22 Hidden Pull-Out Bed Solution You Must See (With Pictures)

Trundle beds are a great solution for e.g. the kid’s room.

It’s a great way to hide an extra bed, and besides that, you also get the drawers of storage space.

Pull Out Trundle Beds Below Stairs

We love ideas like hiding a trundle bed under a staircase or inside a platform.

These ideas are homemade and very unique solutions made to fit this house exactly. But they can definitely be copied and used in other spaces as well.

Notice how there are drawers with space to the right and a bed to the left. You will probably only be able to store a thin foam mattress inside these drawers but they are also fine for most young couples.

Trundle bed hidden under stairs

The next two solutions above are a little more extensive.

The floor has been raised 1.5 feet in order to make space for a twin bed and a lot of storage. Drawers hidden inside stairs are just amazing and works every time!

The last example above is great when you have a high ceiling. You need extra vertical space to pull this off but if you have that, this can be the best space saving idea you can use!

Pull Out Bed Under Platform Floor With Storage

You can also go all out and install a ton of storage inside a platform.

This design could easily be adjusted to include two twin beds or a queen size bed. You just pull out the beds when it’s bedtime and you are ready to go to sleep.

The pillows and the duvet can be stored in the other storage rooms.

Trundle bed built into platform

It’s really amazing how much storage the designer has managed to hide in this clean and white living room.

With a room like this, you don’t need a separate bedroom.

You can also make it more like a relaxing area with a few stairs.

Platform Floor With Bed On Wheels (casters)

This bed can roll out from under the platform. It has small wheels mounted under the bed frame so you can easily pull it out over the floor.

The casters are mounted into the bed frame and you can roll it out with ease.

This is a great DIY idea that you can build if you have space with normal ceiling height. When you use the space on the platform for relaxing (sitting!) you don’t need a super high ceiling in order to hide the bed under a platform.

DIY pull out bed from under a raised platform

Here you can see how the construction can be made.

How To Build A Platform Floor With A Slide Out Bed

You first build up the wooden construction around the bed frame.

You can either have it as a stand-alone structure or you can choose to mount it into the floor or the wall. Either way is fine because the pressure is only downward toward the ground.

This example is a size between a twin bed and a queen size bed. If you want a deep/long bed you probably need more vertical support around the wooden bed frame.

Building a DIY platform with a slide out bed below

As soon as you have this structure done you can start placing wooden panels on top of the platform and you can mount the bed frame on top of the pull-out structure.

You need to adjust measurements to your room so there’s no point in listing measurements here. It’s a DIY project that will take a couple of days unless you are skilled and used to doing DIY projects at this scale.

But the reward is obvious with the added space you will have.

You should consult a carpenter or an engineer if you are not sure about how much weight you can stress upon the structure.

Hidden Bed Underneath Raised Floor

This solution is made by Architect Juliena Bucet.

The idea is to utilize every square inch as the layout of this apartment is only 129 sq.ft. (12 m2). So there’s not any wiggle room for unused space as the owner wants to have everything:

  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living Space

The bed is completely hidden when it is tucked away under the raised floor.

As you pull out the bed you reveal a queen size bed with sheets and pillows. There’s plenty of sleeping space and the bed looks really comfortable with a spring mattress. The bed frame looks around

When you pull the bed out a little bit it becomes a sofa for 3-4 people. So it’s actually a pretty cool multi-function furniture piece.

The pillows are stored in a drawer to the right of the bed.

Hidden bed under raised floor from architect Juliena Bucet

The bed is from a tiny apartment in Paris where the rent is sky high. So in order to make the most of this studio apartment, the owner worked with a space-optimizing architect and we love how they solved this space.

There are endless possibilities when you have the option to raise the floor. You can install a bed below and you can have built-in storage everywhere.

You can also do this with kids rooms.

Great Option For Kids Rooms

When you do this in a kids room you can better do this because they are not as tall as an adult.

When your kids are under 15 years they will typically enjoy a bed underneath a raised floor because they don’t use the vertical space anyway.

For kids, most rooms have a very high ceiling. They can stand up on the platform even if the ceiling is pretty low for an adult.

So they don’t mind having a raised floor.

This way you can get more sq. ft. out of the kid’s room and they will enjoy pulling out the bed when it’s bedtime. That will also teach them to tidy up the floor before they go to bed each night.

They have to in order to make the bed.

Murphy Chest Beds You Can Roll Out

Murphy Chest Beds are beds you can roll out from a small cabinet.

