5 Clever Tables Ideas For Small Kitchens You MUST See!

Kitchen counter space is often limited in small city apartments, but sometimes you can get that extra space with a little creativity.

Use the kitchen counter as office space

This kitchen counter is pretty genius. Part of the counter can be elevated, so you can stand up and work.


It’s not exactly a bespoke solution for a tiny space, but the idea can be implemented in many ways, and if it will allow you to work in the kitchen.

You might be able to allocate more space, when you can skip office area elsewhere in the apartment.

It’s nice to be able to have an adjustable table, whether you need to cut some vegetables or get some office work done, so you can change work position during the day.

It’s not healthy to sit down too much during the day, so raising the desk is a good option.

If you want to have a good office spot in your living space, without having to dedicate a room, this can be a good solution too.

You can also put in a folding console table, so you have extra space when you have guests over for dinner:

dining-tables-for-2 dining-tables-for-2

We have mentioned this table before, as it is one of our favorite tables.

When there’s no space for a kitchen counter

There are lots of cool kitchen appliances out there, which can help you save space.

If you don’t have room enough to be able to cook, prepare and clean, you can use this type of cutting board.

This way you can use the space around the sink to cut vegetables etc.

For the very compact kitchen, you can choose double-duty appliances like the one below.

This unit combines several basic functions. You have a two burner stow, a pretty decent refrigerator with a freezer and a sink.

It looks like a unit for a dollhouse or kids, but it’s actually a full-functioning kitchen unit.


Its found at this Danish shop. It’s made by Whirlpool, so you can probably find similar solutions in your own country.

You can also put a folding table on the wall, to have that extra space when needed.

There are lots of cheap solutions to this out there, and they are also easy to build yourself. All you need is a few hinges and some wood.


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