Goliath Table | 3 Extreme Pull-Out Dining Tables (Affordable)

The Goliath table is a state of the art foldable dining table.

It is an amazing space saving table, and it’s one of our all-time favorite space-saving pieces of furniture!

You can pull it out to seat 12 people comfortably or you can fold it together as a tiny console table. It’s almost a magic table.

You should also check out the newer and upgraded alternative: the Junior Giant from Expand Furniture.

There’s one catch though, it’s crazy expensive!

So we have some cheaper alternatives for you below as well!

See the Goliath table in action here (Video)

We got a chance to film it in Denmark at a space-saving store in Copenhagen.

Let’s take a look at the table in action.

This table is the latest upgrade from the original Goliath design from Italian designer Ozzio. It’s very light and can carry a heavy load.

It is a very flexible piece of furniture, sleek design, simple and with a nice finish. It is designed by Marco Pozzoli and Giacomo Mauri from Ozzio.

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The difference being, that the center support will turn 90 degrees, to give extra support, when the table is fully extended to seat 12 people. (see this feature at 1:01 in the video above)

Place it against the wall like an entrance piece, and put your keys, a bouquet of flowers or painting above it. Or put your laptop on it, and use it as a desk for your home office.

Maybe put one or two office drawer units under it, for even more maximization of space.

We tested it out in Copenhagen last year (the video above).


Online Goliath Table Alternatives (cheaper!)

The original Italian Goliath table is not for sale online, but it also cost around $3,000! So most people are looking for cheaper alternatives anyway.

We have done a lot of research and we found three different alternatives to the Goliath table that are very similar in both design, color, and finish.

Luckily at a much lower price point:

  1. The 1st and last place we found was at ExpandFurniture at $1,999 with free shipping. They call it the “Junior Giant Table” and there’s also a bigger version called “Cubist” where the leaflets are built-in to the design. We have an in-depth text and video review of the Junior Giant table from Expand Furniture here.
    Expand Furniture has a reputation for high quality and very durable products. They are the place to get the best quality for sure. So if you have the bucks to get this one you will be satisfied.
  2. We found this CHEAP version over at Wayfair.com for $619 including shipping.
    Wayfair has a good warranty and returns policy so I wouldn’t be worried about the quality here.
    They know what they are doing and to my experience, they would not sell it is the quality was bad.
  3. The also found a good price at Amazon here.
    We haven’t been able to test this table though. As you can see below, we built our own version of it many years ago and from our experience, you don’t fold it out more than once or twice a month.
    So it probably won’t get worn out any time soon no matter HOW bad it could be.

We built our own pull-out table

We made our own retractable table with 5leaflets. It was inspired by the Goliat Table but it is a tiny bit narrower.

Here are some pictures.

The first picture shows the table in collapsed mode.

We store the leaflets beside our homemade Murphy bed. We have designed the bed ourselves so it is made to perfectly hold the 5 leaflets from the table.

Goliath table collapsed into console table

The first pictures show how the retractable parts are mounted together with knots and bolts. We had to drill holes in each metal part and have them all fit together.

HUGE pain in the but to do that!

It’s very easy to pull out though so I guess we did a good job. Everything extends very smoothly and you can even fold it up alone. Maria’s the one to get the credit here.

Her experience from her Architect studies came in handy anyways I guess (she’s running our Youtube channel full time so she never really used her education…)

retractable parts of table

Here we are inserting the leaflets to extend the table to full length.

The plates have little knots that prevent them from sliding once they are properly put together.

We placed the supporting legs in the middle but they can not be fully centered when all five leaflets are inserted.


Goliath DIY table inserting leaves to extend the length
Foto: Mikkel Berg Pedersen.

That’s the last leaf and we are ready to invite 8 guests over. We can easily seat four people on each side and one at each end. So that’s 10 persons.

So our DIY version is a little shorter than the original Goliath and the other versions we linked to in the section above.

But it’s perfect.

We never have to seat 12 people at the same table. In that case, we just add another table for extra length.

