Pots & Pans Storage: 13 Brilliant Ideas (Small Spaces)

If you’re like me and have a bustling kitchen, you know how crucial it is to have a spot for all those pots and pans. But let’s face it, in smaller cooking areas, finding that space can be a real challenge.

In this article, let’s explore a wide range of clever ways to store pots and pans in small kitchens!

Kitchen Counter with Gable Barn-Style Drawers

Triangle drawers for crockeryINSTAGRAM @Elk_kitchens

This farmhouse-style kitchen embodies its theme with beautiful drawers that resemble a gable barn.

These drawers aren’t just for show – they’re decked out with neat inserts that help you squeeze in all your pots, pans, plates, and even your mixing bowls.

What’s more, you can choose to have either a solid frontal or framed glass door. That way, you can turn the drawer from a simple storage solution to a focal point of your kitchen’s decor.

Kitchen Cabinet with a Pull-Out Cookware Organizer

Pull-out rack for hanging crockeryINSTAGRAM @Livecomposed

Check out this kitchen cabinet – it comes with a clever pull-out organizer for your cookware that’s both innovative and saves space.

With its sliding mechanism, you can easily grab your pots and pans without the headache of digging through cabinets or piling them up on each other.

To utilize the organizer effectively, it’s best to arrange cookware based on frequency of use. Keep often-used pots or pans towards the front for easy access.

For more clever solutions to optimize cabinet space, check out my article on storage ideas for kitchen cabinets.

Discreet Tray Under the Kitchen Drawers

Slide out drawers on floorINSTAGRAM @Jensingerdenverrealtor

This low-profile tray is all about making the most of your space while keeping things looking smooth and stylish.

Located at the bottom of the cabinet, it’s perfect for storing those pots and pans you don’t reach for every day, saving you from constantly bending down.

See how the tray’s design complements the cabinet’s style, color, and finish? Minimalist design elements for the cabinet’s exterior will maintain the tray’s discreet nature. Think sleek handles or recessed pulls.

Single-Rail Pots and Pans Rack Under the Shelf

Upper shelf with rod underneath for crockery

In this kitchen setup, there’s a single-rail rack snugly tucked under an overhead shelf. The rack’s design is simple yet sturdy, boasting a lone horizontal rail where you can hang S-hooks to keep your pots and pans safely suspended.

This smart storage solution ensures you make the most of your space without sacrificing any precious countertop or cabinet room.

To enhance the look, consider adding matching hooks or decorative touches that blend seamlessly with your kitchen’s overall style.

Corner Cabinet with a Two-Shelf Lazy Susan

Shelves connected on the door to easily reach crockery itemsINSTAGRAM @Multiwoodkitchens

This lovely kitchen features a rotating two-tiered circular shelf system, commonly known as a lazy Susan, nestled within the corner cabinet.

Its tiered shelves offer ample room for stacking pots, nesting pans, and organizing various cookware items. It maximizes the cabinet’s storage capacity while ensuring everything is within reach.

You can add dividers, bins, or organizers within the shelves to segregate and organize small items neatly.

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Specialty Cabinets with Pots and Pans Storage Drawer

Pullout cabinet for crockeryINSTAGRAM @Cliqstudios

This cabinet offers tailored compartments that efficiently accommodate and organize pots and pans. Equipped with slide-out racks and lid holders, it’s specially crafted to keep an array of pots, pans, and lids.

I love that the drawer’s design aligns with the overall aesthetic of the kitchen cabinetry, matching the finish, style, and hardware.

Its pull-out mechanism also lets you easily reach for cookware without the need to bend down and rummage through the cabinet.

Tiered rack inside a cabinetINSTAGRAM @Home.orga

This cabinet also features a pull-out storage solution to store pots and pans of various sizes and shapes. However, this one has its lid holder positioned on the side rather than on top, and it’s outfitted with shelves instead of racks.

The open shelves can accommodate different pot and pan sizes, allowing you to store your cookware however you like.

With a drawer like this, you’ll have clear visibility of all items for easier selection and retrieval.

Classic Rectangle Ceiling Rack with Hooks

Suspended rack for hanging crockery

This traditional kitchen showcases a rectangular rack suspended from the ceiling. Adorned with hooks, it serves as a versatile storage system to hang pots, pans, utensils, and even kitchen linens.

It’s a timeless and functional storage solution that displays cooking essentials while making sure they’re within easy reach.

It’s best to organize pots, pans, and utensils aesthetically on the rack. Make sure to balance sizes and shapes to create an organized and visually pleasing display.

Space-Saving Wooden Pegboard with Shelves

Hanging pans on a pegboardINSTAGRAM @Hgtv

This tiny kitchen features a wooden pegboard with strategically placed holes and accompanying pegs. It provides flexible hanging options for kitchen utensils, pots, pans, and towels.

The attached shelves add another dimension to the storage, offering space for displaying smaller items, potted plants, or containers.

Feel free to paint or stain the pegboard to match or contrast with your kitchen’s color scheme. You can also add wire baskets to store small kitchen essentials.

Metal Pot and Pan Storage Racks

Tiered shelves for pots

This three-tier rack is made of durable materials, offering ample space to accommodate various sizes of pots.

Its design maximizes vertical space within cabinets or on countertops, allowing easy access to cookware while minimizing clutter. If you have matching pots, you can use the rack to showcase your collection as part of the kitchen decor.

I love how the open-shelved design provides ample space for pots while reflecting an industrial-chic style.

Minimalistic pans and chopping board organizerINSTAGRAM @Trendzoftoday_za

Here’s another metal rack, this time with distinct dividers to store pans in a sleek manner. The dividers create individual compartments, preventing scratches or damage on pans when they bump or slide against each other.

The rack’s open design also facilitates air circulation, aiding in keeping cookware dry and well-ventilated.

Black is an elegant color but you can also choose a finish that complements your kitchen’s style. I suggest going for sleek metallic finishes or matte colors for a contemporary touch.

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Narrow Kitchen Cabinet with Storage for Pots, Pans, and Baking Trays

Vertical cabinet with shelves and hanging rackINSTAGRAM @Masterbrandcabinets

Crafted to fit into slender spaces, this custom cabinet is complete with shelves and a ceiling rack to store pots, pans, and baking trays.

I love how the cabinet’s compact design maximizes vertical space while ensuring easy access to essentials. Its interior layout is also equipped with a sliding system for easy and quick retrieval of cookware essentials.

I suggest installing LED lighting within the cabinet to illuminate its contents and make it easier for you to locate specific items.

Kitchen Cabinet with Deep Drawers for Pots and Pans

Deep drawers in small kitchenINSTAGRAM @Nobilianorthamerica

This stunning contemporary kitchen has a kitchen cabinet with deep drawers for storing pots and pans. It’s a great way to keep essentials within easy reach while freeing up space in cupboards.

You can use the drawers to categorize cookware based on size or function. Drawer dividers will make it easier to efficiently organize pots, pans, and lids.

Notice also that the drawers are right under the electric cooktop. They’re in the most convenient location within the kitchen!

If you need more inspiration to style your small kitchen, head over to my article on small kitchen layouts that look amazing.

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