Chattanooga Tiny House Walkthrough (Video Tour)

We ran into the guys from Tiny House Chattanooga, at the tiny house fair outside Sct. Augustin in Florida in November.

They were kind enough to show us around their newest model: “The Lookout”; which is designed for couples without kids.

No loft and ladders here.

It’s built more like a 5th wheel with a gooseneck, so you can tow it with your truck.

We present: The “Lookout” from Tiny House Chattanooga

As you can see on the video, the house is bigger than most tiny homes, and the high ceiling really gives you a sense of open space, when you enter the house.

The house has lots of small windows just below the roof, to help circulate air.

Here’s a picture of the house from a good angle. You can see how huge it is for a house on wheels. One of the biggest spaces we have filmed, that you can actually tow!

The air flow is particular good with this model, as the space is opened up a lot.

They have installed a fresh air exchanger, because the house is sealed tight with spray foam etc. to keep it well insulated, so you need air circulation to avoid mold in the winter.

The entrance doors are made of glass to let in as much light as possible.

A great idea for small spaces, as light is a very important element to open up the space, and make a tiny space feel spacious.

When you enter the home, you walk right into the kitchen area.

It’s a very spacious kitchen with a normal size fridge and lots of cabinets to store everything you need.

Here’s a picture of the fridge.

As you can see there’s a freezer compartment at the top, and all in all it’s a decent size fridge for a tiny home. Lots of space, so you can grocery shop for the whole week, and save some money whenever there’s a bargain on something etc.

Here you can see inside the cabinet below the sink.

Lots of space for extra storage, and you can also have a double sink, if you prefer sink space over counter spage.

You have an RV type stove big enough for a small turkey for thanksgiving, and you can also choose to have a free standing stove, but this way you get extra storage space underneath the stove area.

Here’s a picture showing the whole kitchen area.

This picture is taken from the raised living space mentioned below.

Beside the kitchen you find a small staircase, which leads up to a nice and spacey living area.

Under this area the guys have installed a washer/dryer combo, which is very useful so you don’t need to more than one unit.

Beside the kitchen area there’s a wall-mounted table, which can be folded up to create seating for dining and everyday use.

Here you see it folded down:

And here it’s folded up.

When you walk up the stairs, you find the main living space.

Here you can place a sofa and enjoy your favorite TV-series or a nice glass of wine:

At the other side of the kitchen you find the bathroom.

It’s a spacious room, with space to get dressed, take a shower etc.

The sink is a normal size sink, and when you slide away the barn-type door, you have a nice view into the kitchen.

In the back you can see the plateau living space, and on the left you have the fold down cafe table.

At the opposite end you have the sleeping area.

Here’s a picture taken from the kitchen in that direction, where you can get a sense of the openness of the whole thing. 

Again it’s an open space, so air can circulate freely and create a nice atmosphere.

The bed is big, and you can lay comfortably with enough space above the bed to not feel claustrophobic.

They have built storage into the stairs that leads up to the bedroom.

When you lift up the handle in the floor, you find a space you can use as wine cellar or extra storage.

A great way to hide some extra storage.

Here you can see another shot of the sleeping area:

Below the goose neck mount you find the propane tanks and the compressor for the air condition.

All this is hidden away from wind and weather, and you can easily access it.

For good balance and stability there are three wheels on each side.

That’s important to even out the weight, and to get a good tow speed and stability on the highway.

As mentioned above the front is mounted on a truck with a “gooseneck” mounting system.

Here you can see the shelf for the propane tanks and the compressor as well. It’s a strong metal construction to secure the house during the tow.

Let’s finish with two more pictures from the outside.

Here you see the end of the house.

And here’s a shot that shows just how long this tiny home really is.

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