29 Brilliant Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces (Affordable)

May we present: The best furniture for small spaces we have come by – some very clever tables for the small apartment, etc.

When you want to live in a small apartment or tiny house, it’s a good idea to invest a little in furniture designed for small spaces.

These are some of the creative solutions we have found, that we can recommend. Great design is timeless, and here are some good examples.

1) Folding wall table for small spaces

Folding wall table
Folding wall table

The best piece of furniture for small spaces we have come across: A folding wall table, that hides away as a wall picture when collapsed!

This folding wall table is so well done, and you have to look closely to notice, that this is not a regular picture frame.

2) Murphy beds

Murphy beds are great space savers for small homes.

It’s traditionally a bed that folds away in a closet, but today the concept has been refined and redesigned over and over.


You can buy this bed at $759 here incl. shipping.

Here’s an overview of online Murphy bed stores:

StoresPrice rangeMurphy bedsVisit
Wayfair$-$$179Visit here
the Lori Bed$-$ (!)4
Visit here
Expand Furniture$$-$$$35Visit here
Amazon$-$$$+200Visit here

We love Murphy beds, and we also have one installed in our bedroom.

You can see it here:


We use it daily, and it’s a great way for us to be able to have a living room, a bedroom AND an office in our 430 sq.ft. apartment.

If you are remotely interested in Murphy beds you have to see our post about the best Murphy beds online that you can actually afford. Murphy beds are often overpriced so we decided to find the cheapest options online. It took some digging but we found several good options that are really well designed.

Just remember to create good circulation in the room for good air flow when you sleep in your living room.

storage bed with wall bed INSTAGRAM @casakidsbk

Here is another Murphy bed that’s a brilliant addition to any bedroom tight on space.

Those overhead cabinets are handy for storing all your bedding and pillows, and the underbed drawers are perfect for stashing away clothes or shoes.

The dark wood finish adds a touch of elegance and coziness to your room, no matter where you put it.

Whether you’re in a studio apartment, a guest room, or even a home office, this Murphy bed fits right in.

3) Sweet little dining table for four

We found this dining set at Wayfair and we were amazed at how cheap it was (around $300!).

This Nordic design is actually a lot cheaper than it looks. Scandinavia is well known for their design skills when it comes to simplicity, but they are also normally quite pricey. This one though is only $258.

It’s wood and the dimensions are 30 inches x 42 inches x 42 inches. The 5 pieces fit well together, and they feel like one piece of furniture¬†when the chairs are one place.

4) Four Tabletops Pops Out

Furniture to small spaces
Furniture to small spaces

This is a neat little table with slide-out features.

It doesn’t take up much space when in collapsed mode, and when you have guests over – or you need more space – you just pull out all the extra leaves – and you instantly have five times the table surface available!

The design is very simple and perfect for a small family, as the leaves are mounted in different heights. Perfect for a small space and tiny houses. The small holes in the table let air circulate, and is a great idea if you keep tea and other food stored inside the table.

5) Collapsible console to a dining table

This one can double in size. The tabletop can be folded out to transform this table from a console table to a small dining table, that will do fine for smaller occasions.

It is one of the more affordable collapsible tables.


You can find it here at Expandfurniture at only $599. They have A LOT of really cool space saving furniture that is either foldable or expandable. Totally worth checking out if you live in a small apartment or house!

6) Sofa table elevates into a full-size dining table

This is another one of our favorites. It so well designed and small when collapsed, and everybody is amazed when the magic unfolds!

You just put a little pressure on the tabletop, and you can lift it up.

It is piston operated just like an office chair, and the two leaves are hidden inside the table. Very clever and it’s too expensive either.


You can find here at $1.695 besides some other cool tables. We also found this at the same shop that we praised above. Check it out if need a smart dining table or another hideaway solution.

7) CHEAP Expandable Coffee & Dining Table

This table was actually pretty hard to find. We had to flip through a ton of category pages in order to find this bargain.

These kind of tables are typically very expensive and hard to come by. But this one less than $300 over here at Wayfair!

A REALLY good price for a foldable dining table of this kind!

8) Folding dining table furniture for small spaces

Table for Small Spaces
Table for Small Spaces Table for Small Spaces

The F2 Table from Nils Frederking stands out as being one of the fastest tables to set up and fold away.

You don’t have to store the extension leaves in separate places, because the extension leaves simply fold in together with the table.

9) Extreme space saving table

This table is great! When collapsed it can serve as a console table with e.g. a bouquet of flowers.

When you pull the table out it can easily fit 10-12 people for a nice dinner night.


We have only seen it online with free shipping here.

