14 Clever Platform Beds With Storage You’ll Love

Discover innovative solutions for maximizing space in your bedroom! Crafting a functional yet stylish sleeping area often poses challenges with limited space.

I’ve explored the intricacies of designing platform beds that seamlessly integrate smart storage features, offering a solution that combines comfort with practicality.

Sleek Bedroom with Platform Bed, Staircase and Cubbies

rustic platform bed with sliding cubbies and stairs INSTAGRAM @industriell_interior

First on the list is a sleek and modern bedroom with a platform bed, staircase, and cubbies. The bed is elevated on a light wood platform that has cubbies underneath.

The bed has a gray comforter and white pillows that contrast with the brick accent wall behind it. There are several plants and framed pictures that add some color and life to the room. Everything just adds up to create a harmonious look in the room!

I love how the platform bed maximizes the storage space and creates a cozy nook for sleeping. The staircase adds a touch of elegance and makes the bed more accessible.

The cubbies are perfect for storing books, clothes, or other items. Notice the sliding doors that can hide the contents and make the platform look neater! 

Modern Platform Bed with Desk and Shelves

platform bed with home office table setup and underneath storage INSTAGRAM @renonation

This minimalistic bedroom features a modern platform bed with a desk and shelves. I love this unique design with the bed is integrated with the desk and shelves, making it a perfect space-saving solution!

This type of bed is ideal for small rooms or studio apartments.

I think adding floor lamps or any lighting strip to the bedroom can make a big difference in the mood and ambiance of the space.

I suggest you choose a floor lamp that matches the color and theme of your bedroom. For example, you can go for a black or white floor lamp to complement the minimalistic design of your bed and desk.

You can also opt for a floor lamp with a unique shape or design to add some flair and character to the room!

Space-Optimized Platform Bed with Lift-Up Storage Underneath

custom made platform bed with lots of storage on all sides INSTAGRAM @home_design.vastu

Now, here’s a platform bed with really hidden storage! The bed has a light wood finish and a sleek design with drawers on one side and a lift-up storage compartment on the other side, which can store clothes, boxes, or other items.

I appreciate how the lift-up storage compartment has a white interior that contrasts with the wood and creates a sense of spaciousness. This type of bed definitely maximizes the floor space and eliminates the need for a closet or dresser!

If you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can opt for earthy tones such as beige, terracotta, or cream for the walls, curtains, and floor. These colors can complement the wood and create a natural and harmonious look.

Platform Bed with Cubbyholes for Books

platform bed with bookshelves underneath INSTAGRAM @goodhomesmag

This modern bedroom features a simple platform bed with cubbyholes for books at the side of the bed. The room has a window with beige curtains that lets in natural light and a white desk with a lamp on the left side.

A plant and a framed picture add some greenery and personality to the right side of the room.

This platform bed provides a convenient place to store and access books. In my experience, having books near the bed can encourage reading before sleeping and improve the quality of sleep!

Platform Bed with Built-in Storage and Drawers

studio apartment storage bed minimalistic

Up next on our list is a cozy bedroom with a platform bed that has built-in storage and drawers. The bed looks comfy and inviting with the white linen and bedding. The room is bright and airy with the large windows and the white walls.

The bed is made of wood and has drawers underneath that provide ample space for storing clothes, books, or other items.

The bed also has floating box shelves above the headboard that can be used to display plants, photos, or decorative objects. Definitely space-saving!

I love how the platform bed maximizes the storage space in the bedroom without compromising on style!

Space-Saving Kid’s Bed with Storage Drawers and Cubbies

tall platform bed with underneath storage drawers and cabinet INSTAGRAM @forest_edge_woodcraft

This features a kid’s bedroom with a space-saving bed that has storage drawers and stairs. There are three drawers, a cubby, and a cupboard that are grain-matched and perfectly blend in with the wood base of the bed.

I think this design is really smart – the bed maximizes the space in the room and provides plenty of storage options for clothes, toys, or books!

I personally wouldn’t recommend leaving the side of the bed open, though, as it might be dangerous for smaller kids who move a lot in their sleep. You should have a bit of protection on the side to prevent kids from falling and hurting themselves.

Lastly, you may opt to add some picture frames and stickers to the wall above the bed to personalize it and make it more appealing.

Space-Optimized Platform Bed with Under-Bed Drawers and Bookshelf

tall plateau bed in the corner with drawers and bookshelves underneath

Here’s another platform bed with drawers. The bed has a wooden base with drawers on one side and a bookshelf on the other. The drawers are perfect for storing clothes, shoes, or precious items.

