14 Great Storage Ideas For Small Kitchens

We tend to keep quite a few items in our kitchens and without proper storage, things can get messy quickly. Don’t let minimal kitchen room prevent you from keeping everything you need within reach.

Here are 15 great storage ideas for small kitchens, so you can make all your delicious dishes with ease.

Space-saving Hidden Display And Storage

A pantry, shelves on the door and drawers all in one INSTAGRAM @kitchenshortcut

This cool, lovely kitchen has a full wall cupboard that opens up to reveal the ultimate storage space for a small kitchen.

The design smartly uses the space to accommodate drawers, shelves, and racks on both sides! 

I love how it’s like having a hidden room within a room! The best thing about it is that once you’re done with your appliances or items they have a place to go, leaving your kitchen area mess-free.

You can close the doors to this storage and the kitchen will go back to looking as good as new.

Wooden Window Shelves

shelf acrossa window with kitchen items

The charming farmhouse kitchen maximizes its area with clever DIY window storage. A couple of wooden panels installed on the window frame is a great way to keep dishes or jars.

The design even makes use of the window ledge for keeping cups and spices.

Another cool thing about this storage idea is that you can do this with other materials you have at home and on as many windows as you please! 

I would suggest matching the shelves to your window color to make all the elements fit in seamlessly.

Minimalist Overhead Shelves

uner-ceiling shelves in small kitchen.

This simple, two-toned, organic kitchen features white interiors and light wooden accents. To keep things from getting messy, the design uses overhead floating shelves to keep the kitchen items.

By storing the plates above the counter, you can maintain a clutter-free tabletop but still have easy access to the dishes. 

The counter lighting complements this kitchen’s aesthetic and all of the elements and decor are harmonious with one another.

I find that minimalist spaces like this can use a bit of greenery.  I suggest adding a plant or two!

Compact Angled Compartments

under-ceiling storage in a small kitchen minimalist

This modern, geometric kitchen uses the irregular space to its advantage with exposed wooden compartments that fit perfectly into the odd corner.

The design also efficiently keeps everything near each other–the stove, the sink, and the storage! Cooking in a kitchen like this will be a breeze. 

If you want to keep things a bit more sleek, I would recommend installing simple cupboard doors over the compartments. You could also use woven containers to add to the aesthetic.

Rustic Spice Rack and Mini-Pantry

tiered narrow shelves next to a kitchen window

This bright, rustic kitchen efficiently blends in a spice rack on its corner wall to save up on space.

The feature utilizes the vertical area available to keep any ingredients and spices in sight and well-lit, being by the window. 

There is enough space to keep a few items on the counter and still work there!

I love how the plants are a great touch to add natural elements to the kitchen.  In my experience, incorporating colorful flowers would liven up the place even more!

Space-Efficient Kitchen Organizers

kitchen storage cabinet using extra vertical space INSTAGRAM @ikea

This burgundy kitchen maximizes its spacious storage even more with nifty organizers.

The best part about this storage idea is that you don’t have to make any big changes to your kitchen or have anything built. You can even add as many of these storage containers as you want to any area of your kitchen.

Containers like this are ideal for people who prefer clean lines and well-organized spaces… on a budget!

Please also read our article about clever table ideas for small kitchens.

Drawers For Pots And Pans

pots and pans storage drawers INSTAGRAM @studiodearborn

A luxurious kitchen with an elegant deep blue counter uses sturdy dark wood drawers with angled slots to keep pots, pans, and kitchen utensils in.

Cooking items are usually the hardest to store in a kitchen. If you don’t want to leave them out in the open, then this design is perfect to keep them out of sight.

I love how classy and clean everything looks. It’s also easier to keep the organization of a kitchen when there are designated places for things to go in.

Customizable Peg and Shelving Storage

pegboard shelving for storing kitchen tools INSTAGRAM @hgtv

This quirky home uses an unconventional, yet smart, means of storing kitchen items: a wooden wall-mounted pegboard.

It’s a nifty and creative way of utilizing the space on an otherwise bare wall. Also, it’s great how you can adjust the pegs and the shelves according to your preference.

Not to mention, the design makes the kitchen fun and functional!

I love how this storage idea also serves as a display where you can place plants and a decor or two.

Tiny Hanging Spice Rack

maximizing the use of narrow kitchen cabinet with door shelving. INSTAGRAM @organisedsimplicity

The monochromatic kitchen makes sure that every inch of its small pantry is used for storage.

Aside from keeping all the items organized in containers, the hanging spice rack utilizes even the back of the pantry door.

I suggest you place more than one hanging spice rack (maybe of different sizes) and use the whole door if you need more storage.

Labeled Containers

small kitchen pantry with sink on the corner INSTAGRAM @homenest_ke

This compact kitchen with large open compartments keeps kitchen items organized in minimalist labeled containers.

Things can get quite chaotic in the kitchen–even if you have sufficient storage space.

Labeling all of your containers and making sure you can see what you’re reaching for is always in favor of a clean, well-kept kitchen. 

It’s great that with just one look you’ll know where to get what you need. You’re also assured that things are placed and returned to where they should be.

Minimalist Wall Shelves on Feature Wall

open shelves on a kitchen wall corner INSTAGRAM @betterhomesandgardens

The modern rustic room uses the limited area on the accent wall to aesthetically display and keep chopping boards, plates, and kitchen decor.

The wooden shelves add warmth to the color scheme and incorporate character into the kitchen. With dual functions as storage and decoration, it helps keep the space in order. 

You can add a few more natural elements to complement the wood, such a indoor vines or hanging succulents.

I just adore how charming this overall interior is. It’s such a refreshing place to prepare meals.

Space-Optimized Pullout Revolving Storage

pull out swivel shelves on kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @beardedbuilders

The immaculate white kitchen hides in its cabinets an innovative feature to store canned goods and other ingredients.

A design like this helps eliminate the need to reach into the deep dark corners to get what you need. All you have to do is turn the rotating shelves until the item you’re looking for is up front.

It’s like a big Lazy Susan for your kitchen items!

If you don’t mind it not being hidden, try getting one of a different size to put on the counter to store spices or herbs.

Narrow Sliding Cupboard Storage

pull out vertical drawer INSTAGRAM @metcabinet

The fresh minimalist kitchen keeps its kitchen tools in a clever pullout drawer – hidden in a cupboard.

The style of this feature allows for easy access to your kitchen tools from both sides. It also lets you get a clear view of the items you’re keeping in them. 

The design is a creative way to store items vertically in small and narrow places. I suggest finding similar spaces in your kitchen to store even more kitchen tools or small pantry items.

I find that placing a vibrant rug and bright decors gives the minimalist design a pop of color.

Small Wooden Drawers for Fresh Groceries

kitchen pallet drawers for storing fruits and spices INSTAGRAM @1909kitchens

This contemporary room found a way to store fresh goods effectively while keeping an appealing interior.

These wooden drawers give you a place to store food items where there is enough air circulation but also have them concealed. 

While this is a customized design, it would be very easy to create your own DIY solution with wooden crates from your local craft store.

I love how endearing this feature is and how it adds character to the kitchen while being practical.

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