=”Tip”]We have dedicated an entire post to this type of table. Here you can read our article about these great tables and see our cheapest recommendations (You’ll be surprised!).[/su_box]

Today you can get it much cheaper than just a couple of years ago. They used to cost several thousands of dollars.

Please note we are talking about affordable folding tables. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are all under $200. Some of these tables are advanced machines that can fold, extend, flip, and be hidden away and they do require some complicated engineering to function.
If you are looking for very cheap solutions you should look for the DIY options below (there are plenty of inspiration!).

11) Our Homemade Version

We made our own version of the Goliath-style table.

Marias has been making several of our furniture like our Murphy bed with storage built-in but building the Goliath table was a LONG and expensive thing to do.

You can see the finished result here and read about our experiences. The retractable metal parts were quite expensive and it took a long time. So we recommend you consider the cheaper alternatives that are out there on the market. We have a list here of the cheapest places to find these amazing tables.

Goliath DIY table inserting leaves to extend the length

12) A Cheap Alternative For $269

It’s definitely also possible to find even cheaper alternatives to the Goliath-style table.

This table is a classic table that can be pulled out to seat around 8 people. It’s not as stylish as the models above but the price point is definitely also different. This table is only $269!

We have found it here at Wayfair (with free shipping).

There are also other great options when you click the link above.

This table is a GREAT place to start if you have a limited budget and need something that really saves you space. It’s a cute little console table until you need a big dining table. It only takes a few seconds to transform it into a large dining table.

Clever Fold-In-Half Tables

13) Simple DIY Console Table That Folds Into a Dining Table

There are also many great DIY solutions out there.

This table is something everyone can build and if you choose a beautiful piece of wood for the tabletop you can make something really beautiful!

I personally love wood and I like to have wood in our apartment as it adds an organic feel to our otherwise pretty stripped-down apartment space.

The only thing you need is a couple of hinges and you can make the sides of the table fold down along the sides.

14) Stylish Table That Flips Over (To Seat 6 People)

This last alternative to the console table is designed a little differently than the others.

Instead of folding the table together with retractable metal parts it just folds over on the middle of the tabletop.

When you fold it over you cut the tabletop space in half and it can easily be stored up against the wall as a console table. The metal legs will also fold out to make it stable. Another great and really simple take on the console-to-dining-table idea.

small folding dining tablesmall folding dining table

Dining Tables That Folds Into Sofa Tables

We also find a ton of great ideas when it comes to sofa tables that can pop up to double-function as a dining table.

This table is a classic actually. It has been designed over and over again and here are the best options, if you ask us. They are not very cheap but the piston systems of these tables need to be high-quality for them to work for decades.

15) Stylish White Finish

You can check the prices on these tables here.

I love how stylish and thin the construction is. Sometimes these folding tables become rather chunky and bulky in the design in order to hide all the hinges and moving parts.

But these tables are as sleek and well-designed as any other dining table you would want in a minimalistic home.

Tables That Folds Into Other Furniture

Other tables are designed so they can fold into other furniture pieces. Sometimes they fold into a kitchen countertop (like the model below) or they will be mounted on the front of a Murphy bed.

16) Dining Table Hidden Inside a Kitchen Counter

This table is based on a very simple idea.

You simply pull out a lot a full-size dining table from below the kitchen countertop. A brilliant idea that should be much more widespread than it is if you ask me!

Check out how sleek the design here is!

Kitchen counter hides a dining table

Unfortunately, it’s one of those ideas that haven’t made it into production. But you would also need to buy a new kitchen to make it work. It’s something you need to think about BEFORE you build your kitchen, preferably.

17) Writing Desk That Swings Out To Double In Size

Here’s another variation on the same theme.

This fine little writing desk can fold out to double in size. On the fold-out-part, you can have a ton of storage. It’s great for artists who want to be able to quickly transform their desk into a creative space.

You don’t have to clean up the tabletop if you just move all the stuff down into this added table space!

We haven’t been able to find it in production anywhere but it should be something most people can build themselves as the construction is rather simple.

18) Writing Desk Hidding Behind a Murphy Bed

Another classic idea is to mount a writing desk on the front of a Murphy bed.

It’s a great idea, and the only problem here is that you need to remove EVERYTHING on the table every time you go to sleep. So it probably wouldn’t work well for people who like to have a lot of stuff on the table or if you are working on an on-going project.

We found this table inside a BRILLIANT tiny house we filmed a couple of years back. You can see the full home tour of this tiny house on our blog post here.

DIY Murphy Bed (Twin bed) with a fold-up desk

19) Desk Shifting Into A Bed System

There are also other ways to incorporate the bed into table furniture.

This is another DIY idea where the builder has hidden a bed (and a TV!) below a writing desk. You simply fold up the back of the furniture piece to open up into the sleeping area.

There’s a thin mattress inside the frame and within seconds you’ll be able to take a nap or get a good nights sleep.

20) Ping Pong Table Hidden Inside a Door

Some people go totally overboard on the creative part. This door can fold down to double-function as a ping pong table when you are having guests over. A really cool idea and a great way to use the doorway for entertainment.

It’s a brilliant example of out-of-the-box thinking.

Normally we don’t utilize the space around a door too well. But with this idea, you can get a lot of fun when you are having friends over!

Very Creative And Extreme Folding Tables

Many architects and designers have crafted their own take on the space-saving table for small apartments. And many really cool folding designs have come out of it!

21) Dining Table That Can Double In Size

This table is really beautiful and easy to operate.

You simply grab the tabletop and turn it around to double it in size. Check out how it swirls to seat four extra people. It’s perfect for the small apartment where you want to be able to seat a full dining table.

You can check the prices on these tables here.

It’s actually on sale as we write this blog post.

22) Round Dining Tables That Folds Completely

This is an example we found as a gif. The man in the picture grabs the flat piece of furniture and folds out a round dining table in seconds.

It’s great if you need extra seating for special occasions.

Table for Small SpacesTable for Small Spaces

23) Space-Saving Square Dining Table

This is another great design for a table that can be stored in a small space. It hardly takes up any space when you place it up against the wall or behind a closet.

It will fold and flip out to become a long table or you can turn it into a bigger square to seat people closer together.

Folding Chairs That Work Well With These Tables

Now that you have gotten inspired to get a folding table you might be considering what to do about the chairs for the table.

Luckily, there are a ton of great ideas for folding chairs as well. There are great designs for dining chairs and other types of chairs.

[su_box title=”Tip”]We have written a separate post with the best folding chairs we have come by. It’s definitely worth checking out if you need some chairs to go with your table.[/su_box]

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