Teddy Bear Storage In Kids’ Room: 14 Genius Solutions

Embracing the love of stuffed toys in a child’s haven can sometimes mean wrestling with the dilemma of clutter versus playfulness.

Join me in exploring smart approaches to curate a space that balances functionality with the adorable chaos of beloved teddies!

Space-Optimized Kids’ Room with Built-In Shelves for Teddy Bear Storage

bench with drawers and stuffed toy storage cupboard INSTAGRAM @details.sarl

First on our list showcases a unique way of designing shelves, apart from being space-optimizing. The shelves are custom-made to stand out as features in these built-in cupboards, and they have different sizes and shapes of cubbies.

Another interesting feature for me here is the lighting on the shelves. It is a nice touch that adds some warmth and coziness to the room!

The shelves have small LED lights installed on the edges, creating a soft glow that illuminates the teddy bears and the books.

And of course, I love how the shelves make use of the vertical space and provide ample storage for teddy bears!

Bunkbed with Staircase Shelves in Kids’ Playroom

kids playroom with toys storage belowtye slide INSTAGRAM @the_petit_culture

This features a cozy and playful kids’ room with a bunk bed that has a staircase with built-in shelves. The shelves are filled with teddy bears and other toys, creating a fun and colorful display.

The staircase also serves as a storage solution, saving space and keeping the room tidy! The rainbow mural on the wall adds warmth and cheerfulness to the space.

I love how the bunkbed with staircase shelves combines functionality and creativity in one piece of furniture. It is perfect for kids who love to play and cuddle with their teddy bears. Also, kids enjoy climbing up and down the stairs and pretending they are in a castle or a treehouse!

Diagonal-Shaped Shelving Unit

innovative cupboard design for storing stuffed toys and books INSTAGRAM @circu_magical_furniture

Up next is a very unique shelving unit for teddy bears. The cupboard doors are made of white wood and have several shelves of light wood.

I absolutely love how the diagonal-shaped shelves create a dynamic and playful look for the kids’ room! It also maximizes the storage space and allows you to display your teddy bears in a creative way.

Another thing that caught my attention here is the storage space for books attached to the side of the cabinet. It certainly adds some variety and contrast to the cupboard and the room! What a fantastic design.

Space-Saving Bookcase with Arched Shelves and Toy Storage

stuffed toys and books in a cupboard with boxes below INSTAGRAM @wewnetrzu

This is a cozy and modern kids’ room with a space-saving bookcase that has arched shelves and toy storage.

The bookcase is made of light wood and has a unique design to store books, toys, and decorations. It even has a large compartment with organizers at the bottom that can store many teddy bears and other stuffed animals!

The LED lighting on the shelves is a great feature that enhances the beauty and functionality of the bookcase. It creates a warm glow that illuminates the books, toys, and decorations on the shelves!

Most of all, I love how the bookcase utilizes the angled wall space and provides ample storage for the kids’ belongings.

Space-Optimized Kids’ Room with Loft Bed and Shelves

plush toys and books on a wall-mounted plyboard serving as stairs for the bed on top. INSTAGRAM @austinmaynardarchitects

One of the most unique features of this loft bed is that it has a multi-purpose use. It’s not only a sleeping area with storage space, but also a fun climbing adventure for kids!

The bookshelf to the bottom-left of the bed is not only a storage space, but can also be a desk and a display for teddy bears and toys. Kids can easily access both the bed and the bookshelf by using the ladder or the shelves themselves. So cool!

Another way to make the bookshelf more organized and prevent items from falling off is to use organizer boxes on the shelf or bookends. Organizer boxes are small metal, plastic, or fabric containers that can hold different items. These can help you sort your books, toys, teddy bears, and other items by category, size, or color.

Overall, this design is clever, creative, and practical, as it offers multiple functions and benefits in a small space!

5-Tier Wooden Pyramid Shelf

tiered ladder style shelving unit for teddy bear

Next is a rustic kids’ room with a 5-tier wooden pyramid shelf. The shelf is made of natural wood and has a triangular shape that fits snugly in the corner of the room. Just how cool is that, right?

I love how the shelf adds a touch of warmth and charm to the room, while also providing a practical and space-saving storage solution for the teddy bears. It also creates a visual interest and a focal point in the room!