The mattress will be folded together inside the cabinet during the day and at night time you pull out the bed.

You can probably also build these yourself as a DIY project but it’s a bit more complicated. These beds are great for small rooms and for hiding a guest bed in the living room.

Roll Out Murphy Chest Bed

We have only found reasonable prices here (Amazon).

They are actually an old invention and the design is classic. You can also get models with an accordion type fold-out system. But normally the mattress will be stored in three layers you can fold out.

They are typically not intended for everyday use but more designed as a guest bed. But you can use them every day. They can be quite comfortable if you like sleeping on a foam mattress.

You cannot mount a spring mattress inside the chest bed design because it will not fold as the foam mattress.

Chest bed being folded out

This one is also from Amazon. We can find it here.

It’s a more minimalistic and white design that fits well in a modern home.

You can see how the furniture is extracted out with the wheel below the structure. You just lift up the top and you can pull out the bed part when you need to sleep.

Video With Unique Platform Bed Design

In this episode of “Small spaces – big design,” you’ll meet two Japanese girls living in Manhattan.

They have built-in lots of storage in platform beds. A great way to tuck away all your stuff, so it’s not visible at all. When you do bespoke solutions like this, you can maximize the storage space below the bed, and make sure you get the most out of every inch!

You can skip to 5:30 if you want to see the platform bed, but if you have the time you should definitely see the whole movie.

For a small apartment or tiny space in an area like Manhattan, London, Paris, Hong Kong, etc. where rent is sky-high, it’s always crucial to optimize everywhere, in order to get things out of sight. Otherwise, it can be hard to get space to relax and entertain your friends.

You can see many more trundle beds here if you are looking for other designs.

Space-Maximizing Sofas with Pull-Out Trundle Beds

Cozy Trundle bed in a tiny room INSTAGRAM @Thebabyatelier

This urban chic living room has a multifunctional wooden sofa.

The sofa offers a convenient extra bed hidden beneath it for guests or additional sleep space when needed.

I love how there’s also enough space at the side for decorative pieces – it’s like a sofa with an extended coffee table!

This unique furniture piece adds character and functionality, transforming the room into a welcoming haven with a rustic yet sophisticated appeal.

Trundle bed with built-in office table INSTAGRAM @Emptyspace.furniture

This innovative furniture unit features a sofa that can be transformed into a convenient trundle bed when needed.

Beside the sofa is a desk surface accompanied by shelves that offer ample storage space for work essentials, making it ideal for tiny houses and any small home where space optimization is key!

Keep the room layout flexible and easily adaptable to accommodate different functionalities—seating for relaxation, a workspace for productivity, and a comfortable sleeping area when the trundle bed is in use.

Sofa with trundle bed INSTAGRAM @Hive_palmbeach

This stunning sofa’s sleek and refined silhouette exudes sophistication, serving as a centerpiece of comfort and functionality within any living space.

Its versatility lies in its ability serve as a cozy seating area during the day and converting into a comfortable trundle bed by simply pulling out the hidden bed frame.

Moreover, its innovative pop-up design allows for a seamless expansion into a generous king-size bed! You have a luxurious sleeping experience for guests or an extra space for lounging.

Beds With Drawers For Storage

They are also available without the extra mattress if you only need storage. These beds are normal height, so if you prefer not to sleep in a high bed, and you don’t need that extra mattress, it’s a good way to store your clothes.

Utilizing the extra storage you get from a high bed is a good idea when you live in a small space.

This model is quite stylish in a dark finish, and you can also store stuff you need on a daily basis directly below the bed, without having to pull out a drawer:


$496 here with free shipping.

The Classic Trundle Bed

Here you can see a classic Trundle bed with 3 drawers under the bed, and a good box mattress, to make sure your guests will sleep comfortably all night:


$589 here with free shipping.

Trundle Bed With Drawers For Storage

Or if you just want to have the extra sleeping space, and don’t need the storage, here’s a model without the drawers:


$413 here also with free shipping.

Trundle beds have been around for a long time, and they are also easy to make yourself. Basically, You just need to add small wheels below the extra mattress, and it will slide in nicely below the bed frame.

Custom Fitted Trundle Bed Beneath a Sloped Ceiling

Tiny angled roof room with trundle bed INSTAGRAM @Dbcarpentrylondonltd

This bespoke fitted trundle bed nestled beneath a sloped ceiling is a cozy and practical sleeping nook.

