Mirrors In Small Homes | 5 Great Ideas You Can Steal

Mirrors can be used in many creative ways, and for small spaces and homes, to either create the illusion of a bigger space or to hide stuff.

They can also be built into other pieces of furniture, like this genius little table from Porada:


A super cool way to store an extra table on the wall, so you can seat more people when you want to entertain your friends or host a party for your friends and family.

The idea is very similar to the table on the top of this page.


Where to put that big mirror in a small space?

Finding a good spot for a big mirror can sometimes be a challenge in small homes.

This mirror is placed on the back of a hatch. If you build in a shelf with makeup stuff, this can be a good idea for the loft space, if the “floor” is thick enough.

Photography by Miguel de Guzman

Mirror with shelves on the back

This mirror can swing out, to reveal a rack of shelves on the back.

A clever way to store makeup and toiletries.


If you want to be able to access your stuff and look in the mirror at the same time, a sliding mirror can be a good option.


This way you can see all your stuff, while you put on your makeup, or whatever you store behind the mirror.

It is also a good idea if you don’t want to have visible hinges on the sides of the mirror.

Mirror wall to make the room (appear) bigger

The wall on the right here is made of mirrors, a great way to create the illusions of extra space in small rooms.

Actually, this is not a wall, but a set of cabins with mirrors attached to the front.


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