Space saving guest beds with storage (trundle beds)

Trundle beds are a great solution for e.g. the kid’s room. It’s a great way to hide an extra bed, and besides that, you also get the drawers of storage space.

Here you can see a classic Trundle bed with 3 drawers under the bed, and a strong box mattress, to make sure your guests will sleep comfortably all night:


$589 here with free shipping.

They are also available without the extra mattress if you only need storage. These beds are normal height, so if you prefer not to sleep in a high bed, and you don’t need that extra mattress, it’s a good way to store your clothes.

Utilizing the extra storage you get from a high bed is a good idea when you live in a small space.

This model is quite stylish in a dark finish, and you can also store stuff you need on a daily basis directly below the bed, without having to pull out a drawer:


$496 here with free shipping.

Or if you just want to have the extra sleeping space, and don’t need the storage, here’s a model without the drawers:


$413 here also with free shipping.

Trundle beds have been around for a long time, and they are also easy to make yourself. Basically, You just need to add small wheels below the extra mattress, and it will slide in nicely below the bed frame.

Small spaces big design

In this episode of “Small spaces – big design,” you’ll meet two Japanese girls living in Manhattan.

They have built-in lots of storage in platform beds. A great way to tuck away all your stuff, so it’s not visible at all. When you do bespoke solutions like this, you can maximize the storage space below the bed, and make sure you get the most out of every inch!

You can skip to 5:30 if you want to see the platform bed, but if you have the time you should definitely see the whole movie.

For a small apartment or tiny space in an area like Manhattan, London, Paris, Hong Kong etc. where rent is sky-high, it’s always crucial to optimize everywhere, in order to get things out of sight. Otherwise, it can be hard to get space to relax and entertain your friends.

You can see many more trundle beds here if you are looking for other designs.