The tailored design of the trundle bed ensures a perfect fit within the confined space, optimizing the room’s layout without compromising on comfort.

Its custom construction also seamlessly integrates into the room’s architecture, creating a snug and inviting area for relaxation or additional sleeping quarters.

The floating shelves also optimize space and minimize clutter.

Kids’ Trundle Beds with Drawers for Extra Storage

High bed with storage and trundle bed INSTAGRAM @Casakidsbk

This kids’ trundle bed with integrated drawers and stairs leading to the top bunk embodies smart, funky design and efficient use of space!

These drawers offer a convenient solution to declutter the room, allowing for easy organization and accessibility of toys, books, or clothing.

The stairs leading to the top bunk also double as a space-saving storage solution!

The trundle bed can also be an interactive learning or play area within the room.

This bed will also look great in a blue-themed bedroom.

Kids trundle bed on the corner with storage INSTAGRAM @Cutelittleangelsofficial

Here’s another kids’ bed with drawers and a trundle bed to accommodate multiple sleepers.

The bed’s integrated drawers beneath the top bed offer valuable storage options for linens, clothing, or other essentials.

Simultaneously, the trundle bed stows away under the main bed frame, providing a comfortable sleeping spot for a second child or an adult guest.

This trundle bed design is a great option for space management and for parents who don’t like the idea of bunk beds!

Trundle bed with drawers underneath INSTAGRAM @Thehomeofficestores

This playhouse bed features an open top frame and a convenient pull-out trundle bed adorned with two drawers under it.

This innovative and imaginative bed design not only serves as a cozy sleeping space but also doubles as an enchanting play area, sparking creativity and adventure for little ones!

The trundle bed is also great for accommodating a guest or a second child for sleepovers. Equipped with two drawers, it also offers added functionality.

Pull-Out Trundle Bed Under Bunk Beds

Bunk bed with trundle bed INSTAGRAM @Townhouseguam

Featuring a sturdy frame, this piece combines thoughtful design elements such as a trundle bed, built-in drawer storage, and user-friendly steps leading to the top bunk.

The bunk bed’s design ensures both comfort and safety, with a secure and well-supported structure providing a peaceful night’s sleep for two individuals. The lower trundle bed effortlessly slides out, offering an additional sleeping area for guests.

I love that the built-in drawers are integrated into the side of the staircase – very clever design!

Bunk bed with trundle bed and storage INSTAGRAM @Mbao_masters

Here’s another bunk bed that incorporates a convenient trundle bed. However, this one features a single-sized bed atop a full-sized lower bunk. It is also designed with hidden storage shelves instead of drawers along its side.

The single-sized top bunk offers an elevated sleeping area that’s both cozy and secure, while the lower full-sized bunk provides a spacious and comfortable sleeping space.

The trundle bed, smoothly tucked beneath the lower bunk, offers an additional sleeping surface for guests or siblings!

Sleeping Pods with Built-in Trundle Beds

Trundle bed in between the closets INSTAGRAM @Serenaarmstronginteriors

The primary element of this custom sleeping area is the meticulously crafted built-in twin bed. It’s seamlessly integrated into the room’s architecture between the sleek cabinetry.

While its sturdy construction offers a cozy and stylish sleeping nook, its innovative feature lies in its accompanying pull-out trundle bed equipped with smooth-rolling casters.

Also, wrapping the nook with paneling, extending to the ceiling in a perpendicular fashion, are small details that make a big impact!

Trundle bed nook with sliding door INSTAGRAM @Howellcustombuild

This farmhouse-style sleeping pod features a unique design reminiscent of a traditional barn aesthetic, with barn doors concealing a trundle bed.

The sleeping pod’s wooden design evokes a quaint and nostalgic feel, enhancing the room’s ambiance while effortlessly concealing the additional sleeping area.

It’s best to choose an earthy color palette consisting of warm neutrals, muted tones, or natural hues that complement the rustic design. Consider shades like beige, cream, olive green, or weathered wood tones for bedding and decor.

Trundle bed on window space INSTAGRAM @Clarksoncabinetry

Here’s another bespoke sleeping pod with a pull-out trundle bed, this time designed with built-in shelves.

The shelves add both decorative charm and practicality, offering ample space to display toys, books, or cherished belongings. They foster a sense of personalization within the sleeping space!

The cozy nook is a comforting sanctuary for bedtime stories and peaceful slumber. Meanwhile, the trundle bed presents a convenient solution for expanding sleeping arrangements when needed.

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