Folding sofas, beds and chaise-lounges for small spaces

Published On July 10, 2015 | By Morten Storgaard

We have collected a wide variation of chair, sofas and chaise-lounges, which will morph and fold into a nice bed for the night.

The designs are from all all over the world, and especially Japan.

Sofa and bed made from 12 blocks

This first bed system is made up of 12 blocks. It’s basically build up by a wooden frame, and then you arrange the sofa-blocks as you wish. Very stylish and clever.

These blocks can be put together in different ways, to create a sofa, a bed and everything in between.


You can also use each element separately, and quickly seat lots of people, when you want to host a party. The wooden legs adds a light feel to the construction.

It’s designed by Scott Jones.

Sleep under your desk

This next design is made by the Greek architect and designer Athanasia Leivaditou. The idea is so simple, and it’s something you can easily build yourself.

The feature with the sliding desk and the folding side is a fun detail.

The only disadvantage of this design is, that you get to sleep very close to the floor, so make sure you clean often.


Cheap folding beds

If you just need a cheap solution for having guests sleeping over, these simple fold-away beds are a good choice.

They won’t double function as chairs, sofas etc. but they are easy to fold out, and quite comfortable.


You can get them here from $89 incl. shipping.

They are a good upgrade from a mattress on the floor.


Affordable couch transforms into queen-size bed

This one is a gem.

It’s a couch that can be pulled out to the exact size of a regular queen-size bed. And it has a nice memory foam mattress as well.


It cost $1,495 online with shipping included.

A very good price for this type of folding sofa. Read more about it here.


DIY platform bed

This one is also a very simple design. Easy to build, and very practical in a small apartment or anywhere you need to make good use of every sq.ft you’ve got.

It holds lots of storage space, and can be used as sitting space during the day.

It doesn’t make the room smaller, and every inch is utilized to the max.



Chair / Chaise-lounge can fold into bed

This next piece of furniture is a Japanese design. It’s a chair, a chaise-lounge and a guest-bed.

It’s a great space saver, and as a chaise-lounge it’s pretty stylish too.


We haven’t been able to find the designer of this piece of furniture, or any non-Japanese shops who carry this piece.


Minimalistic folding sofa / mattress from Japan

The next one is also a Japanese design called “MT3 Reclining Sofa”. It’s also a sofa-like shape that will fold out to become a bed and a chaise-lounge.

It a slimmer design, and works very well in all three variations.

It looks super comfortable, and is perfect for reading and sleeping.


Unfortunately it’s only available in Japan, as far as we can tell. It looks comfortable, and it will look great in a modern apartment.


Convertible sofa bed

This next sofa will fold down and become a guest bed.

It’s a basic design that we have seen before, but very functional and within seconds the sofa will turn into a comfortable bed.


$192 including free shipping here.

It’s very cheap and it looks robust. A fine sofa if you need an extra sleeping spot once in a while.

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