All leaves inserted in table to maximum length
Foto: Mikkel Berg Pedersen.

We have had it for almost 6 years now and we LOVE it! It fits perfectly in our airdrop

The Goliath Table is kind of magic

Well, time to get back to the original Goliath Table design.

When you need to seat a lot of people, you just pull it out. It goes from 17 inches to 115 inches (45 – 290 cm) in a few seconds.

The bridge for the extension leaflets is made of aluminum (just like our’s above). This makes it slide very easily, you don’t have to struggle and worry that it will get stuck because the joints are too tight.

A lot of thought has been put into the design. When you pull it out, an extra set of legs automatically gets pulled out to where it’s needed, to support the structure.

You just put in the number of extensions leaflets you need, and its ready for your big dinner night.

When the table is fully extended, you will have seating for 10- 12 people around the Goliath Table, and everyone will be amazed when you push it back together to create an open space.

This transformation is just jaw-dropping.

Goliath table
Goliath table Goliath table

An upgrade to the extension leaflet system

The extension leaflets you will have to store somewhere in your apartment/house, which is the only downside to the Goliath Table.

But we found a REALLY cool upgrade to the Goliath Table where the leaflets are built-in to the table. So you don’t have to store the leaflets separately.

They will be hidden/stored inside the console table. You can see it here, it is called “Cubist”

But the finish and potential of this table make you forget about that as soon as you see it.

And you don’t pull it out daily anyway. This table is meant for people who occasionally want to entertain a bigger group of people.

It’s not for daily use

We have had this table for 6- years now and we are VERY happy with it. But we only use it for special occasions when we have guests over.

For daily use, we do not recommend using this table as a dining table.

We use it for dinner parties, game nights, birthdays, Christmas dinners, Thanksgiving, etc. and during the normal weeknights, we will sit at our smaller kitchen table in the kitchen (which will only seat four people).

You will get tired of pulling it in and out daily and you also have to carry the rather heavy leaflets to wherever you store them. (Unless you have the cool Cubist version where you store the leaflets inside the table).

Cheaper similar pull out tables

We have tried to find cheaper alternatives to the Goliath table, and this one will also amaze you with the same clever design and stylish white finish.

It does the same trick as the Goliath Table and will expand from 16” to 95” (40 – 240 cm).

It will expand to seat 8 people, and collapse into a small console, just like the Goliath table.


It’s sold online with free shipping: Price: $1,995

…and here at $1.369 (Wayfair)

It is quite a lot cheaper than the Goliath Table. We have only seen it online though.

These tables use a rather unique aluminum telescoping mechanism, that makes it very strong. We have the same mechanism in our table, and even when it is fully extended to seat 12 people, it is very stable and solid in the construction.

We have actually seated 14 people around the table. 6 people on each side and one person at each end and it was so much fun to see people’s faces when we pulled out the table to its full size.

A more traditional transforming console table (cheaper)

The next pull out dinner table has a more classic and traditional design.

It also transforms from the console to the dining table. It will extend to 72” (183 cm) and fit 6 people for a nice dinner.


We have found it with free shipping.

It’s definitely not as classy and stylish as the Goliath table, but it’s a good deal if you are looking for an economical solution.

You might find this kind of dinner table at your grandparent’s house because they were quite popular a couple of generations ago.

The mechanism is not made of steel or aluminum, but it’s a wooden construction, that does make the table a little less durable, which also means that you can’t extend it to seat more than two people on each side.

These Ideas enables you to live in a smaller space

You can save the rent for that extra room, and still have space to entertain guest at the dining table, you didn’t think would fit inside your apartment/house.

A really great space saver, and an awesome piece of furniture.

The console/dining table furniture is probably one of the best and most effective space-saving solutions we have come by for downsizing.

The majority of these tables will not fully collapse like the Goliath models, and in many cases you don’t need a table that will fold into a console size table, but it’s very nice to have the opportunity to do so, whenever you have guests over, and e.g. need space for a dance floor.

We also have other good articles about space saving furniture for small spaces, as you can see below here.

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