Furniture for small spaces

Furniture For Small Spaces – Tables, Chairs and Beds

May we present: Furniture for small spaces – some very clever tables for the small apartment.

When you want to live in a small apartment or tiny house, it’s a good idea to invest a little in furniture designed for small spaces.

These are some of the creative solutions we have found, that we can recommend. Great design is timeless, and here are some good examples.

1) Folding wall table for small spaces

Folding wall table

Folding wall table

The best piece of furniture for small spaces we have come across: A folding wall table, that hides away as a wall picture when collapsed!

This folding wall table is so well done, and you have to look closely to notice, that this is not a regular picture frame.

2) Murphy beds

Murphy beds are great space savers for small homes.

It’s traditionally a bed that folds away in a closet, but today the concept has been refined and redesigned over and over.


You can buy this bed at $759 here incl. shipping.

Here’s an overview of online Murphy bed stores:

StorePrice rangeMurphy beds 
Wayfair$1,129 - $6,399179
Expand Furniture$1,195 - $9,99535
Amazon$1,100 - $3,499+200
Houzz$1,065 - $8,339127

We love Murphy beds, and we also have one installed in our bedroom.

You can see it here:


We use it daily, and it’s a great way for us to be able to have a living room, a bedroom AND an office in our 430 sq.ft. apartment.

We have featured these beds before – See more Murphy beds here.

Just remember to create good circulation in the room for a good air flow. You can e.g. install a heat pump, that will let your air circulate around, and add fresh air.

3) Sweet little dining table for four


Get it here for $258 with free shipping.

This Nordic design is actually a lot cheaper than it looks. Scandinavia is well known for their design skills when it comes to simplicity, but they are also normally quite pricey. This one though is only $258.

It’s wood and the dimensions are 30 inches x 42 inches x 42 inches. The 5 pieces fit well together, and they feel like one piece of furniture when the chairs are one place.

4) Four Tabletops Pops Out

Furniture to small spaces

Furniture to small spaces

This is a neat little table by Sculptures Jeux.

It doesn’t take up much space when in collapsed mode, and when you have guests over – or you need more space – you just pull out all the extra leaves – and you instantly have five times the table surface available!

The design is very simple and perfect for a small family, as the leaves are mounted in different heights. Perfect for a small space and tiny houses. The small holes in the table let air circulate, and is a great idea if you keep tea and other food stored inside the table.

5) Collapsible console to dining table

This one can double in size. The tabletop can be folded out to transform this table from a console table to a small dining table, that will do fine for smaller occasions.

It is one of the more affordable collapsible tables.


You can find it here at Expandfurniture at only $599.

6) Sofa table elevates into a full-size dining table

This is another one of our favorites. It so well designed and small when collapsed, and everybody is amazed when the magic unfolds!

You just put a little pressure on the tabletop, and you can lift it up.

It is piston operated just like an office chair, and the two leaves are hidden inside the table. Very clever and it’s too expensive either.


You can find here at $1.695 besides some other cool tables.

7) Nuevo Dumas Coffee table

This table has some similarities to the one above, but with a more stylish and Scandinavian touch.

It’s genius if you like to have magazines, books, laptops, or a carpet around the sofa area, as it has nice drawers with lots of space.

Tiny table with drawers

Tiny table with drawers

8) Folding dining table furniture for small spaces

Table for Small Spaces

Table for Small Spaces

The F2 Table from Nils Frederking stands out as being one of the fastest tables to set up and fold away.

You don’t have to store the extension leaves in separate places, because the extension leaves simply fold in together with the table.

9) Extreme space saving table

This table is great! When collapsed it can serve as a console table with e.g. a bouquet of flowers.

When you pull the table out it can easily fit 10-12 people for a nice dinner night.


We have only seen it online with free shipping here.

Click here to read more about This table and the Goliath Table. (video post).

This kind of table also fits well with the northern minimalistic style in modern homes today. E.g if you need to match it to the white lines of a heat pump, or if you have white electric radiators etc.

10) Coffee table with laptop shelf and storage

This coffee table is really neat. If you (like me) likes to work from the sofa from time to time you will appreciate this sofa table.

You can fold up a nice desk to hold your laptop and papers, and you can also store stuff like magazines, chargers or other good stuff in the hidden drawer.

Simply genius.


You can find it here for $995.

11) Camping Table

Furniture for camping

Camping Table

$26 at

This camping table is quite amazing. The camping community has developed a lot of great furniture that saves space, and this table is no exception.

It even has a nice handle so it’s easy to carry it with you.

12) Stylish 3-in-1 table / seats

These three tables/seats are really nicely designed – it doesn´t get more simple than this. It speaks for itself.

When you have guests over and need extra seats, you simply pull out the two smaller parts inside the furniture.

13) Ola table

table for small spaces

This Swedish design by Akka is beautiful, but also quite expensive.

It can fold away to take up almost no space, and when fully extended it can fit up to 4 people on each side for working, or maybe 12 people for dinner.

14) Coffee table with storage


This table has storage inside and is a good way to hide some extra stuff inside your living room. It folds up beautifully and has a sleek design with a Scandinavian touch.

You can get it here for $221 (including shipping).

15) Another cool coffee table with 4 small stools

Pick it up at Amazon at $453.

This is so well designed. Love the simplicity and the straight lines that goes into this design.

The stools also hold quite a lot of storage, a good place to store books, games, blankets, and other stuff you need in your living space.

16) Tall bed with plenty of storage


It cost $562 here.

Great solution for getting that extra storage in the bedroom. It can easily hold all your clothes as well as bed linen, extra pillows etc. It comes in three different colors.

This dark wood color, brown and a black.

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