6 tips for downsizing your kitchen

Published On January 16, 2018 | By Maria Fredgaard

The kitchen is a good place to start downsizing. Here is 5 ideas for downsizing your kitchen.

 1) Use an Over-The-Sink cuttingboard to get extra counter space

More counter space is always welcome – especially in a tiny kitchen!
This over-the-sink board is a good solution, and its only $26 at Amazon.

It’s perfect for getting a little extra space while cooking.


Over the sink board

2. Place shelves inside your kitchen cabinets


Kitchen shelves inside the cabinets

From $13 including free shipping.

This is a good way to optimize the space inside your cabinets.

A lot of shelving units give very poor possibilities to utilize the space, so shelves like these can help you fit in all your stuff.

3) Remove electric heating panels and replace with heat pump

If you have electric heat in the kitchen, you can create more space by taking the old, energy-inefficient radiators down. Sometimes you can do without, but in colder areas you will need another solution.


You can consider a heat pump. Most of us know them from hotel rooms, but they can be very stylish, like the one in the picture above.

A pump like this will most likely save you both space and money. It will free up space on the wall, and utilize the space below the ceiling. A great idea, especially if you have high ceilings.

4. Use containers that fills out the space in your drawers


Containers that fills out the drawers – to downsize your kitchen

Another good way to avoid empty space in your drawers – It’s especially good for using the vertical space. You can find all sizes of containers at e.g. Ikea.


5) Use chalkboard paint inside the cabinet doors

Chalboard inside cabinets

Chalkboard inside cabinets

A good way to use the inside of your kitchen cabinet doors is to mount stuff inside the cabinet doors.

You can use chalkboard paint to help organize, it’s a good place to write shopping lists, family notes, calendar stuff etc.

6) Stackable measuring cups

Stackable measuring cups

Stackable measuring cups

These are great, and they will really save you space in the kitchen! You can get this set for $38 at Amazon.

Another pretty cool design is this collapsible funnel, which you can sneak in everywhere in your cabins:

We came across it on the Danish interior design shop TrendyLiving.dk.

If you have other good tips for downsizing your kitchen, just share them below :)

…or check out these great space saving dining tables.

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