Pets in Small Apartments | 10 Creative Hacks for Fido

A dog, a cat or maybe a fish.

Which animal do you wish you could fit in your home?

Living in a small space doesn’t mean you cannot accommodate your little friends.


It’s not just the pet that takes up space, all the surrounding equipment does too.

Toys, feeding bowls, baskets etc.

With a little creativity and smart solutions, you can fit it all.

Space for the cat’s toys

A cat is no big animal, but it often ends up taking a lot of space in the living area, because it loves to climb stuff.

Especially in city apartments, where your cat cannot get out on its own, you need to find space for it to play inside.


To substitute a climbing tree, we have found a couple of other solutions that take up less space in the living room.

The hanging baskets save you precious floor space.

If your space is really limited, you can consider using the space below a dining chair:


If you have space of your wall, you can mount shelves on the wall for your cat to climb.

These shelves can be placed in many different ways.


We found these shelves over at this shop.

Even in a small garden or balcony, you can create a playful environment for your cat. A cage with toys can entertain a cat for a long time.

Table with built-in aquarium

Do you dream of having an animal you won’t have to walk?

A fish could be your thing.

It doesn’t make noise and you won’t have to feel bad about coming home late at night.


You can find small aquariums for smaller fish if you haven’t got much space, but you can also go all out and build it into a wall.


You might have seen aquariums built into walls…

…but you can also get a table with a built-in aquarium!


We found the aquarium table on this shop.

Space for basket and feeding bowl

The feeding area doesn’t have to be a central place in the apartment. it can be anywhere on the floor, preferably some place you don’t use anyway.

It can be anywhere on the floor, preferably some place you don’t use anyway.


The dogs above have their own private area in the kitchen.

You can also find space inside cabinets:


If you have extra space below a staircase, it can make a fine spot for your little friends as well:


The feeding bowl must have a place.

Get creative and find a good unused spot.


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