Click here to read more about This table and the Goliath Table. (video post).

This kind of table also fits well with the northern minimalistic style in modern homes today. E.g if you need to match it to the white lines of a heat pump, or if you have white electric radiators, etc.

10) Coffee table with laptop shelf and storage

This coffee table is really neat. If you (like me) likes to work from the sofa from time to time you will appreciate this sofa table.

You can fold up a nice desk to hold your laptop and papers, and you can also store stuff like magazines, chargers or other good stuff in the hidden drawer.

Simply genius.


You can find it here for $995.
We LOVE this store. They have SO many great designs. They only sell furniture for small homes that are either convertible or expandable. 

This table is also great for families living in small spaces. Toys tend to crawl in everywhere. Check this article for tips on how to declutter toys in the living room – and leave the rest inside furniture like the one above.

11) Camping Table

Furniture for camping
Camping Table

Check it here at Amazon.com

This camping table is quite amazing. The camping community has developed a lot of great furniture that saves space, and this table is no exception.

It even has a nice handle so it’s easy to carry it with you.

12) Stylish 3-in-1 table / seats

These three tables/seats are really nicely designed – it doesn¬īt get more simple than this. It speaks for itself.

When you have guests over and need extra seats, you simply pull out the two smaller parts inside the furniture.

We found it here at Wayfair at the best price online. It’s a very cheap way to hide three extra chairs for when you have family and friends over.

You can actually let people sit on each of the little seats. They can carry 300 pounds! So don’t worry that they will break.

13) Ola table

table for small spaces

This Swedish design by Akka is beautiful, but also quite expensive.

It can fold away to take up almost no space, and when fully extended it can fit up to 4 people on each side for working, or maybe 12 people for dinner.

14) Coffee tables with storage

This table has storage inside and is a good way to hide some extra stuff inside your living room. It folds up beautifully and has a sleek design with a Scandinavian touch.

You can get it over here at Wayfair with free shipping. I love how it will let you work at a normal desktop height as well as double function as a pretty spacious coffee table with a slide-out!

table with hidden drawer INSTAGRAM @elements_lb

Now, here’s a modern coffee table that’s perfect for any contemporary living room!

What’s cool about it is the discreet drawer tucked away neatly, without any visible pulls messing up the smooth look.

It’s like a secret compartment for stashing away stuff like remotes or magazines, keeping your living space clutter-free.

It’s sleek, it’s stylish, and it’s got just the right amount of storage space to keep things tidy and organized.

15) Cool coffee tables with hidden stools

There are several options here that you need to see for yourself. You can check out the many designs here at Wayfair.

I love how many ways the designers have pulled off these solutions where they hide chairs inside the coffee tables. It’s a great way to hide extra seating for guests!

This is so well designed. Love the simplicity and the straight lines go into this design.

The stools can hold a lot of pounds!

Related article: 17 Bar Stool Seating Nooks For Small Kitchens

16) Tall bed with plenty of storage


It cost $562 here at Wayfair.

They have a great selection of trundle beds. You should check it out if you need inspiration for how to add storage under your bed!

If you want to optimize your sleeping area you need to check this out! We also a great list-post here with our very best solutions for installing a bed in a TINY space. It’s an extensive post with a lot of creative solutions you can do yourself or have installed pretty easily.

A great solution for getting that extra storage in the bedroom. It can easily hold all your clothes as well as bed linen, extra pillows, etc. It comes in three different colors.

This dark wood color, brown and a black.

compact storage bed INSTAGRAM @potterybarnteen

This modernist captain’s bed is equipped with drawers, ready to stash away your extra blankets, clothes, or whatever you need to keep close but out of sight.

They slide out like a dream, making it easy-peasy to grab your stuff whenever you want.

The bed also has cubbies perfect for showing off your favorite books, adding some cute decor, or just keeping things organized.

It’s like having your own mini library or display shelf right there in your bed!

17) Ironing board and mirror combo

Once you are done with the iron board, you just flip the iron board to use it as a tall mirror, to be able to see if you missed a spot and to get dressed properly.


It’s a French design, and it definitely has that French retro feel to the design. Unfortunately, it’s not for sale anywhere.

This will go very well with almost any interior and furniture, and the red color on the legs and the board is also a very sweet touch.

Here are 5 other really creative ways to use mirrors in small spaces. You need to see it if you feel your space is too cramped. Mirrors are great for creating a sense of space in your tiny house.

For the small home, this is the ideal way to get a tall mirror into the bedroom.

The tilting mechanism makes it perfect for couples as well, because you just flip the mirror if one is taller than the other.

