Space Saving Wall Beds – Italian design

Published On May 5, 2013 | By Maria Fredgaard

This is a new version of the Murphy bed, it is a really intelligent contribution to space saving beds.

Click play and sit tight!

The bed is perfect for your living room, if you don’t have space for a separate bedroom. It is great when you need storage space for books and decorative objects.

It has open shelves on one side, and you can also get it with an attached table.

You can use the table as a desk or dining table, what ever your needs are.

The design is simple and stylish, it would fit right in in the living room, no problem. When you need the bed you simply pull on a handle, you swirl it – and out comes the bed!

Everything stays in place while flipping

The bed is heavy, but it is designed with a hydraulic system, so you can pull it down easily. Blanket and pillows can be fastened with strips, so everything stays in place when the bed is raised up or pulled down.

Once you unclip the straps you are ready to go to sleep.

Space saving beds

Space saving beds from Clei

The bed has a little side shelf you can pull out and use as a night stand. It is nice to have a place to put a glass of water, a book, a phone or whatever you like to keep close at night.

And when its time to get up you just tuck the blanket in place, and flip it back up.

Swirl it  and you will have your decorative shelving unit back again, and you can flip up your desk if you want.

Space saving beds – Get an extra guest room

Its a great design, and its ideal if you want to save money by moving into a smaller apartment, you don’t have to get an apartment with an extra guest room, cause the living room will serve as guest room when you flip this neat piece of furniture.

Besides looking great, one thing that makes me enthusiastic about these beds is that it is a normal bed, with a normal mattress.

You wont feel like you have been sleeping on the floor or on a sofa with an uneven surface etc. The system has a life time warranty and gets full house on stars from me.

Cheaper solutions

There are cheaper solutions too, also with very nice and stylish designs:
Check out this online store (opens in new window) and this one, both with free shipping.

Online stores with Murphy beds

StorePrice rangeMurphy beds 
Wayfair$1,129 - $6,399179
Expand Furniture$1,195 - $9,99535
Modern Furniture$832 - $6,09926
Home Square$1,243 - $2,679110


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