The bookshelf is a great way to display books, magazines, or decorative objects. Lots of storage space for you!

Also, notice how the bedding is white and matches the walls and the floor.  There are even two plants on either side of the bed, adding some greenery to the room.

I absolutely love the cozy and minimalist vibe of the room! I personally wouldn’t recommend using too many patterns or textures, though, as they might clash with the simplicity of the bed.

This is indeed the perfect spot for enjoying the city view. You can see the city skyline and watch the sunrise or sunset from the bed!

Space-Saving Platform Bed with Built-In Bookshelves

tall plateau bed in the corner with storage

Here’s a bedroom with a modern and minimalist style. The main feature is a space-saving platform bed with built-in bookshelves.

I love how the bookshelves are integrated into the base of the bed as a set of stairs and offer plenty of storage space for books and other items! There is also a shelf above the bed with some plants and decorations.

Another thing that caught my eye in this set-up is the lighting beside and above the bed. It provides a soft and warm light that illuminates the bed and the bookshelves.

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Space-Optimized Platform Bed with Storage for Clothes and Shoes

platform bed wit boots and clothe storage

This features a space-optimized platform bed with storage for clothes and shoes in a contemporary bedroom. The bed has large drawers on the sides and smaller storage spaces on the footboard for shoes or even clothes.

I love how this bed is functional and has a great design aesthetic. Having drawers under the bed is indeed very convenient and practical!

I would recommend adding wall art to personalize your bedroom and make it more attractive. This can also create a focal point in your room and enhance the overall look and feel of your space.

Wooden Platform Bed with Built-In Shelves

diy platform bed with built-in storage minimalistic

This features another wooden platform bed that has built-in shelves – yet here we see a more rustic design. The bed is against a white wall with a window on the left side.

Notice how there are many plants on the right side of the bed to add freshness to the room! Also, the wood color creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

One thing that I noticed about the pillows on the bed is that some have a muted teal color that complements the plants on the right side of the bed. This creates a harmonious look in the room, as it adds a touch of nature to the minimalist style.

Pillows are a great way to add some subtle personality to your room.

Tiny Kid’s Bed with Slide and Built-In Storage

kids bed with slide and underneath drawers INSTAGRAM @aagutic

This is a tiny kid’s bed with a slide and built-in storage in a pink and gold-themed room. A dream room for any little girl!

The bed is made of wood and painted in a light pink color. It has a slide on the left side and a ladder on the right side. Under the bed, there are large drawers for storing toys and clothes. The bed is decorated with a unicorn plushie and a pink and gold canopy.

I love how this bed combines fun and functionality in a small space! The slide adds a playful element to the room and the storage drawers help keep the room tidy. In my experience, kids love having their own cozy nook to sleep and play in.

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Slim Platform Bed with Bookshelf on Headboard

platform bed with bookshelves on the header INSTAGRAM @al_and_imoNext on our list is a slim platform bed with a bookshelf on the headboard. The bed is made of wood and has a natural finish that complements the white and mustard yellow bedding.

I love how the bed is designed with a minimalist approach and does not take up much space in the room.  The tiny storage space for books on the side of the bed is another clever feature of this platform bed.

You can use it to store your favorite books or other small items that you want to keep close to your bed. This way, you don’t have to reach up to the headboard or get up from the bed to grab a book.

I think this is a very convenient and smart solution for maximizing the storage space in a small bedroom!

Platform Bed with Hidden Lift-Up Storage

platform lift up bed for storing clothes INSTAGRAM @ebcosolutions

Here’s a unique idea that features a platform bed with hidden lift-up storage.  The mattress can be lifted up to reveal a spacious storage area underneath for bags, blankets, pillows, and any other items. You can even store your valuable items here!

I love how this platform bed offers a clever solution for small spaces. It allows you to store your belongings securely without taking up extra floor space. 

Small Platform Bed with Built-in Drawers

tiny space trundle bed under platform bed

Last is a small bedroom with a minimalist platform bed with built-in drawers. The bed has a wooden frame and three large drawers underneath, which provide extra storage space for clothes, books, or other items. 

The room has a large window that lets in natural light, and a bookshelf on the left wall that adds some personality and color to the space. The room also has a plant on the windowsill and a picture hanging on the wall, which gives a touch of nature and art to the room.

I love how the platform bed maximizes the use of space and offers a simple and elegant design!

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