The only improvement you could wish for in the design of this ironing board would be if the legs could twist 90 degrees, so you could hide it behind a closet or place it flat under the bed.

For a tiny house or a small apartment, this kind of multi-functional furniture is ideal.

18) Window frame mounted drying rack

When you have downsized your clothes, doing laundry is no big deal.

With this cool fold-down drying rack, you don’t have to store a separate drying rack in the closet. You simply pull down the blinds, and they turn into a perfect rack for drying your clothes.


The design is created by Kim Bobin & Ko Kyungeun, and the rack it is perfectly hidden and double function as blinds when you don’t need to dry clothes.

The designers actually won the Red Dot design award for this concept, and one can understand why it found favor among the judges in the competition.

It fits perfectly inside the window frame, and as an indoor solution to drying clothes, it’s pretty neat – also when you consider the fresh air circulation you get, from placing your laundry in the window area.

You might also get natural heat from the sun if you use the rack during the daytime, which will speed up the drying process.

The pull-down mechanism is built into the window frame, to make it disappear completely.

It’s super fast to pull down, and you don’t have to go to the nearest laundry place and stand in line, to be able to dry the clothes.

It is a good fit for tiny houses, as you need to get very creative when you only a few rooms to store everything you need.

19) Ping Pong Door – Table Tennis hack

The Berlin-based designer Tobias Fraenzel came up with this great idea for the small apartment space.

It’s a ping-pong table hidden inside a door, and from one side it just looks like a door, while you can see the actual ping pong table on the other side.


It’s a great gimmick for a young apartment space, where you need to utilize every square foot, and it’s a guaranteed hit among young friends.

It only takes 5 seconds to fold down the table and get ready for a fun game of ping pong. You just push the lower part of the door forward with your foot, and pull down to swivel the table into position.

The net is easily attached, and the door handle will be positioned close to the net, so it doesn’t interfere with the game.

This will also be a great idea for the young office space, where you want an alternative to the classic soccer game.

The price will keep you away though, it’s priced as high as $4,000, so not the ideal idea for the young studio apartment. You’ll probably want to build it yourself.

The construction doesn’t seem too hard to figure out.

With a little help from your carpenter friend, it should be possible to build a table like this during a Saturday or two.


20) The fold-out window adds more space to the tiny apartment

The Argentinian designer Aldana Garcia has come up with some cool ideas, which will add some extra space to the small apartment.


The idea is basically to use the window area as extra space when you fold out the window frame to create a few extra square feet.


It’s a great idea to use the space outside the window because space is very limited in the urban areas.

Here you can see how the window will fold out, to add a couple of extra square feet to the apartment space.

This allows you to sit and relax, and enjoy the view of this city. There are several design ideas, and none of those have been put into production yet. The designer is looking for investors and hoping to put some of the best ideas in the real world.

We especially love this slide-out function, where you can actually sit “inside” or outside the window, and e.g. read a book, or just enjoy the view for a few relaxing moments.


The idea above, will have to be a very solid structure, in order for someone to actually sit outside, and the idea below might be cheaper to implement in existing apartments in the city.

Here you can see some of the initial ideas, from the designer’s hand.

We love the creativity and innovation that goes into these designs, and really hope she will get the funding she needs, to take this into the urban environment of big cities

Who wouldn’t like to take a power nap here?


21) Stacking guest bed

This bed is simple and stylish. So simple you can make it yourself. It’s designed by Hertel Klarhoeffer, a German designer from Berlin.

The bed is a two-part bed that will either stack to fit one person or is a nice American twin-size bed.

It’s a great way to hide an extra bed, so you have an extra sleeping spot.


The system will stack without the use of any tools or hardware, simple and easy.

When stacked it is¬†16.5″ tall (42 cm) + 2.0″ (5 cm) mattress. It’s a nice fit for a couch, and you can use it in the living room of¬†a small apartment every day.

Whenever you have guests staying over, you just fold it out to accommodate a sleeping space for two persons, whether they’re a couple or not.

If you prefer to sleep separated, or if you need lots of seating space during a party, you can also place them beside each other like this:


We have a lot more¬†ideas for space saving beds here. It’s a must-see if you are looking to optimize your bedroom or you need to hide your bed in a very small apartment.

23) Table and shelf in one furniture

As you know we love folding furniture, and this table/shelf unit is no exception!

It’s a table that folds from vertical to a horizontal position, and you can keep everything in place, as long as there are no tall items.

The construction is made from wood and steel, and it can be operated with one hand in one single movement.

Let’s look at some more pictures.

