7 very unique and cool Chair designs

Published On June 11, 2016 | By Maria Fredgaard | Tables / Chairs

Extreme fold-out chair

This chair is made from 100% recyclable paper material, and can seat up to 12 people!


It is sold here online for $459!

You would think it didn’t last for may years, but its actually very durable. Read more about it here.

Two-legged illusion chair

If you want something truly unique this chair is pretty cool.

When you first see it, it appears to be defying gravity, by balancing on only two legs.


Pretty clever.

It’s not a trick.

The shadow is actually part of the design, and it’s a steel plate, that is attached to the front legs.

5 chairs in 1 ottoman

This ottoman is stylish and very practical when you have guests coming over for a party in a small apartment.

You pop it open, and out comes 4 chairs:


You can get it here for $999 including shipping.

Chair and sofa in one

This chair is one of a kind. It can fold out to become a full-size sofa:


It’s designed by Albert Lu from Taiwan, and we haven’t been able to find it for sale anywhere, so it’s probably just a concept chair made in very few copies.

Chair, chaise lounge and bed in one

With it’s sleek design this chair / bed is a nice element in most living rooms.


Get it here $410 including shipping.

In a few seconds, you have the perfect guest bed, and it doesn’t look to bulky as a chair.

Folding “envelope” chair

This chair is made from strong sustainable polypropylene, and it only weighs 11 lbs – but supports up to 353 lbs as a seat!


Get it here from $149 each (packs of four).

Folding chair

This chair is space saving and beautiful.

It can collapse into a very flat design, and be stacked and stored in a tight space.

It’s made by the Tierney Haines architects.

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