I would recommend you combine this shelf with some matching wooden furniture and a carpet to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your kids.

Floating Wall-Mounted Shelves for Teddy Bear Collection

floating wall-mounted shelves with plush toys

One of the things that I like about this is how it uses the wall space effectively. The wall-mounted shelf is a smart way to store and display teddy bears without taking up any floor space. This makes the room look more spacious and organized.

The shelf also creates a focal point on the wall, drawing attention to the teddy bears and making them more visible and accessible.

In my experience, this type of shelf is easy to install and can be customized to fit any wall size and shape!

Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer for Teddy Bears

over the door pocket organizer withlots of plush toys

Now, here’s a door with a pocket organizer hanging on it. This is actually designed for shoes, but it is perfect for small stuffed toys!

I love how it saves space, keeps the toys organized, and adds a cute touch to the room.

Another thing I like about the over-the-door pocket organizer is that you can actually hang it anywhere. You don’t need to drill holes or use nails to install it!

You can simply use the hooks that come with it and hang it over any door, closet, or cabinet. This makes it very easy to move around and change the location of your teddy bear storage.

Compact Bench with Teddy Bear Storage Cubes

teddy bear storage cubes that double as seating

Next is a compact bench that doubles as a teddy bear storage. As you can see, the bottom level has four white storage cubes for teddy bears.

One of the advantages of this bench is that the storage is not easily noticeable. The teddy bears are hidden from plain sight, but still accessible when needed. This way, the room looks neat and tidy, without compromising on the comfort and fun of the kids!

Under-Bed Storage Drawers

plush toy and notebooks under the bed storage INSTAGRAM @petiteamelie

This features a minimalist kids’ room with a white wooden bed that has under-bed storage drawers. The drawers are a smart way to store books, blankets, and teddy bears, keeping the room tidy and clutter-free!

I like that the drawers match the color and style of the bed, creating a harmonious look. Also, under-bed storage is a great solution for small spaces, as it utilizes the otherwise wasted area under the bed!

Careful not to overload the drawers with items, though, as it can make them hard to open and close!

Please also take a look at my article for clever baby bed ideas in small spaces.

Under-bed Storage Rollers for Teddy Bears

under-bed rollers for teddy bear storage

This is another clever solution for storing teddy bears in kids’ rooms– the use of a white storage roller under the bed.

The storage roller is easily accessible and keeps the teddy bears organized. It saves a lot of space and prevents the room from looking messy because it is easy to move around and hide under the bed when not in use! 

Kids can easily pull out their teddy bears and play with them on the floor or on the bed. When they are done, they can simply put them back in the storage roller and slide it under the bed!

Small Teddy Bear Hammock

storing stuffed toys on a net hanging on wall INSTAGRAM @the_nest_on_the_hill

Here’s a creative and fun way to store teddy bears in a kids’ room. This teddy bear hammock is a simple and inexpensive solution that can add a lot of charm and personality to any space, while also offering storage.

Another great thing about this hammock is that you can hang it anywhere in the room! You can hang it near the bed, the window, the closet, or the door. You can even hang it on the ceiling if you want to create a floating effect. The possibilities are endless!

This is indeed a versatile DIY storage solution that can suit any style and preference!

Bean Bag Chair with Teddy Bear Storage

plush toys storage using bean bag

This features a bean bag chair that doubles as a teddy bear storage. You know how kids love to cuddle with their teddy bears? This chair creates the perfect cocoon for teddy cuddles!

I love how this is both functional and decorative! It saves space by storing the teddy bears inside, and it also provides a comfortable and soft seat for the kids.

I suggest you combine this chair with a fleece blanket to create a cozy reading nook for your kids.

DIY Bookshelf and Storage Cubes for Teddy Bear

vertical drawers for toys and stuffed toys basket on the corner INSTAGRAM @citysage

Last on our list showcases a clever way of organizing the teddy bears and other items, as the shelves and storage boxes can be used for various purposes.  It certainly hides the clutter and makes the room look tidy and spacious.

I would recommend adding labels to the boxes to make it easier to find the teddy bears or items you want. You can also add stickers to the storage boxes for younger children who aren’t able to read yet.

Enjoyed the ideas in this article? You can also check out my post on storage ideas for a little boy’s room!

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