The first picture here shows the furniture in vertical mode (“shelf-mode”):

And here we have it at another angle:

The transformation only takes a few seconds, and the cool part is definitely that you can keep everything as it is, when you want to remove the table and turn it into a shelf unit, or vice versa.

It’s a German design and the system can be found online at germansmartliving.de¬†at 899‚ā¨.

The model is called Swing.

It has wheels under it, so you quickly can place it up against the wall, when dining is over and you want to turn the floor into a dance floor. It comes in six different variants, and two variants are for outdoor use.

The table was presented at the IMM Cologne 2018 furniture show.

It’s actually pretty stylish both as a dining table and as a shelf:

The shelves are made from oak wood and the frame from black lacquered steel with embedded casters.

The dimensions are:

  • As a table: 1410 mm x 1030 x 775 mm
  • As a shelf: 605 x 1030 x 1334 mm (each shelf is 883 x 278 x 23 mm)

23) Cabinet for storing hobby stuff

Hobbies like sewing can be difficult to fit into small apartment space.

This piece of furniture will help you fit everything in one closet, with easy access to the sewing machine.

We found this amazing table at this shop together with several other really cool designs. Definitely worth a peek if you have hobby stuff you need to get out of the way during the day.

If it takes several minutes to pack everything out every time you have an hour to work on your hobby, too often it just doesn’t happen. It has to be easy and quick to get started, and that’s possible with this beautiful piece of furniture.

This unit has lots of shelving space, which is important for most hobbies from fly tying to sewing.

When you are done, you just pack everything away, and within seconds you are ready to use the same space for something else.

The back of the closet has a hole for the cord, so you can have the sewing machine plugged in and ready to roll instantly. A nice touch.

24) Storage Bench with Tip-Out Shoe Racks

pull-down shoe storage seating INSTAGRAM @bekal_interior

This storage bench with tip-out shoe racks is like the superhero of entryways and mudrooms!

It’s not just a comfy seat but also a genius shoe storage solution that’ll keep your space tidy and stylish.

Just tip them out, and voila! All your shoes are neatly stashed away.

You can also use it as extra seating when guests pop by or as a handy spot to drop your bags as you walk in.

25) Day Bed with a Pull-Out

compact couch with trundle bed INSTAGRAM @richardsfurnitureshop

During the day, this bed is just a comfy spot to chill. But when night falls and your friend crashes over, you’ve got an instant extra bed with its nifty pull-out feature.

No need for a dedicated guest room or blowing up an air mattress. This bed does double duty, saving space and hassle.

Plus, it’s not just for guests ‚Äď it’s also your go-to spot for a cozy nap or binge-watching your favorite shows.

26) Day Bed with Storage

Cozy bench with drawers INSTAGRAM @wandererstarot

This bed gives you a cozy spot to kick back and sneaky storage compartments to stash away all your extras.

Plus, it’s a chameleon when it comes to decor. Whether you’re into modern vibes, boho chic, or classic elegance, this bed plays nice with any style.

So go ahead, dress it up with some throw pillows and a fluffy blanket, or add a touch of class with a plush rug and some fancy accents.

The sky’s the limit!

27) Cushioned Benches with Built-in Overhead Shelves

minimalist wooden storage bench INSTAGRAM @thespacecube

Comfy seats, check. Handy shelves for your plants, double check!

These benches give you a prime spot to showcase your favorite plants or prized possessions, making your space look like it’s straight out of a magazine.

Their natural wooden aesthetics also add a touch of rustic charm to any room.

Toss on some fluffy throw blankets and a couple of cute pillows for a snug vibe, or keep it simple with a couple of standout plants and artsy pieces.

28) Overbed Trolley Storage Desk

over-the-bed sliding desk INSTAGRAM @thespacecube

This desk rolls over your bed, making it easy to work, study, or surf the web from the comfort of your covers.

With the side shelves, you also have plenty of room to stash away all your bedside essentials.

When you’re done for the day, simply roll it out of sight to reclaim your space and keep things looking tidy.

Whether you’re working from home or just need to binge-watch your favorite shows, this desk has got you covered.

29) Storage Table

minimalist basket table INSTAGRAM @the_yellow_center

The metal basket might look light and breezy, but it’s actually super stable and easy to grab onto when you’re lifting and shifting the table around.

Also, don’t let its lightweight appearance fool you ‚Äď this table is built tough with sturdy metal wire. It can handle whatever you throw on top and still be easy to pick up and move around.

Plus, there’s a handy handle on the top of the table that makes lifting it a breeze.

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Space saving furniture ideas for small homes. Genius for tiny houses

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